Innovation in travel and leisure: JLTB


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Innovation in travel and leisure: JLTB

  1. 1. (JLTB) Owned and managed by isango! Limited
  2. 2. JLTB is isango!’s first foray into the growing short-break segment using its in-house dynamic packaging technology and expertise in marketing“experiences” like theatre shows...more such initiatives are on the anvil...
  3. 3. Packaging up theatre tickets with hotels is inherently complex process..... API Integration with Supporting the multiple partners for customer while they theatre and hotel build their shopping inventory cart Matching hotels toReal time price and Inherent complexity in customer needs by availability checks dynamic packaging location, budget, qua lity of service Helping the Multiple availability customer and exception understand the scenarios seating plan
  4. 4. The websites that are already trading have varying levels of clutter and friction in their purchase path leading to poor customer experience that results in sub-optimal conversion and (frustration for B2B and affiliate partners) response to the opportunity and challenge aftermultiple rounds of customer feedback in an iterative website development cycle during Jan 2011 and March 2011 Just the best seats (removed restricted view / side view seats) Simple value proposition Just central and convenient hotels No Croydon or Wembley hotels to appear cheapCustomer focussed product selection Offer limited room options - most with breakfast Low price guarantee (achieved by selecting the best wholesalers) Allow the customer to change the show, date, time, guests, seating area and hotel at all stages Superior website design Expose the entire theatre show inventoryFlexible smart search widget across without overwhelming the purchase path Merchandize hotels to suit different customer needs – closest, cheapest, deals
  5. 5. JLTB smart search widget –morphs into a drop down for customers to edit the searchparameters at all stages of the booking process
  6. 6. LimitedStep1 : Choose the Seating Area options of Rule based good quality display of seats (no other shows restricted view relevant to the seats) customer Smart calendar tocheck prices/availabilityfor different dates View seat prices and seating plan in conjunction
  7. 7. Step2 : Choose the Hotel Merchandise hotels to summarize what is on offer
  8. 8. Condensed list view with functional information likeStep2 : Choose the Hotel distance, price and star ratings ..that opens up for more information ..restricted the number of room options – most with breakfast
  9. 9. Step2 : Choose the Hotel Customers can plot the hotels in context of the theatre venue
  10. 10. Step2 : Choose the Hotel ..more detailed information...
  11. 11. Step3 : Check out (review the shopping cart) Customers can still change their choices....
  12. 12. Limited by smart use of interstitials to convey the brand positioning (inspiration wasthe Spanish football league live telecasts...Le Liga)
  13. 13. Step3 : Check out (Payment) Enough time for customers to go and fetch their Theatre tickets payment cards! collectible at the box office – no anxiety of physical deliveries
  14. 14. SEO – Focus on content that is relevant for customers Up to date notes on cast and reviews Uniquefrom critiques content Logistics
  15. 15. SEO - Design principles followed.... Landing Pages by genre Unique content and internal linking Bread crumbs and url naming conventions...followed.. ..
  16. 16. Blog....
  17. 17. Gifting Feature –Customers can buy gift vouchers or book a theatre break as a gift