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University Marketing Project - VZW

  1. 1. Faren and Alex Present:
  2. 2. Who We Are ●Junior ●Varsity Basketball ●Kappa Alpha Psi ●MORE Mentor
  3. 3. Who We Are ●Celebrating Black Women ●Sophomor e ●Minority Advisor ●First Class Council
  4. 4. Project Goals Assist Verizon Wireless market more effectively to the college community Give Verizon Wireless a competitive advantage over other wireless companies
  5. 5. Why we can help
  6. 6. Why Target Students 18-24 year olds are the FUTURE of the world and therefore, the future of Verizon Wireless The bracket (18-24) are large wireless consumers
  7. 7. Why Target Students Students who have cell phones can be reached! ● Many students are either in family plans or involved with their first contract ● Sometime during their four years of college, their contract WILL end! ● Upon graduation, students will be looking for stability and are more likely to stick with their current cell phone provider
  8. 8. SO LET’S BEGIN…
  9. 9. Resources ●Conversations with current students ●Onsite visits to GA State and Emory ●Conversations with incoming freshman ●Competitors college plans ●VZW University Program Meetings ●Personal preferences and experiences
  10. 10. Survey ●Sent out via Internet to college students ●Various questions about cell phone preferences ●199 responses
  11. 11. Survey Who are They?
  12. 12. Survey Says…. What students want
  13. 13. Survey Top 10 # 10 : Hands free technology with phones - Driving while talking - Chatting while typing a report - Shopping and socializing # 10 : What Verizon Wireless has - Blue tooth capability on phones - Speakerphone on almost all phones - Hands-free devices
  14. 14. University Top 10 # 9: Real Ring Tones! - No more tunes - Kids want to hear the song - Quality and clarity are important # 9: What Verizon Wireless has - Get it Now - Trusted providers = only the BEST - Preview tunes before you buy them
  15. 15. University Top 10 # 8: Minute Balance - Kids want to know before they go over - Helps keep the phone bill down # 8: What Verizon Wireless has - #MIN for minute updates - #DATA for text updates - Easy to use and FREE!
  16. 16. University Top 10 # 7: LOW prices - College students have little income - Good money for the minutes # 7: What Verizon Wireless has - IN Calling - IN Messaging - Share Plan for $9.99
  17. 17. University Top 10 # 6: College Discounts - Want their own plan - Still limited by money # 6: What Verizon Wireless has - Offer flexible payment plans * Post-Pay * Inpulse * Easy Pay - Some discounts are offered
  18. 18. University Top 10 # 5: Rollover Minutes - Unused minutes go over to next month - No ‘wasted’ minutes # 5: What Verizon Wireless has - Part of Worry Free Guarantee! - Change plan at any time without new contract - IN Calling
  19. 19. University Top 10 # 4: FREE STUFF - Low prices are good - Free is better and more enticing! - Trendy phones and features for free # 4: What Verizon Wireless has - New Every Two - Competitively priced phones - IN Calling and Messaging
  20. 20. University Top 10 # 3: The Network - Tired of dropped calls - Want better service around campus # 3: What Verizon Wireless has - Most reliable network in the industry - Lowest churn rate of all competitors
  21. 21. University Top 10 # 2: Text Messaging - Growing must-have with college kids - Bundles of messages for hardly any money # 2: What Verizon Wireless has - IN Messaging FREE! - Additional messages to other carriers available for monthly fee
  22. 22. University Top 10 # 1: COOL PHONES! - Sleek, slim, and sophisticated phones - The Razr - Verizon service is great, but phones aren’t # 1: What Verizon Wireless has - Not known for trendiest phones, but… - From trusted manufacturers = they’ll last and they work - We’re a work in progress aka Verizon Wireless will NeVeR be satisfied
  23. 23. Verizon Wireless Top 3
  24. 24. It’s all about PHONES! Why It’s Important ●Students want to fit in and in order to ‘fit in’ you have to have the latest things ●People are judged by their handset
  25. 25. What’s ●Small ●Sleek ●Thin ●Color ●Flip ●Picture/Camera
  26. 26. Their Ideal Phone
  27. 27. Text Messaging Why It’s Important ●When kids are not talking, they’re texting **As evident by Alex’s record breaking month of 2300 texts in one month** ●Communication without talking! ●Say what you mean and MORE!
  28. 28. The Network Why It’s Important ●No one likes dropped calls! ●Annoying to keep calling someone back “The customer you are trying to reach is outside the Alltel network at this time. Please try your call again later”
  29. 29. Focus Message ●Text Messaging ●Network ●Are you IN?
  30. 30. Text Messaging ●87% of college students interviewed rated text messaging an important-very important feature on their handset ●Verizon Wireless IN-Messaging makes texting easy and affordable
  31. 31. How to Market Text Plans ●Sure advantage over competitors ●Good in current Ads, because it is highlighted clearly
  32. 32. Verizon Wireless Network ●Verizon Wireless has THE most reliable network ●Lowest churn rate shows that something is being done right ●Must show college students the benefits of having a strong network ● Better Signal ● Fewer Dropped Calls ● Better Use of Minutes It’s the Network!
  33. 33. “Lost in Translation” ●What does the “Best Most Reliable Network” mean to the student? ●SOLUTION: Make network message relevant to student life by proving that Verizon Wireless has the best coverage
  34. 34. Making the Message Relevant ●Show statistics from tests ●Coverage Area finder ● Give students access to program that would allow them to see how reliable the network is on campus ●-Perform drive tests to establish best network on campus ● “Proven Best network on Auburn’s Campus” Proof
  35. 35. Network Ad Campaign ●“Verizon Wireless: giving you the best service so you can talk in your dorm room.” ●“Verizon Wireless: giving you the best service so you can talk uninterrupted between class.” **Make message relatable to student issues**
  36. 36. Are you IN? ●Very good slogan ● If its not broke, don’t fix it i.e. “In the Know” ● Give it a new spin ●“Are you IN?” means “Do you have Verizon Wireless?”
  37. 37. New ●Are you IN? = the “In crowd” ●Really change the tone of Are you IN? ● People already know that Are you IN? is a VZW slogan ● “Are you IN?” now meaning “Are you popular?” SPIN on IN !
  38. 38. New Spin on IN ●All college students want to be popular ● Buy expensive clothes, bags to feel more popular ● Succumb to peer pressure to be cool ●Verizon Wireless must play into this Why Adjust?
  39. 39. New Spin on IN What’s HOT? ● MP3 Players ● Hip-Hop ● Friday night Parties ● Eating Out ● Spring Break ● Verizon Wireless What’s Not? ● Tape Players ● Oldies ● Friday night studying ● Cafeteria ● Finals Weeks ● Other wireless carriers Verizon Wireless is IN with what’s hot, Are you IN? Example:
  40. 40. Marketing to Students ● What is our current plan? ● What is currently good? ● What changes are needed?
  41. 41. Current Advertisements 2005 School Year Creative
  42. 42. Current Advertisements
  43. 43. Advertisement Positives ●Emphasis on 5 dollars ● Low costs are always a plus for the broke college student ●School Logo ● Makes it feel personalized
  44. 44. Suggested Changes Needed ●Background ● To cookie cutter, very plane ● Looks like family share ad ●Headlines ● ”Blank” with IN ● Trying too hard ● Very irrelevant to the college student ●Pictures ● Relevance? ● What are they doing?
  45. 45. Suggested Changes Needed ●Improve Template ● White is 1950’s ● very bland ● colors are IN ●More black ● Helps make it look more edgy ● Just something about black. Coloring
  46. 46. Suggested Changes Needed ● Use of words not from 1950 ● “Hip” ● “Rock” ● “Flix” ● Words such as tight, hot and other such slang are IN ● However, must not misuse slang ● Hot=Cool ● Tight= Good Looking Language
  47. 47. New Marketing Approach Unapproved Creative
  48. 48. One Example
  49. 49. Advertisement Execution ●Text Messaging Package ● IN Messaging ● Low Price ●Network ● Most reliable network ● No more dropped calls ●Phones/V Cast ● Advertise phones using V Cast ● See the phone “in action” 3 Messages
  50. 50. Where to Market ● A lot of students read the paper ● Distribution all over campus, a lot of faculty read the paper as well School Newspapers
  51. 51. Where to Market ● Attachments to school administrative letters ● Any letters concerning student groups that we would have a connection with. ● Blasts through list serves ● Must have catchy subject lines ● “Get Your Student Discount from Verizon Wireless” ● “Get your free Ring tone from Verizon Wireless” E-Mail
  52. 52. Where to Market All students that live on campus have a mailing address ● Stuff boxes with small collateral ● Possible free Ringtone, wallpaper P.O. Boxes
  53. 53. Where to Market ●Located on campus, provide space for posting announcements and ads ●Must be active in postings Campus Bulletin Board
  54. 54. Where to Market ●Acceptance Letter ● Reach Students early ● All students read through the entire packet
  55. 55. Where to Market What is the Facebook? ● Student database ● Over 840 plus colleges ● 3 million students ● Projected 6 Million and 1600 schools by Early ‘06 ● http:// The Facebook
  56. 56. The Facebook Advertising Opportunities ●Small Banner Ad ●Facebook Group
  57. 57. The Facebook ●Priced per impressions ● $7000 per 1 million impressions ●GA/AL ● 106,000 students ● 20 Schools in GA ● 9 Schools in AL ● 5 Million Impressions a month ●Comes out to $2 a person Banner Costs
  58. 58. The Facebook ●$50,000 a Month, must buy 6 months ●Banner ads included ●Only available on National Level Group Costs
  59. 59. The Facebook ●Apple’s Student Group ●EA Sports Madden ‘06 ●NEW: Panasonic ●NO WIRELESS GROUP! Current Groups
  60. 60. The Verizon Wireless Group Features ● Link to Personal school webpage ● Text Message, Ringtones, Ringback tone links ● V CAST Flash media displaying program ● Newest Products ● Register to win prizes ● Description that allows students to know which one of their friends is IN and has IN calling plan
  61. 61. Tracking Results Important to drive students to stores ● Face to face interaction is always best ● We have people trained to make the sale
  62. 62. Tracking Results ●Flyers must have some sort of incentive in which you must bring flyer to kiosk/store for redemption ●Online ● Ability to monitor traffic to school specific ● Lead them to school extranet
  63. 63. Now that we’ve learned HOW to market… Let’s learn how to SELL!
  64. 64. Selling ●Having a marketable message is only half the battle ●In order to have a consumer base, you must know how to appeal to your audience ●SELLING is key!
  65. 65. Set Up Sites ●Students recognize Verizon Wireless ●Verizon Wireless becomes an affinity To establish a physical presence within universities
  66. 66. Permanent Presence Book Store Kiosk ●Guaranteed student interaction ●Bonus Exposure: faculty, staff, parents, visitors
  67. 67. Book Store Kiosk Book Store Kiosk Possibilities ●Buy your phone ●Pay your bill ●Technician on staff
  68. 68. Temporary Presence Locations ●Campus quad ●High Traffic areas ●Outside dorms ●Cafeterias ●Athletic events ●Plays ●Concerts ●Debates ●Lectures ●Computer Labs ●Coffee Shops
  69. 69. Temporary Presence ●V Team/Youth Team vehicle ●Music playing ●Balloons ●Megaphone ●Pictures with Test Man ●Games ● Karaoke Contest - Musical Chairs ● Inflatable Playground - Bobbing for Apples ● Sumo Wrestling How to draw a crowd
  70. 70. Temporary Set-up Sites What to Do - Demo phones, especially VCast - Register to Win Kits - Emphasis on network, showcasing the superiority of Verizon Wireless on campus ●Direct them to the nearest retail outlet ●Talk about discounts
  71. 71. Temporary Set-up Sites Get Participation! ●Prizes for testing phones ● T-shirts ● Lanyards ● Zip Drives ● Candy ● Gift Certificates
  72. 72. Temporary Set-up Sites ●Be approachable! Professionalism is appreciated, but intimidating (business suits are a “no”) Provide multiple options for all credit levels Free merchandise, food, prizes, etc ●Be understanding! ●The word FREE is always a plus! Key things to remember
  73. 73. Web Page To drive people to Verizon Wireless●Students browse school web pages EVERYDAY ●Enticing links cause people to click!
  74. 74. Here’s How it Works 1.Establish a link on school webpage 2.Link takes you to a Verizon Wireless webpage 3.Students can browse features, change accounts, and purchase service
  75. 75. About the Link ●Placed on page that students visit ● Athletics webpage ● Pop up on email webpage ● Upcoming events page ●Give link some pizzazz ● Use colors ● Text that draws people in.. ● Discounts! ● Sale! ● Free! ● Special Offer!
  76. 76. About the Landing Page ●Part of school web pages ●Restricted access: only university students can access page ●Prompted to type in student ID and password before access is granted *Unless link was on secure page* ●Page has more university feel than Verizon Wireless
  77. 77. About Browsing ●V Cast banners ●Text Messaging Promotion ●University Special ●School discount advertised CLEARLY! ●Contests advertised ●Free shirts offered ●Able to order phones ●Pay bill ●Change plans Promotions on website
  78. 78. Special Events Verizon Wireless should be present during special events around campus ●Show support of university initiatives ●Visibility and familiarity
  79. 79. - Be visible - Be approachable - Leave an impression Freshman Orientation - Freshman are huge target audience - Impressionable stage in college career
  80. 80. Freshman Orientation Two Target Groups: Freshmen Their Parents! and
  81. 81. Freshman Orientation ●College Student: obviously, one would want to market to the product user ●College Parent: some parents pay their children’s cell phone bill and ultimately make the final decision * By marketing to both groups, you cannot lose!* Why Two Groups?
  82. 82. Freshman Orientation Freshman ●Target network ●Show how youth- oriented Verizon Wireless can be ●Flexible and affordable rate plans Parents ●Big network push ●Market reliability ●Family Share Plans What to Market
  83. 83. Freshman Orientation For Parents: ●Send a letter addressed specifically to them ●Similar to letters done in the past which congratulate and inform ●Partner with the Parent Support Group on campus
  84. 84. Freshman Orientation For Students: 1) Want them to remember Verizon Wireless ● Prizes ● Lanyards ● T-Shirts ● Collateral ● Wristbands goals
  85. 85. Freshman Orientation For Students: 2) Help them experience Verizon Wireless ● V Team on-site ● Data or other demo teams on-site * Emphasis on VCast* goals
  86. 86. Freshman Orientation For Students: 3) Partner with Orientation Counselors ● Students need to additionally hear about Verizon Wireless from current university students ● Get them excited about Verizon Wireless ● Counselor T-shirts ● Sponsor a dinner for orientation goals
  87. 87. Homecoming Gain customers through support of homecoming event ●School spirit is heightened during this time. ●More likely to support a service that supports the school
  88. 88. Homecoming What to do during the week Campus Events ● Contests ● Where’s Test Man? ● Scavenger Hunt using Picture phones ● Match and Win ● Games ● Musical chairs ● Racing Games ● Inflatable playgrounds ● Karaoke contests ● Promotions ● Special discounts on service ● Buy one, get one ● Save on university apparel w/ purchase (book store partnership)
  89. 89. Homecoming THE BIG GAME! ●Have team on-site at main student entrance of event ●Set-up like a Tailgate Party ● Balloons ● Games ● Food ● School Mascot ● Test Man ● University spirit items (noise makers, pompoms, etc) ● Giveaways: T-shirts, wrist bands ● Face painting station
  90. 90. Homecoming THE BIG GAME! “Verizon Wireless Fan of the Game” ● Put on sky camera to search the crowd ● Winner is loudest fan/most spirited fan ● Prize is package with t-shirt, gift certificate, and a phone
  91. 91. Homecoming THE BIG GAME! ●Text Messaging Promotions ● Trivia contests ● Shout-out board * Similar to what was done at Music Midtown*
  92. 92. Homecoming THE BIG GAME! “Verizon Wireless Impact Player” ● Pre-select an athlete ● Let crowd know the athlete ● For every completed pass/tackle/10 pts the player scores, Verizon Wireless customers are rewarded ● 100 extra text messages for that billing period ● 100 extra minutes for that billing period
  93. 93. Here’s How to Do it! ●EVENT DATE: middle of fall sports season, usually October/November ●WHO TO CONTACT: Athletic Director (for homecoming game activities) and General University Office (for information about activities during the event) ●THINGS TO KNOW: ● Week of events (Tentative schedule) - V Team Availability ● Game Day/Time - School Mascot ● Stadium Policies (Spirit merchandise)- Opponent and school colors ● School Vendors - Cheerleader availability ● Set-up Locations - Number of Students ● University School colors - Tailgate opportunities
  94. 94. Let’s Look at Costs Air Amusements and Concessions (770)458-7740
  95. 95. Let’s Look at Costs Air Amusements and Concessions (770)458-7740
  96. 96. Let’s Look at Costs Air Amusements and Concessions (770)458-7740
  97. 97. Midnight Study Break What to Do ●Midnight Study Break ● Verizon Wireless sponsored social event ● Food ● Games ● Demo phones ●Have flyers around the school advertising for the break ●Send announcements through email ●Located in a student union or entertainment lounge
  98. 98. Here’s How to Do it! ●EVENT DATE: end of grading period (usually December and May for semesters) ●WHO TO CONTACT: Office of Academic Advising, Office of Student Affairs, General Alumni Association, Parent Support Group ●THINGS TO KNOW: ● Dates of Exams - Set-up Locations ● Set-Up Locations - Best times for event ● Number of Students - Vendors ● Communication strategy (how to invite students) ●ESTIMATED TIME FOR EXECUTION: 1 month
  99. 99. Partnerships and Sponsorships To establish a relationship with organizations around the university ●More exposure on campus ●Closer access to students
  100. 100. Partnerships They target the ENTIRE university. ●Students ●Faculty ●Staff ●Parents ●Visitors Why are they Good?
  101. 101. Campus Book Stores ●Establish a permanent kiosk within university book stores ● Purchase phones ● Display phones ● Retail representative ● Technician on-site ● Pay bill ●When you make a transaction with kiosk, you receive a coupon for the bookstore or gift shop
  102. 102. Campus Book Stores What’s in it for Verizon Wireless? ●Kiosk in bookstore ●Back to school customers ●Exposure to faculty and staff ●University visitors ●Especially high school students & other potential applicants What’s in it for Book Stores? ●Reason for people to come in the store ●With coupons, people more likely to purchase from book store
  103. 103. Parent Support Group To establish a relationship with university parents, showing them that Verizon Wireless IS the best wireless provider For some students, parents still make the final decision
  104. 104. Parent Support Groups ●Help with student care packages ● Exams ● End of the Year ●Sponsor written communications to other parents ● Emails ● Letters ●Send out letters to new parents about Verizon Wireless service on campus
  105. 105. Parent Support Group What’s in it for Verizon Wireless? ●Exposure with the parent community ●Chance to stress the superiority of network ●Reach the other bill payers What’s in it for Parent Groups? ●Reduce costs of initiatives ●Learn about reliable service for their children ●Family Plan discounts for parents involved
  106. 106. Alumni Organizations To gain access to current and alumni students Reach a larger audience and target a credible organization on campus
  107. 107. Alumni Organizations ●Gain access to list of General Alumni Association Members (both students and alumni) ●Periodically throughout the year, take part in giveaways ● Beginning/end of semesters ● University Day
  108. 108. Alumni Organization What’s in it for Verizon Wireless? ●Reaches more than students ●Credible organization ●Big university decision makers What’s in it for the General Alumni Association? ●Reduce cost ●Help support different events ● Homecoming ● Week of Welcome ●Alumni discounts on service
  109. 109. Campus Box Office To create a presence with university audience ●Reach different audience than athletic events ●Lots of different events = even larger target group
  110. 110. Campus Box Office ●Students go to office for tickets to a range of campus events ● Plays ● Music Concerts ● Movies ● Special guest lectures ● Dance Concerts ●Tickets have school logo and event name printed on front of the ticket
  111. 111. Campus Box Office ●Brand tickets with Verizon Wireless logos ●With purchase of ticket, receive free activation with Verizon Wireless ● Redeemable at bookstore kiosk ● *Draws crowd at both ticketed event and kiosk* ●Join Verizon Wireless and receive a free ticket to the show ●Brand event programs with Verizon Wireless ● (if applicable) ● Discount inside the booklet ●Hand out collateral at event while collecting tickets
  112. 112. Campus Box Office What’s in it for Verizon Wireless? ●Generally different audience than athletic events ●Coupon opportunity ●Name recognition What’s in it for Ticket Offices? ●Help relieve some production costs ●People have additional reasons to get tickets
  113. 113. Residence Hall Association To market products to students living on- campus Dorm residents are a close community. They’re IN.
  114. 114. Residence Hall Association ●Co-sponsor dorm events ● Pizza Parties ● Dorm contests ● Café Lounges ●Have representative from RHA personally endorse Verizon Wireless ●Verizon Wireless Lounge ● Wireless lounge area in dorms ● Lobby area for cell phone use
  115. 115. Residence Hall Association What’s in it for Verizon Wireless? ●Reach large majority of students ●Direct mail opportunity ●Personal endorsement What’s in it for RHA? ●Another service to provide residence ●Always looking for new forms of support
  116. 116. Sponsorships ●Athletic Department ●Student Management Organizations Who to target
  117. 117. Athletic Department Good way to establish relationship amongst institutions ● Must have goal to pursue the whole university after Athletics, if logical ● Good Branding because a large percentage of students attend sporting events.
  118. 118. Athletic Problem Area SIGNAGE ● Sometimes Very hard to see logo
  119. 119. Athletic Problem Area More effort of putting name on events ● Halftime brought to you by Verizon Wireless ● Seventh Inning Stretch brought to you by VZW Solution
  120. 120. In-Game Promotions ●Very Critical for marketing ●Must find ways to incorporate our product with the game promotion. ● Text to Win ● Halftime contests ● Pre-Game tailgate contests
  121. 121. In-Game Promotions ●Premium Giveaways ● Thunder sticks, balls, shirts and jerseys ●Events ● VZW Half court shots, VZW football toss, VZW Musical Chairs ● Make such that existing customers are the only ones to participate, making others want to go get the product. ● Prize must be worth switching from one carrier to another
  122. 122. Event Execution ●2-3 Months Prior; ● meet with Athletic Director to discuss possible promotions and event sponsorship possibilities. ● Reserve V-Teams and any other items that need to be ordered ● Communicate with local team to finalize plans and plan of action ● Include event staff ● Materials Needed ● Problems ● Contact Numbers
  123. 123. Event Execution: Continued ●1 month prior ● Begin weekly meetings for updates and concerns. ●2 weeks prior ● make sure all materials have been delivered and Every one is still committed to participate ●1 week prior ● express all concerns and place final touches on event ●Execute event
  124. 124. Student Groups ●I.E. Carolina Fever, Gang Green ●Good branding directly related to the students ●Put branding on shirts, sponsor some sort of exclusive tailgate event for the members of Student group ●Must coincide with events during game, can’t just stand alone for students to notice a VZW presence
  125. 125. Keys for Success ●Communication ● Must be on the same page as far as planning and knowledge of goals for event ●Planning ● Project leaders are key for organizing, planning and executing events ●Accountability ● Local Teams should have understanding and recognize execution needs
  126. 126. Communication Goals ●Open greater lines of communication that would allow for easier execution and increased desire for game and school promotions. ●Lead to greater sales. ●Create a simple plan by which to follow to simplify execution process. Problem Solving
  127. 127. Black College Opportunity ●Atlanta is rich with an opportunity to reach the Black Campuses ● Spelman ● Morehouse ● Clark Atlanta ●Untapped Resource
  128. 128. HBCU Opportunities ●On-site Events are key ● There is always something going on on campus
  129. 129. HBCU Opportunities ●Ideas ● VZW After School BBQ ● VZW Step Show ● VZW Fashion Show ● Homecoming Events
  130. 130. HBCU Opportunities ●Guest Speaker Seminar Series ●Job Fair ●Community Service Program 100 BMA
  131. 131. Event Execution Get with different student groups who are already putting on events ● Let them plan the event, give them a little bit of prize money for the naming rights and signage ● Have the Youth team (Hummer) come out and demo phones
  132. 132. Verizon Wireless Availability ●If you put on events, you must be committed entirely to school ●Must be willing to put Kiosk on campus ●People won’t travel to stores that aren’t close in proximity
  133. 133. Premiums and Giveaways ●Great marketing tools ● Creativity is a must ● Must be useful to the student
  134. 134. Door Stop
  135. 135. Flash Drives ●Very Good Idea ● Students find those very useful
  136. 136. Are you IN? Bands ●Costs ● Set up-$250 ● Per Unit- $.75 (10,000+)
  137. 137. So what? ●Having partnerships and a presence at on- campus events gives us a competitive advantage over other wireless companies… ●Let’s see what they’re doing
  138. 138. Cingular: Raising the Bar? For schools that received a discount on Cingular service: ●Free phones ●5-15% off monthly access plans ●Free activation ●No Credit Checks ●Unlimited text for 3 months for $2.99 ●10-25% off accessories ●$50 credit with one-year agreement
  139. 139. Nextel For schools which Nextel offer student discounts: ●10% off rate plans
  140. 140. Can Verizon Wireless Compete? Monthly Access Discounts ●Virtually all wireless providers have the same rate plans. ●Discounts become important ●Because Verizon Wireless has the BEST network, you get MORE minutes for your MONEY no matter what the discount
  141. 141. Can Verizon Wireless Compete? Activation Fees ●Verizon Wireless activation fees are LESS than most competitors ●Factor Costs into Competitive Comparisons
  142. 142. Can Verizon Wireless Compete? No Credit Check ●Very enticing offer for college student who usually have NO credit
  143. 143. All in All… ●Verizon Wireless is taking a HUGE step in the right direction ●Making Verizon Wireless more youth- oriented will have a substantial impact on the profitability of the company ●WE ARE THE FUTURE!
  144. 144. Things to Take Away ●Verizon Wireless should be a leader in the college market ●The Facebook presents a unique and potentially profitable opportunity for Verizon Wireless ●Marketing is only ½ the battle (selling is the other half!) ●College students don’t want to feel “punished” for being a student
  145. 145. This is an INVESTMENT! And like all investments, it will take TIME!...but the rewards will be GREAT!
  146. 146. Verizon Wireless: