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Library Super BookMark

  1. 1. LiveBookmark TMbookPal & -­bin © david brahler
  2. 2. LiveBookmark TMbookPal & -­bin1 Project Description The Cuyahoga County Public Library, CCPL, is introducing a The bookPal is a lifestyle device that melds the digital and lifestyle changing strategy in order to promote literacy at its 28 physical space in literacy through a live marker system that area branches: Bay Village, Beachwood, Berea,Brecksville, synchs digital documents, audio, and physical books. No longer Brook Park, Brooklyn, Chagrin Falls, Fairview Park, Garfield will your spot be lost across materials. Reading in bed, the morning commute, and on the go are now synched together, so you are on the same page! Scenario: How often do you wish you could inconspicuously Southeast, Strongsville, Warrensville. read a book or article while at work that youve been dying to finish? How about listening to an audiobook during your daily LiveBookmark TM is the strategic initiative debuting early commute? How often do you relax with a book before bed? Wouldnt it be nice if somehow there was a way to have all 3 that will revolutionize the method that library patrons interact formats and have them automatically pick up where you left off? and request information. The CCPL will simultaneously introduce the new physical storage Use Context: units, -­bin, book industry networks, and bookPal. 5 -­bins will be Search & browse categories adjoined to neighborhood hotspots, coffee shops, and will serve recommendations by tastes & preferences as a physical repository in absence of library buildings. The 5 2-3 weeks "digital" checkout (materials expire or can be -­bin categories are fiction, nonfiction, periodicals, academic, and renewed 1-3 days prior to expiration) children - Physical pickup at nearby coffee shops ments depending on size. -­bin Library "meet ups" incorporate social interactions in vote up or down physical spaces Community driven "bids" promote contents of the -bins The ideology was to unify the large physical data-warehousing Book selection changes weekly based on ranks centers dispersed across multiple locations. The consolidation 200-500 books per each -bin of the 28 library branches consolidates books, audio records, Need a specific book? 1-2 day (work)day shipping and document reserves into one strategic location. Library warehouses conveniently locating next to USPS sorting center Find nearest location - do you want a book now? View surrounding -bins david brahler
  3. 3. LiveBookmark TMbookPal & -­bin 2 Master Design Sketch bookPal Power Volume John Doe -­bin bookPal bookPal Tap, Double Tap, Tap and Hold Pinch Out, Pinch In, Rotate Flick Drag One Finger One Finger + Two Fingers Two Fingers -­ Continuously refreshing content through ubiquitous WiFi Single Tap to prompt initial interaction Of Mice Search Double Tap to illicit secondary action. Of Mice and Men6” © Two finger swipe to the top or bottom moves Book ranking to the top or bottom automatically. One finger flick up and down moves between beer, wine, and liqour categories. Q W E R T Y U I O P Spread zooms in. A S D F G H J K L return Pinch zooms out. ! ? Z X C V B N M , . .?123 .?123 2.5” Headphone Port 1/16” david brahler
  4. 4. LiveBookmark TM John Doe -­bin bookPal Done FICTION Rank Title Promote DemotebookPal & -­bin The Girl Who Kicked the 1 Hornet’s Nest 2 To the End of the Land 3 Just Kids2 Master Design Sketch bookPal 4 The Big Short 5 Women Food and God 6 Mockingjay 7 Dead in the Family 8 The Big Short 9 Game Change The Short Second Life of 10 Bree Tanner Freedom Sh*t My Dad Says The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks The Redy Pyramid The Overton Window Twighlight New Moon Harry Potter The collapsed phone device has an 2” x 4” The device opens into 2 interactive edge to edge screen, which provides multi-touch displays to expand the display Catcher in the Rye functional reading capabilities in the reading area. Spread to zoom gesture tightest and most secret of spaces. enlargess areas of the screen. Breakfast of Champions Slaughterhouse Five © Catch 22 Flipping the screen vertically extends the field of view making long lists more visible and ranking easier. bookPal Single finger flicks scroll up and down the screen and single taps on the “up” & “down” bookPal © move the book up one position. Press and or hold activates an option to manually © © © position the book, whereas, a double tap © © bookPal flick moves the book position directly to the bookPal bookPal top or bottom of the Ranking. © david brahler
  5. 5. LiveBookmark TMbookPal & -­bin2 Master Design Sketch -­bin FICTION © -­bin FICTION KIDS NON-­FICTION FICTION © -­bin © -­bin © -­bin © -­bin david brahler
  6. 6. LiveBookmark TMbookPal & -­bin3 Storyboard Overview Unified Synchronization Socialization Proximity & Accessibility -­bin serve as walk up repositories that store promoted neighborhood document selections digital book selections are downloaded and stored for 2-3 week intervals on bookPal & other compatible devices free of charge. Want more time? Why not renew it! FICTION audio books & digital albums are downloaded and stored exclusively on the bookPal. Need a book that never gets promoted? bookPal accurately synchs all digital Do you like providing book Want to pickup a new book and relax at Premium CPLL members receive direct 1-2 materials to the same sentence through the recommendations to friends? Sharing your neighborhood coffee shop? Stop by day complementary shipping. use of physical markers for phsyical copies digital books has never been easier with the the local -­bin and choose another nearby © and unseen digital markers. bookSwap feature . Simply lift the selection. If they don’t have it, simply try -­bin secondary screen from the primary screen another location or request direct shipping. and swap. Magnetized materials hold the screens together in use, but are easily removed with minimal force. david brahler
  7. 7. LiveBookmark TMbookPal & -­bin3 Storyboard Competition Badges Read Anywhere Physical Marker John Doe -­bin bookPal Done FICTION Rank Title Promote Demote The Girl Who Kicked the 1 Hornet’s Nest 2 To the End of the Land 3 Just Kids or 4 The Big Short 5 Women Food and God 6 Mockingjay LiveBookmarkin thepromotes social Physical book pages can be saved 1 of 2 Second, the device can use “Point at Thing” 7 Dead Family Badges are awarded to active members in Car, Bed, Anywhere! competition among CPLL users by having ways. First, the secondary screen can be technology at the page to identify both the the community based on participation & them activelyBig Short removed and used as a physical bookmark, page number and paragraph structure. The participate in a book activity. 8 promotion system. Did you love a book? which will identify the page position and Comment and help promote it up the list. synch digital and audio on the primary Game Change Hate a book? Demote it! 9 screen. The Short Second Life of 10 Bree Tanner Freedom Sh*t My Dad Says The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks The Redy Pyramid The Overton Window Twighlight New Moon Harry Potter Catcher in the Rye Breakfast of Champions Slaughterhouse Five Catch 22 david brahler
  8. 8. LiveBookmark TMbookPal & -­bin4 Reflection Overview LiveBookmark took a lot of inspiration from both the Samsung Both Fitt’s Law and Affordance was given special consideration SCH-U740 cell phone and Red Box. The Samsung SCH-U740 is a to the touch interaction with the Rating screen. Josh Clark cell phone with a rotating hinge that enables the screen to indicates particular areas where special consideration needs to extend in 2 directions, vertical (hotdog) and horizontal be given in his book Tapworthy. Therefore, “Done” is at the top (hamburger). Vertical rotation keeps the standard flip phone left of the rating page to afford returning to the previous screen interaction with T9WORD text messaging, whereas, the once the ranking task is done. Furthermore, this is applied to the horizontal flip is used for speaker phone and a QWERTY “up” and “down” primary actions in the book list. The arrows are keyboard. The industrial design of bookPal was based off in a button to afford a larger target area and distinguish primary Samsung’s pivoting screen and substitutes a physical keyboard to secondary tasks. for a digital in order to increase screen real estate while reading. . Additionally, Red Box was given great consideration due to how Don Norman’s Usability Guidelines successfully it has been able to penetrate the movie rental Don Norman’s Usability Guidelines are Visibility, Good business. Strategically located distribution machines with easy Conceptual Model, Mappings, and Feedback. access and localized support seems like a logical transition for The primary page emphasizes the search through Visibility as local library systems to make. The idea of providing a digital the primary task as it is more visible. The LiveBookmark interface in order to promote and rank current -­bin contents conceptual model affords visiual communication with both and warehoused information was grounded in promoting bookPal & -­bin by providing implicit starting points paired with competition and social interactions among the user group. proven design patterns. Good mappings help the user Therefore, it seemed logical to “reward” users for contributions determine the relationship between actions and results, to the LiveBookmark community. controls, and effects, by using natural mapping. Immediate feedback to the user is indicated through the responsive touch screen as well as drop downs, which reveal Fitt’s Law & Affordance additional information. Fitt’s Law predicts that the time required to rapidly move to a target area is a function of the distance to and the size of the target. Affordances are parts of a system that allow, or afford, us to interact with the system. david brahler
  9. 9. LiveBookmark TMbookPal & -­bin4 Reflection Point at Things Point at Things implies physically pointing devices at objects to retrieve information, which can be contained in “information shadows”. Augmented Reality is an artificial environment created through the combination of real-world and computer-generated data. Both principles are used in designing bookPal’s LiveBookmark . The LiveBookmark retrieves text from the book via a smart flexible screen that acts as an optical lense. The information is compared to markers for the audio and digital materials and the position is pinpointed before all points are synched. david brahler