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Past experience and current trends in developing and deploying remote labs in engineering education

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Remote labs

  1. 1. LiLa Conference • April 11, 2011 • 12:10 - 12:30 • Cambridge • UKRemote Labs 2.0: Social Media & Smart DevicesA Decade of Remote Experimentation & EvaluationDenis Gillet and Christophe SalzmannSwiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL)Switzerland 1
  2. 2. Remote Labs at EPFL What else ? Interactionu Blended & active learning LMS-free frameworku Unique infrastructure supporting local & remote laboratory activities 24/7 since 2001 (24 setups)u Flexible access to collaborative Web-based experimentation environments (e-Learning) 2
  3. 3. Remote Labs at EPFL What else ? Interactionu High-level competences: Project management, autonomy, teamwork, engineering methodology Collaborative analysis, design, implementation and validationSystem modeling, data acquisition, Teleoperation as a e-learningidentification and paradigm and a subject matter real-time control to be studied and applied 3
  4. 4. Remote Labs at EPFL - 1992Computer-based controlReplaces LabVIEW and associated the analog signal generator, the analog controller DAQ drivers drastically and the oscilloscope speed up the controllerwith a development computer and a DAQ board
  5. 5. Remote Labs at EPFL - 1996LAN access Video feed WebcamAdd a webcam + streaming softwareAdd a communication layer + deported GUI Ex-cathedra demonstration
  6. 6. Remote Labs at EPFL - 1997Internet accessMany clientsOnline reservation and allocation systemSynchronized information streams (data + video)
  7. 7. Remote Labs at EPFL -2002 Web Deployment and collaborationFirst batch of students to access the remote lab 24/7Outside lab activities > 50 %Collaborative learning support Integration into eMersion, on-click data transfer to eJournal a collaborative environment
  8. 8. Remote Labs at EPFL - 2005Additional online services• Integration to other environments cross deployment with UNED, EJS• Integration of external tools shared space, analysis tools, video chat• User acceptance assessment! Improvements needed (complexity)• Drastic student increase (30 to >100)
  9. 9. Remote Labs at EPFL What else ? InteractionCurrent Challengesu Only a few experiments are openly available, especially at the end of the supporting projectsu Limited spreading due to u high development overhead, especially for the GUI u high exploitation costs and low scalability u low academic incentive to share u difficult to adapt in other institutions u dedicated sensing devices and actuators, legacy u Incompatible with smart phones, eBooks, iPads, … 9
  10. 10. Remote Labs at EPFL What else ? Interactionu Invite both learners and remote labs in social media platforms to enable interaction for learningu Exploit the underlying technologies of the Web of People (social media) and the Internet of Things (smart devices) to ease Remote Labs development & deploymentu Each lab has an email address 10
  11. 11. Remote Labs at EPFL What else ? InteractionSmart Devices Paradigm u Online intelligent, autonomous and networked devices, such as sensors and actuators u integrating hardware and software, as well as advanced and versatile communication capabilities u supporting identification, initialization, control and diagnostic at distance u interpreting incoming requests and adapting responses using low or high level protocols u supporting pull or push, active or passive modes 11
  12. 12. Remote Labs at EPFL What else ? Interaction Smart Devices Paradigm SMS Alarm Visualization Widget Smart Device email batch retrieval RSS Feed iPadaccess 12
  13. 13. Social Media Platforms What else ? Interactionu Deconstruction of Java Applet the virtual and remote lab environmentsu From Applets to Widgetsu Ease customization and repurposingu Cross browseru Cross social media Meta Widget platforms or mash-up in the Graaasp PLE 13
  14. 14. Social Media Platforms Graaasp contextual aggregator with recommendation of entities (people, spaces, assets and tools) dug in various online repositories 14
  15. 15. Social Media Platforms What else ? Interactionu Turn you remote or virtual labs into Smart Devicesu Deconstruct your virtual or remote lab Apps into Widgetsu Agile development of plastic personal environmentsu Simplification ➚ Standardization ➘u Share and reuseu Enjoy ! 15
  16. 16. Contact & Links What else ? Interactionu denis.gillet@epfl.chu http://interaction.epfl.chu http://graaasp.epfl.chu http://www.stellarnet.euu 16