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German beer 2012
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German beer 2012

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An update of the 2010 class

An update of the 2010 class

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  • Yesterday was the first day of Oktoberfest!
  • Describe each dimension. (moreroasting = roasty flavors, duh!)Constant body and bitterness, variable color: (heavy) IPA vs India Brown Ale vs Black IPA (Cascadian Dark Ale)
  • Malttype as well as roastiness.Timing of hop additions
  • >Czech republic banned liquor last Friday>1830s/40s Czechbeer industry there was at a loss for quality control (spilled beer)
  • 2005 Canada, not 1830s/40s Czech Republic…Anyway, it’s Germany and UK to the rescue!Bavarian invention of lagering improved clarity and shelf life, Pale Ale techniques just being imported from UK
  • >Josef Groll imported by PlzeňskýPrazdroj (Pilsner Urquell) in Pilsen, makes Pils 1842 with >lagering technique, >pale malt, and >local ingredients>Gabriel Sedlmayr recognizes popularity and makes Helles1894/5 to appeal to Bavarians’ tastes and compete.>Pilsner is the type of beer most drunk; was imported to US by German immigrants. Gave rise to Bud…
  • Malted barley, Hops, waterSoot, nettleProtects wheat for bread makingProtects German beer market from imports
  • Kolsch consumption by women is more socially acceptable, and is drunk across social classes. No markings like “premium” on Kolsch.How they survived the Reinheightgebot“alt” referring to the old style of making beer.
  • Good example of malt differences.Summer craft beers are sometimes kolsch. Longtrail is alt.
  • Church bells chime noonPork and veal / parsley lemon onions ginger
  • Bier stiefelDas Boot refers to the Wolfgang Petersen movieGerman general promised to drink from his boot if they were victorious, had a glass fashioned.
  • Oldestoperating brewery – licensed 1040.Considered by some to be the world’s best hefeweizen.Weiss – whiteWeizen – wheatHefe – yeasteisbock
  • Originally for hard work; durable and easy to clean (compare to corduroy for Irish immigrants) (cowboy hat)Originally for peasants. Became fashionable in 1870s Austria. Today: old rural woman, touristy waitresses, and like kilts
  • 1810 marriage of Ludwig I of Bavaria and Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen(Ludwig II, his grandson, builtNeuschwanstein)Later moved to September, for warmer weather.
  • ~25 tents6 brands of beer~7 million liters of beer, and almost as many visitors


  • 1. Header image source: thebeerjournal.com
  • 2. Lagers •Light-bodied •Light-colored •Less bitter Ales •Heavy •Dark-colored •Bitter
  • 3. Color (malt character) Hoppiness (hop quantity) Body (malt quantity)
  • 4. • Malt type – Barley – Wheat – Rye – Sorghum – Rice – Corn – Etc. • Hoppiness – Bitterness – Hop flavor – Hop aroma • Hop Flavor/ Aroma – Citrusy – Herbal – Piney
  • 5. • Yeast – Saccharomyces cerevisiae – S. patorianus – Brettanomyces • Bacteria – Lactobacillus • Barrel aging • Added flavorants: – Orange peel – Coriander, nutmeg – Fruits – Candi sugar – etc. • Water • Carbonation Ok, but what’s an “ale” and what’s a “lager”?
  • 6. Plzen
  • 7. 5.2% ABV Munich Helles Brewed in Munich 4.9% ABV German Pils Brewed in Jever (west of Hamburg) German noble hops are showcased in a crisp, pale beer A more malt-oriented brew that is otherwise comparable to pils
  • 8. • Limited ingredients • Protected wheat • Protected German beer market
  • 9. 8.5% ABV Altbier Brewed in Düsseldorf 4.8% ABV Kölsch Brewed in Cologne Crisp ale fermented at lager temperatures Made like Kölsch, but darker/ more bitter; sticke even moreso
  • 10. Maßkrug (maß) Weizen Glass 1L 0.5L Varying thickness showcases beer’s color Handle helps for carrying and prost-ing Room for some head
  • 11. “Stein” refers to the fact that it is made of earthen ware, not that it is a mug. Lid opens with thumb, for one - handed drinking Lid keeps your beer clean; size denotes status
  • 12. 5.4% ABV Hefeweizen Brewed in Freising (north of Munich) An exceptionally fresh-tasting example of a hefeweizen Flavorful, high-alcohol, freeze- distilled dark wheat lager 12.0% ABV Weizen Eisbock Brewed in Kelheim (b/w Munich & Nuremberg)
  • 13. Lederhosen translates as “leather britches”…which they are! Dirdnl can also refer to a young woman, in southern Germany
  • 14. The Theresienwiese (during setup) & Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen
  • 15. 5.4% ABV Rauchbier Brewed in Bamberg 5.8% ABV Märzen Brewed in Munich Made by one of the 6 breweries that provides for Oktoberfest. Smoked malt leads to aromas and flavors reminiscent of ham
  • 16. No. Name ABV 1 Jever Pils 4.9% 2 Spaten Helles 5.2% 3 Reissdorf Kölsch 4.8% 4 Uerige Doppelsticke Altbier 8.5% 5 Weihenstephaner Hefe-wessbier 5.4% 6 Schneider Aventinus Weizen-Eisbock 12.0% 7 Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest Märzen 5.8% 8 Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen 5.4%