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  • Parry, W., “School orders students to remove blogs”. USA Today, 26/10/2005. Downloaded from:
  • Induction presentation2013movie

    1. 1. Teaching and Learning with TechnologiesDr Eunice Ivala and Mrs Daniela Gachago Educational Technology Unit, Fundani
    2. 2. Institutions’ use of technology
    3. 3. Students’ use of technology
    4. 4. How do we bridge that gap?
    5. 5. Clive WendyGavin Benny Eunice WHAT WE DO Linda Daniela
    6. 6. “to spearhead educational transformation inCPUT and beyond by promoting, enabling,developing, investigating, evaluating, andintegrating technologies in teaching andlearning that promote transformative teachingand learning, positive qualitative outcomesand meaningful learning for student success”ETU mission
    7. 7. • Student-centered learning• Flexible enough to accommodate different styles of learning and interests of students• Offers options, motivates students and provides connections to students’ lives, jobs, and communities• Capitalizes on the lecturers and students alike experimenting and failing, to improve and to keep at problems until solutions are crafted• Necessary support is providedTransformative teaching and learning
    8. 8. An environment, in which• Learners and staff are empowered to express themselves• Encourages intellectual freedom-think-aloud, tryout new things and reflect on lessons learnt• Psychological distance between knowledgeable others (peers and experts) is reduced• Learners are equal partners in knowledge productionPositive quality outcomes
    9. 9. Meaningful Learning for Student SuccessSurface learning Deep meaningful learning Student-student interaction low medium high Student-content interaction low medium high Student-teacher interaction low medium high
    10. 10. Meaningful Learning for Student SuccessSurface learning Deep meaningful learning Student-student interaction low medium high Student-teacher interaction low medium high Student-content interaction low medium high
    11. 11. 1) Provide systematic training and capacity development programmes for staff2) Develop a culture of research-based practice that focuses on the use and impact of educational technologies3) Develop, integrate and support educational technology tools that support teaching, learning, and research4) Maintain and establish collaborative linkages and partnerships with cognate entities within CPUT and beyondThe Units goals towards integration ofTechnology in T&L at CPUT
    12. 12. 1. Guidance on appropriate use of technologies in teaching and learning 2. Research and evaluation of technology use in education 3. Supply audio visual equipment 4. Graphic design 5. Videography and photography 6. Design of digital teaching materialsServices
    13. 13. One-on-one supportWorkshops; seminars; projects;CHEC Emerging technologies short courseContactDr Eunice Ivala, Gachago, our blog: on the appropriate use oftechnology
    14. 14. • Social media guidelines• Digital storytelling across the disciplines• Podcasting• Multilingual glossaries• Flipped classroom / Khan academy• Mobile clicker project• NRF Emerging ICTs in Higher Education projectResearch on emerging technologies
    15. 15. CPUT social media guidelines• Collaboration between Fundani, Center for e- Learning, library, MIS, MCD, Student Affairs, academics• Development of social media guidelines for use of social media in teaching, learning, marketing and research
    16. 16. Blogging as a courseinformation / contentmanagement tool
    17. 17. Facebook groups forinformal discussions
    18. 18. Skype forOnline Tutorials
    19. 19. Digital storiesCOURSES 2012• 4th year ISP Education• ECP Nursing• ECP ArchTech and ID• Design Foundations• 2nd year Food Tech• 1st year Industrial Design• ECP Graphic Design• Radiography• GIS• EFL Gabon language teachers Presentation: Venue 3, 11.25
    20. 20. Digital StorytellingYouTube Channel
    21. 21. PodcastingLecturers involved1. Wendy Groenewald, Accounting2. Suzaan LeRoux, Accounting3. Shehaam Khan, Biotechnology4. Cindy Hunlun, Food Technology5. Aysha Abrahams, Electrical Engineering6. Anthea Adam, Human Resource Management Presentation: Venue 3, 12.00
    22. 22. Multilingual glossaries• Collaboration between ETU, language UNIT and lecturers• Subjects range from Economics, Law of Contract, Science and Dental Technology• Main focus: at risk subjects
    23. 23. ClickersClickers for student feedbackand engagement
    24. 24. Mobile clickers• Collaboration with Stellenbosch University• Integration of TurningTechnologies clickers with Moodle site• Teaching Development Grant: Mazur method/flipped classroom
    25. 25. Emerging ICTs in Higher Education NRF project, 2011-2013• 8 SA HEIs : SU, UWC, UCT, CPUT, UP, Rhodes, Wits, Fort Hare)• 1 NGO (Open Courseware Consortium) More information at
    26. 26. active and collaborative learning, student-student & students-staff interaction, enriching education experiences learning beyond the classroom student reflection on the subject matterFirst results…technologies enhance:
    27. 27. • OERs • Tablets • Mobile storytelling • Flipped classroom • Lecture capturingResearch focus 2013 and beyond:
    28. 28. EQUIPMENT • Laptops and data projectors • Digital recorders • Digital still and web cameras • ClickersGavin Kallis , 021 595 6671 Galant, 021 460 3784 of audio visual equipment
    29. 29. Wendy Levendal 021-959 6515 design
    30. 30. Linda Mkhize at 021 460 MENTDesign of digital learning materials
    31. 31. Clive Galant at 021 460 3784 GALANT at 021 460 3784Photography
    32. 32. • Use of videos in Teaching and Learning• Development of educational videos• Assistance in research projects involving videography• Support of student projects, requested by lecturers Benny Karlie at 021 460 3784,
    33. 33. Eunice Ivala Daniela Gachago Linda Mkhize Wendy Levendal Benny Karlie Clive Galant Gavin Kallis
    34. 34. Thank you! Any questions?© Educational Technology Unit Fundani 2013