13 Most Common Google Adwords Fails


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The DG Group (www.thedggroup.ie) is delighted to share the 13 most common and dangerous mistakes made by people who setup and run a Google Adwords campaign.

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  • Hi Monty,

    What you describe is exactly the issue that many business owners have. Lots of clicks, lots of visits - NO/LOW SALES!

    If this is happening to you then the problem is not Adwords, but rather how it has been implemented. one or more of the 13 points in the slidedeck is wrong. It's not magic or mystique it's just about knowing what to look at and what to tweak.

    Often campaigns I look at start by requiring major re-works and over time the changes become smaller and smaller. But you never stop looking and tweaking.

    I hope you have more luck in future, but if you need any help with it, just get in touch.

    Franco De Bonis
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  • Amazing analytics
    Yelp, Bing, google and all the other fine services that are all designed, created and in business to DRIVE traffic to your site all do so and in some cases do so with amazing results.
    I receive the reports, I pour over the analysis looking for ways to fine tune and capture customers when they search for my products. I see the user views, impressions and the 10’s of thousands of customers who are looking for products just like mine.
    Amazing; I make white and black widgets and I’m told at any one time there are one million people in a 30 mile radius who are looking to BUY white and black widgets from a company just like mine and as an added benefit they want a company with a location just like mine.
    My heart pounds as I see the analytics, the number of clicks on my ad and wait for the sales to come pouring in…
    All the services report similar AMAZING activity, it’s even divided by the types of devices used, their mood and color of their hair. They even know how much they’re willing to spend and at no cost to me, costly reports and analysis conducted by some of the most respected organizations in the country all confirm that there really are over one million people looking for products just like mine!
    My heart pounds again as I stress at the thought of keeping up with demand, can my little business handle the influx of orders predicted by and confirmed by and promised by all these fine services.
    Is it foolish to position my little company to all this professional muscle and house power; what if I’m overrun with orders, how will I keep up with demand?
    A call to my campaign consultant comforts me because now I’m told that even though my activity is high and demand for my products is strong, records indicate that it’s the 7th to 9th month that really starts to see orders.
    You can imagine my relief as I continue to enjoy reading all the reports confirming that right now there are over 1 million people looking to buy products just like mine at a location just like I have.
    Wow, wow, wow, who could have imagined a small company like mine would be able to take advantage of such expensive and powerful advertising resources and have it so well defined that only those who are looking for my products are driven to me. It’s simply amazing.
    A double check; yes the store sign is visible, the door is unlocked and there is a dial tone…tapping fingers on the counter looking out the window as all the potential customers drive by.
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  • try http://www.adwordscertificationhelp.org
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13 Most Common Google Adwords Fails

  1. 1. ••••–The Amazing System That Can Lose You A Lot Of Money
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  6. 6. •••••Quality Carpet CleaningProfessional Cleaning Of CarpetsRugs & Upholstery – See Our OffersNOTExpert cleaning companyComplete residential and commercialCleaning services – call now
  7. 7. ••••
  8. 8. 50 Ads Per Ad Group1 URL Per Ad2000 Ad Groups Per Campaign2000 Keywords Per Ad GroupSets Of Keywords & Placements25 Per AccountBudget, Location, Languages, Networks, Devices, Extensions, Scheduling & More1 Per AdvertiserEmail, Password & Billing Info AccountCampaignAd GroupAdvert AdvertAd GroupAdvertCampaignAd GroupAdvert Advert Advert•
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  13. 13. Imagine You Sell Tree Houses:• Adding Tree House (broadmatched) would show your ad forsearches such as: dead tree outside my house buy house with tree in garden Play house• None of these are relevant andmay generate bad clicks• Adding “Tree House” (phrasematched) would show your ad forsearches such as: wooden tree house tree house supplier
  14. 14. • Broad matching can be usefulfor those running brandawareness campaigns or sellingmass market, impulse purchaseproducts• For everyone else useextremely sparingly if at all• Exact match can be too specificand means you have to addmany variantsACTION:• Use phrase matching in mostsituations
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  20. 20. • Google data shows that 61% of people who hit a non-optimisedwebsite on a smartphone will immediately leave!• All those visits = clicks = cost = wasted budget!• Google recently stopped you being able to turn off mobile ads• The good news is that mobile ads get more clicks and are cheaperthan desktop adsACTION:• If you are going to advertise with Adwords, GET A MOBILE SITE!
  21. 21. Avoid TheseMistakes & EnjoyExcellent ROIORHire The DG GroupFor A Genuinely SmallMonthly FeeSpecial OfferFirst Month Free If WeCreate Your Campaignwww.thedggroup.eufranco@thedggroup.euhttp://www.linkedin.com/company/the-dg-grouphttp://www.facebook.com/DGGroup.eu@sanitymarketinghttps://plus.google.com/105048823499063054157/posts