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Mms S Ta R Chart Classification
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Mms S Ta R Chart Classification


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Murphy Middle School STaR Chart Classification
  • 2. Our Purpose
    • To define the STaR Chart and its purpose
    • To investigate ways to improve our STaR chart classification in four areas as determined in the Long Range Plan for Technology 2006-2020
  • 3. Four areas of LRPT
    • Teaching and Learning
    • Educator Preparation & Development
    • Leadership, Administration, & Instructional Support
    • Infrastructure for Technology
  • 4. Texas STaR Chart
    • Completed by all teachers and administrators in the State of Texas on an annual basis
    • Ranks campus and classroom use of technology
    • Developed to determine the progress of schools in meeting the goals of the LRPT
  • 5. Classifications under STaR Chart
    • Early Tech
    • Developing Tech
    • Advanced Tech
    • Target Tech
    • All Texas campuses receive one of these classifications for each of the four areas of the LRPT
  • 6. Statewide Summery by Key Area
    • Campus average classification by key area
    • Teaching & Learning – Developing Tech
    • Educator Preparation – Developing Tech
    • Administration & Support – Developing Tech
    • Infrastructure – Advanced Tech
    • http:// starchart pdf
  • 7. MMS Classifications Over the Past Three Years 2008-09: Target Tech 2007-08: Target Tech 2006-07: Target Tech Infrastructure for Technology 2008-09: Advanced Tech 2007-08: Advanced Tech 2006-07: Advanced Tech Leadership, Administration, & Instructional Support 2008-09: Advanced Tech 2007-08: Advanced Tech 2006-07: Advanced Tech Educator Preparation & Development 2008-09: Advanced Tech 2007-08: Advanced Tech 2006-07: Advanced Tech Teaching & Learning Key Area STaR Classifications Summery Area
  • 8. Trends in Classification
    • We have been extremely consistent over the past three years.
    • We are above the state average in all four areas
    • We will design a plan to reach the Target Tech in all four areas
  • 9. Key components of Teaching & Learning
    • Advanced Tech
    • Instruction is teacher-facilitated
    • Students work with peers and experts to problem solve
    • Technology is integrated and separated by subject and grade
    • Target Tech
    • Teachers are facilitators, mentors & co-learners
    • Students have on demand access to technology
    • Technology is seamlessly integrated into all core content
  • 10. Key components of Educator Preparation
    • Advanced Tech
    • Technology is integrated into teaching and learning
    • Online resources are utilized
    • 60% of educators meet SBEC standards
    • Target Tech
    • Regular technology-supported learner-centered projects
    • Vertical alignment of technology application TEKS
    • 100% meet SBEC standards and 30% of budget allocated to professional development
  • 11. Key components of Administration & Support
    • Advanced Tech
    • Campus plan board approved and supported
    • 1 technical support professional for every 500 computers
    • Full-time district technology director
    • Target Tech
    • Campus plan focused on student success
    • 1 technical support professional for every 350 computers
    • Campus instructional support staff
  • 12. Goals
    • To maintain our Target Tech classification in Infrastructure.
    • To achieve the Target Tech classification in the other three areas.
    • To share our ideas and strategies to accomplish our goals