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The Photofinishing News syndicated market forecast program with statistics and forecasts from 2000 through 2013

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Syndicated Overview C

  1. 1. A unique subscription-based program to assist your business planning - anywhere in the world The 2009 Global Syndicated Market Forecasting Program 2000 - 2013 Photofinishing News International Consulting Group 10915 Bonita Beach Road, Suite 1091, Bonita Springs, FL U.S.A. 34135 Tel: (239) 992-4421 Fax: (239) 992-6328
  2. 2. INDEX Overview Page 1 Why do You Need This Program? Page 1 What Makes Our Program Special? Page 2 Can I Afford to Subscribe Page 2 Component/Category Content Description Page 3 Program Options Page 11 Program Pricing Page 12 Subscriber Comments Page 13
  3. 3. Photofinishing News Syndicated Global Market Forecasting Program (2009) 2009 Global Syndicated Market Forecasting Program 2000 - 2013 Overview This unique Excel-based syndicated market research program has been developed, together with our subscribers, over the past six years to meet their planning and forecasting needs for photo-imaging products and services around the world. It covers both the consumer/amateur and professional segments of this market. The Program is provided in convenient global regions, with additional breakout for sub- regions and even individual countries. These are identified on page 11. It has been simply structured to provide access to specific market data of interest and flexible costs. Each Component/Category file includes separate tabs for regions, sub- regions, countries and combined worldwide data. However, the B1 and B2 files do not require separate tabs for each region/sub-region/country. Subscribers receive the complete Excel files, including the business models used for all the calculations. This allows you and your staff to make your own modifications if you wish, or to use the data in other worksheets. The data is provided under an annual subscription agreement and is regularly updated to reflect the ongoing changing dynamics within this market. As these updates are developed, at least twice each year, they are sent at no extra charge during the subscription duration. Included with each component/category is one hour of interpretation and clarification time. Extra hours may be negotiated, if needed. In addition, consulting services are available to assist in the application of these statistics and the development of strategic business plans. Please ask us for a quote. In addition to the statistics, we will provide graphs – with or without the associated data – which may be used for internal or public presentations. Component/Category Content Description Page 3 Program Options Page 11 Program Pricing Page 12 Subscriber Comments Page 13 Why Do You Need This Program? In this dynamic digital era, preparing and reacting to rapid changes in the industry is essential to profitability. Our statistics are developed from a combination of primary and secondary research involving discussions with industry organizations, suppliers, photoprocessors, retailers, and even other market research companies. Thus, we are able to discern changes as they occur and adjust the data accordingly. Page 1
  4. 4. Photofinishing News Syndicated Global Market Forecasting Program (2009) Until 2000, we produced the widely acclaimed annual 350+ page International Photo Imaging Industry Report, which contained historical statistical data for more than 70 countries and regions. Since the industry was experiencing continuous growth, subscribers would merely interpolate uppcoming years by extending trend lines. After 2001, as film sales peaked and began to decline and digital began its growth, this approach become unreliable. Reacting to requests from subscribers, we began our current forecasting service, developing sophisticated models for this purpose. These models, which we consider “worksheets-in-progress” are available to you for incorporating into strategic and tactical plans, internal and external presentations, and your own business models. They are modified by monitoring the actual market size for previous years and through feedback from subscribers. What Makes Our Program Special? In addition to covering the worldwide consumer and professional photo-imaging industry for more than 25 years, Photofinishing News has been providing consulting services to international companies. We have developed a global network of industry veterans who have extensive personal relationships with industry members. Consequently, we can apply our combined group experience to prepare market estimates, and you have access to that knowledge for interpreting the statistics. Knowing what technologies are available today, as well as what is being developed, allows us to provide statistics broken out by technologies and also to look ahead at how new introductions will alter our forecasts. As a subscriber, you receive more than merely numbers. You get the benefit of hundreds of combined years of experience, estimates and forecasts built from sub-regions and key countries worldwide, ongoing adjustments based on input from other subscribers, and complete statistical models which you can modify to fit your own business plans. Our consulting services can also provide valuable additional information and data about specific market segments. You can tap the resources of our experts in different parts of the world to learn about trends, major photoprocessors, etc. In addition, we can prepare a focused market research study specifically for your needs and interests, or assist you in developing a strategic business plan. The qualifications of our various team members can be viewed on our Website: Please request a quote Can I Afford to Subscribe? This program was structured to be very cost-effective, providing you with as little, or as much, data as you want. As shown on page 12, you can start with a “micro” approach reviewing only a small segment of the market, evaluate its usefullness, and then acquire more as needed. This “pay-as-you-go” approach. Our team members can assist you in defining which segments you should acquire to provide the information that you need, or in creating the optimum program for your needs within your budget. In today’s economic environement, can you afford not to have these tools so vital in helping you make the necessary decisions. See what our subscribers say on page 13. Page 2
  5. 5. Photofinishing News Syndicated Global Market Forecasting Program (2009) Component/Category Content Description A1 Cameras 2000 - 2013 This provides the number of film and digital cameras being sold in the regions and sub-regions as well as the installed base. Camera types include Digital Still Cameras, cameraphones, film cameras and single--use- cameras (film). Estimates of those being used for consumer and non-consumer applications are included In addition, the numbers of exposures per year are calculated from the number of cameras in operation (installed base) and number of exposures/camera/year. These numbers take into consideration households with multiple cameras, and form the foundation of many of the models used by other categories/ components. Page 3
  6. 6. Photofinishing News Syndicated Global Market Forecasting Program (2009) A2 Films 2000 - 2013 This file covers the sale of film, both in rolls and as single-use- camera (film-with-lens) models. Besides color neg-ative types (35mm and APS for consumer use and 120/2220/other and 35mm for professional use), this file also looks at B&W and color reversal/slide types in addition to instant. Exposure estimates are derived for the various film formats for both the consumer and professional segments. This is used in the development of our prints-from- films data. Page 4
  7. 7. Photofinishing News Syndicated Global Market Forecasting Program (2009) B1 Consumer Labs 2000 – 2013 This file includes all Central Photoprocessing Labs – broken out by wholesale/captive, mail- order and online. B2 Professional Labs 2000 – 2013 These photoprocessing labs are engaged primarily in business-to-business with a breakdown for school and mass-portrait, social/ portrait and commercial labs, as well as minilabs serving mostly business customers. A total includes both amateur and pro- fessional labs. Page 5
  8. 8. Photofinishing News Syndicated Global Market Forecasting Program (2009) B3 Minilabs 2000 -2013 Defining minilabs as printers requiring an operator, this file breaks out sales and population by analog, hybrid and digital as well as by new machine and refurbished/used/upgraded (a digital carrier installed) models. These numbers are further divided into machines that have a productivity greater or less than 900 prints/hr. Both the number of machines and number of outlets/locations are calculated, providing the trend in number of machines/outlets. This data is broken out by output capacity for digital with analog separate. The number of prints/day/ machine for the two production capacities is estimated, from which the prints/year/machine in each region/sub-region/country is calculated. This is cross- referenced with the B6 file, which has print numbers derived from the installed base of film and digital cameras (including camera- phones), using assumptions for the number of exposures/ camera/year. Page 6
  9. 9. Photofinishing News Syndicated Global Market Forecasting Program (2009) B4 Kiosks 2000 - 2013 Our kiosk file is separated into printing kiosks (those used for 85% or more printing from an attached/ integral printer) and input/order kiosks (those at which fewer than 15% of the prints are produced from an integral/attached printer). The file contains unit sales, unit population, prints (from 4x6" units and from 5x7" and greater units) and estimates of the media (inkjet or thermal) consumed. We have assigned estimated median values to the units and prints for overall market size calculations. Those kiosks which serve as input stations are sending orders to central labs, minilabs or onsite/remote digital printers. These are the same printers that would be outputting images scanned from film. Page 7
  10. 10. Photofinishing News Syndicated Global Market Forecasting Program (2009) B6 Prints 2000 - 2013 Our most comprehensive file, this covers consumer and professional prints from film and digital images. We have broken the number of consumer digital prints (separate calculations for those gen-erated from Digital Still Cameras, Cameraphones and Sharing) into printing channels: home, online (separating prints at retail and at central labs), at retail (separating prints made onsite and off-site) and kiosks (developed in B4). Professional prints cover film, social/portrait digital and the output of digital photowriters. From these numbers, the total media usage for silver halide, inkjet and thermal media are calculated. Professional print estimates are by silver halide and inkjet/dye sub. Allocations by print sizes are under development. Page 8
  11. 11. Photofinishing News Syndicated Global Market Forecasting Program (2009) B7 Personalized Photo Products 2000 - 2013 This file includes con- sumer DVD/CDs, photo- books, greeting cards, calendars, posters, and other personalized photo products, such as gift items. There is a dearth of data available in some of the regions/sub-regions, so this file is considered a work-in-progress, with the estimates for various product groups still under development. The U.S.A. section, however, has been completed. Professional photobook statistics will be intro- duced in 2009. Page 9
  12. 12. Photofinishing News Syndicated Global Market Forecasting Program (2009) Individual Charts We are now offering to provide individual charts upon request. For use in public pre- sentations, these charts will not provide forecasts beyond 2011. However, for internal use only, we will provide any years from 2000 to 2013. The charts will only cover information of one region/ subregion/country. Individual Charts With Data Charts with data are also available, with the same restrictions as those without the data. Page 10
  13. 13. Photofinishing News Syndicated Global Market Forecasting Program (2009) Program Options Page 11
  14. 14. Photofinishing News Syndicated Global Market Forecasting Program (2009) Program Pricing Standard Program Extended Program Both Programs Single Excerpts Components/Categories All Single Single All Region Single Graphs Graphs Regions Region Country Regions or Sub- Country with Data Each Region Each. Image Taking A1 Film and Digital Cameras $ 5,500 $ 1,100 $ 750 $ 7,500 $ 1,650 $ 750 $ 75 $ 375 A2 Films $ 3,500 $ 700 $ 550 $ 5,500 $ 1,050 $ 550 $ 55 $ 275 Total A Group (A1 and A2) $ 6,300 $ 1,500 $ 1,050 $ 9,100 $ 2,250 $ 1,050 Image Making B1 Consumer Central Photoprocessing Labs $ 3,000 $ 1,000 $ 500 $ 5,000 $ 1,500 $ 500 $ 50 $ 25 B2 Professional Central Photoprocessing Labs $ 3,000 $ 1,000 $ 500 $ 5,000 $ 1,500 $ 500 $ 50 $ 25 B3 Minilabs $ 6,000 $ 1,800 $ 900 $ 9,000 $ 2,700 $ 900 $ 90 $ 45 B4 Photo Kiosks $ 6,000 $ 1,800 $ 900 $ 9,000 $ 2,700 $ 900 $ 90 $ 45 B6 Photo Prints $ 8,000 $ 2,400 $ 1,200 $ 12,000 $ 3,600 $ 1,200 $ 120 $ 60 B7 Personalized Photo Products $ 5,000 $ 1,400 $ 700 $ 7,000 $ 2,100 $ 700 $ 70 $ 35 Total B Group (B1, B2, B3, B4, B6 and B7) $ 21,700 $ 6,500 $ 3,300 $ 33,000 $10,000 $ 3,300 Combined A & B Group Price $ 25,000 $ 7,100 $ 3,900 $ 37,500 $10,900 $ 3,900 Notes: 1. 20% discount can be applied for orders of more than one Country 2. 20% discount can be applied for orders of more than one Graph 3. 20% discount can be applied for orders of more than one Graph w/ data Contact us for individual quotes. Page 12
  15. 15. Subscriber Comments “This is the only true global program that probes into sub-regional data, including analyses of many individual countries,” states Ken DeAngelo, Vertical Market Analyst, IPG at Hewlett-Packard. Ina Hilker Director of Business Research at Felix Schoeller notes, “ we rely on the Photofinishing News data because of its depth and we get a chance to discuss the assumptions being made in developing the forecasts.” “The first-hand knowledge that the Photofinishing News Team has of the trends and activities occurring in countries and regions around the world enhances the robustness of our plans and analysis, especially for the professional and China markets” says Ed Monahan Worldwide Strategy Director, Eastman Kodak.
  16. 16. Besides this Syndicated Global Market Forecasting Program, our talented diversified and experienced team provides Specialized/Custom Market Research and Consulting Services, publishes industry Market Reports and Periodicals in English and Chinese, and offers Marketing Communication and Publicity/PR Services. Multiple Offices in the U.S.A., Europe and China, with affiliates worldwide. Photofinishing News International Consulting Group 10915 Bonita Beach Road, Suite 1091, Bonita Springs, FL U.S.A. 34135 Tel: (239) 992-4421 Fax: (239) 992-6328