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University Marketing Project - VZW Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Faren and Alex Present:
  • 2. Who We Are ●Junior ●Varsity Basketball ●Kappa Alpha Psi ●MORE Mentor
  • 3. Who We Are ●Celebrating Black Women ●Sophomor e ●Minority Advisor ●First Class Council
  • 4. Project Goals Assist Verizon Wireless market more effectively to the college community Give Verizon Wireless a competitive advantage over other wireless companies
  • 5. Why we can help
  • 6. Why Target Students 18-24 year olds are the FUTURE of the world and therefore, the future of Verizon Wireless The bracket (18-24) are large wireless consumers
  • 7. Why Target Students Students who have cell phones can be reached! ● Many students are either in family plans or involved with their first contract ● Sometime during their four years of college, their contract WILL end! ● Upon graduation, students will be looking for stability and are more likely to stick with their current cell phone provider
  • 8. SO LET’S BEGIN…
  • 9. Resources ●Conversations with current students ●Onsite visits to GA State and Emory ●Conversations with incoming freshman ●Competitors college plans ●VZW University Program Meetings ●Personal preferences and experiences
  • 10. Survey ●Sent out via Internet to college students ●Various questions about cell phone preferences ●199 responses
  • 11. Survey Who are They?
  • 12. Survey Says…. What students want
  • 13. Survey Top 10 # 10 : Hands free technology with phones - Driving while talking - Chatting while typing a report - Shopping and socializing # 10 : What Verizon Wireless has - Blue tooth capability on phones - Speakerphone on almost all phones - Hands-free devices
  • 14. University Top 10 # 9: Real Ring Tones! - No more tunes - Kids want to hear the song - Quality and clarity are important # 9: What Verizon Wireless has - Get it Now - Trusted providers = only the BEST - Preview tunes before you buy them
  • 15. University Top 10 # 8: Minute Balance - Kids want to know before they go over - Helps keep the phone bill down # 8: What Verizon Wireless has - #MIN for minute updates - #DATA for text updates - Easy to use and FREE!
  • 16. University Top 10 # 7: LOW prices - College students have little income - Good money for the minutes # 7: What Verizon Wireless has - IN Calling - IN Messaging - Share Plan for $9.99
  • 17. University Top 10 # 6: College Discounts - Want their own plan - Still limited by money # 6: What Verizon Wireless has - Offer flexible payment plans * Post-Pay * Inpulse * Easy Pay - Some discounts are offered
  • 18. University Top 10 # 5: Rollover Minutes - Unused minutes go over to next month - No ‘wasted’ minutes # 5: What Verizon Wireless has - Part of Worry Free Guarantee! - Change plan at any time without new contract - IN Calling
  • 19. University Top 10 # 4: FREE STUFF - Low prices are good - Free is better and more enticing! - Trendy phones and features for free # 4: What Verizon Wireless has - New Every Two - Competitively priced phones - IN Calling and Messaging
  • 20. University Top 10 # 3: The Network - Tired of dropped calls - Want better service around campus # 3: What Verizon Wireless has - Most reliable network in the industry - Lowest churn rate of all competitors
  • 21. University Top 10 # 2: Text Messaging - Growing must-have with college kids - Bundles of messages for hardly any money # 2: What Verizon Wireless has - IN Messaging FREE! - Additional messages to other carriers available for monthly fee
  • 22. University Top 10 # 1: COOL PHONES! - Sleek, slim, and sophisticated phones - The Razr - Verizon service is great, but phones aren’t # 1: What Verizon Wireless has - Not known for trendiest phones, but… - From trusted manufacturers = they’ll last and they work - We’re a work in progress aka Verizon Wireless will NeVeR be satisfied
  • 23. Verizon Wireless Top 3
  • 24. It’s all about PHONES! Why It’s Important ●Students want to fit in and in order to ‘fit in’ you have to have the latest things ●People are judged by their handset
  • 25. What’s ●Small ●Sleek ●Thin ●Color ●Flip ●Picture/Camera
  • 26. Their Ideal Phone
  • 27. Text Messaging Why It’s Important ●When kids are not talking, they’re texting **As evident by Alex’s record breaking month of 2300 texts in one month** ●Communication without talking! ●Say what you mean and MORE!
  • 28. The Network Why It’s Important ●No one likes dropped calls! ●Annoying to keep calling someone back “The customer you are trying to reach is outside the Alltel network at this time. Please try your call again later”
  • 29. Focus Message ●Text Messaging ●Network ●Are you IN?
  • 30. Text Messaging ●87% of college students interviewed rated text messaging an important-very important feature on their handset ●Verizon Wireless IN-Messaging makes texting easy and affordable
  • 31. How to Market Text Plans ●Sure advantage over competitors ●Good in current Ads, because it is highlighted clearly
  • 32. Verizon Wireless Network ●Verizon Wireless has THE most reliable network ●Lowest churn rate shows that something is being done right ●Must show college students the benefits of having a strong network ● Better Signal ● Fewer Dropped Calls ● Better Use of Minutes It’s the Network!
  • 33. “Lost in Translation” ●What does the “Best Most Reliable Network” mean to the student? ●SOLUTION: Make network message relevant to student life by proving that Verizon Wireless has the best coverage
  • 34. Making the Message Relevant ●Show statistics from tests ●Coverage Area finder ● Give students access to program that would allow them to see how reliable the network is on campus ●-Perform drive tests to establish best network on campus ● “Proven Best network on Auburn’s Campus” Proof
  • 35. Network Ad Campaign ●“Verizon Wireless: giving you the best service so you can talk in your dorm room.” ●“Verizon Wireless: giving you the best service so you can talk uninterrupted between class.” **Make message relatable to student issues**
  • 36. Are you IN? ●Very good slogan ● If its not broke, don’t fix it i.e. “In the Know” ● Give it a new spin ●“Are you IN?” means “Do you have Verizon Wireless?”
  • 37. New ●Are you IN? = the “In crowd” ●Really change the tone of Are you IN? ● People already know that Are you IN? is a VZW slogan ● “Are you IN?” now meaning “Are you popular?” SPIN on IN !
  • 38. New Spin on IN ●All college students want to be popular ● Buy expensive clothes, bags to feel more popular ● Succumb to peer pressure to be cool ●Verizon Wireless must play into this Why Adjust?
  • 39. New Spin on IN What’s HOT? ● MP3 Players ● Hip-Hop ● Friday night Parties ● Eating Out ● Spring Break ● Verizon Wireless What’s Not? ● Tape Players ● Oldies ● Friday night studying ● Cafeteria ● Finals Weeks ● Other wireless carriers Verizon Wireless is IN with what’s hot, Are you IN? Example:
  • 40. Marketing to Students ● What is our current plan? ● What is currently good? ● What changes are needed?
  • 41. Current Advertisements 2005 School Year Creative
  • 42. Current Advertisements
  • 43. Advertisement Positives ●Emphasis on 5 dollars ● Low costs are always a plus for the broke college student ●School Logo ● Makes it feel personalized
  • 44. Suggested Changes Needed ●Background ● To cookie cutter, very plane ● Looks like family share ad ●Headlines ● ”Blank” with IN ● Trying too hard ● Very irrelevant to the college student ●Pictures ● Relevance? ● What are they doing?
  • 45. Suggested Changes Needed ●Improve Template ● White is 1950’s ● very bland ● colors are IN ●More black ● Helps make it look more edgy ● Just something about black. Coloring
  • 46. Suggested Changes Needed ● Use of words not from 1950 ● “Hip” ● “Rock” ● “Flix” ● Words such as tight, hot and other such slang are IN ● However, must not misuse slang ● Hot=Cool ● Tight= Good Looking Language
  • 47. New Marketing Approach Unapproved Creative
  • 48. One Example
  • 49. Advertisement Execution ●Text Messaging Package ● IN Messaging ● Low Price ●Network ● Most reliable network ● No more dropped calls ●Phones/V Cast ● Advertise phones using V Cast ● See the phone “in action” 3 Messages
  • 50. Where to Market ● A lot of students read the paper ● Distribution all over campus, a lot of faculty read the paper as well School Newspapers
  • 51. Where to Market ● Attachments to school administrative letters ● Any letters concerning student groups that we would have a connection with. ● Blasts through list serves ● Must have catchy subject lines ● “Get Your Student Discount from Verizon Wireless” ● “Get your free Ring tone from Verizon Wireless” E-Mail
  • 52. Where to Market All students that live on campus have a mailing address ● Stuff boxes with small collateral ● Possible free Ringtone, wallpaper P.O. Boxes
  • 53. Where to Market ●Located on campus, provide space for posting announcements and ads ●Must be active in postings Campus Bulletin Board
  • 54. Where to Market ●Acceptance Letter ● Reach Students early ● All students read through the entire packet
  • 55. Where to Market What is the Facebook? ● Student database ● Over 840 plus colleges ● 3 million students ● Projected 6 Million and 1600 schools by Early ‘06 ● http:// The Facebook
  • 56. The Facebook Advertising Opportunities ●Small Banner Ad ●Facebook Group
  • 57. The Facebook ●Priced per impressions ● $7000 per 1 million impressions ●GA/AL ● 106,000 students ● 20 Schools in GA ● 9 Schools in AL ● 5 Million Impressions a month ●Comes out to $2 a person Banner Costs
  • 58. The Facebook ●$50,000 a Month, must buy 6 months ●Banner ads included ●Only available on National Level Group Costs
  • 59. The Facebook ●Apple’s Student Group ●EA Sports Madden ‘06 ●NEW: Panasonic ●NO WIRELESS GROUP! Current Groups
  • 60. The Verizon Wireless Group Features ● Link to Personal school webpage ● Text Message, Ringtones, Ringback tone links ● V CAST Flash media displaying program ● Newest Products ● Register to win prizes ● Description that allows students to know which one of their friends is IN and has IN calling plan
  • 61. Tracking Results Important to drive students to stores ● Face to face interaction is always best ● We have people trained to make the sale
  • 62. Tracking Results ●Flyers must have some sort of incentive in which you must bring flyer to kiosk/store for redemption ●Online ● Ability to monitor traffic to school specific ● Lead them to school extranet
  • 63. Now that we’ve learned HOW to market… Let’s learn how to SELL!
  • 64. Selling ●Having a marketable message is only half the battle ●In order to have a consumer base, you must know how to appeal to your audience ●SELLING is key!
  • 65. Set Up Sites ●Students recognize Verizon Wireless ●Verizon Wireless becomes an affinity To establish a physical presence within universities
  • 66. Permanent Presence Book Store Kiosk ●Guaranteed student interaction ●Bonus Exposure: faculty, staff, parents, visitors
  • 67. Book Store Kiosk Book Store Kiosk Possibilities ●Buy your phone ●Pay your bill ●Technician on staff
  • 68. Temporary Presence Locations ●Campus quad ●High Traffic areas ●Outside dorms ●Cafeterias ●Athletic events ●Plays ●Concerts ●Debates ●Lectures ●Computer Labs ●Coffee Shops
  • 69. Temporary Presence ●V Team/Youth Team vehicle ●Music playing ●Balloons ●Megaphone ●Pictures with Test Man ●Games ● Karaoke Contest - Musical Chairs ● Inflatable Playground - Bobbing for Apples ● Sumo Wrestling How to draw a crowd
  • 70. Temporary Set-up Sites What to Do - Demo phones, especially VCast - Register to Win Kits - Emphasis on network, showcasing the superiority of Verizon Wireless on campus ●Direct them to the nearest retail outlet ●Talk about discounts
  • 71. Temporary Set-up Sites Get Participation! ●Prizes for testing phones ● T-shirts ● Lanyards ● Zip Drives ● Candy ● Gift Certificates
  • 72. Temporary Set-up Sites ●Be approachable! Professionalism is appreciated, but intimidating (business suits are a “no”) Provide multiple options for all credit levels Free merchandise, food, prizes, etc ●Be understanding! ●The word FREE is always a plus! Key things to remember
  • 73. Web Page To drive people to Verizon Wireless●Students browse school web pages EVERYDAY ●Enticing links cause people to click!
  • 74. Here’s How it Works 1.Establish a link on school webpage 2.Link takes you to a Verizon Wireless webpage 3.Students can browse features, change accounts, and purchase service
  • 75. About the Link ●Placed on page that students visit ● Athletics webpage ● Pop up on email webpage ● Upcoming events page ●Give link some pizzazz ● Use colors ● Text that draws people in.. ● Discounts! ● Sale! ● Free! ● Special Offer!
  • 76. About the Landing Page ●Part of school web pages ●Restricted access: only university students can access page ●Prompted to type in student ID and password before access is granted *Unless link was on secure page* ●Page has more university feel than Verizon Wireless
  • 77. About Browsing ●V Cast banners ●Text Messaging Promotion ●University Special ●School discount advertised CLEARLY! ●Contests advertised ●Free shirts offered ●Able to order phones ●Pay bill ●Change plans Promotions on website
  • 78. Special Events Verizon Wireless should be present during special events around campus ●Show support of university initiatives ●Visibility and familiarity
  • 79. - Be visible - Be approachable - Leave an impression Freshman Orientation - Freshman are huge target audience - Impressionable stage in college career
  • 80. Freshman Orientation Two Target Groups: Freshmen Their Parents! and
  • 81. Freshman Orientation ●College Student: obviously, one would want to market to the product user ●College Parent: some parents pay their children’s cell phone bill and ultimately make the final decision * By marketing to both groups, you cannot lose!* Why Two Groups?
  • 82. Freshman Orientation Freshman ●Target network ●Show how youth- oriented Verizon Wireless can be ●Flexible and affordable rate plans Parents ●Big network push ●Market reliability ●Family Share Plans What to Market
  • 83. Freshman Orientation For Parents: ●Send a letter addressed specifically to them ●Similar to letters done in the past which congratulate and inform ●Partner with the Parent Support Group on campus
  • 84. Freshman Orientation For Students: 1) Want them to remember Verizon Wireless ● Prizes ● Lanyards ● T-Shirts ● Collateral ● Wristbands goals
  • 85. Freshman Orientation For Students: 2) Help them experience Verizon Wireless ● V Team on-site ● Data or other demo teams on-site * Emphasis on VCast* goals
  • 86. Freshman Orientation For Students: 3) Partner with Orientation Counselors ● Students need to additionally hear about Verizon Wireless from current university students ● Get them excited about Verizon Wireless ● Counselor T-shirts ● Sponsor a dinner for orientation goals
  • 87. Homecoming Gain customers through support of homecoming event ●School spirit is heightened during this time. ●More likely to support a service that supports the school
  • 88. Homecoming What to do during the week Campus Events ● Contests ● Where’s Test Man? ● Scavenger Hunt using Picture phones ● Match and Win ● Games ● Musical chairs ● Racing Games ● Inflatable playgrounds ● Karaoke contests ● Promotions ● Special discounts on service ● Buy one, get one ● Save on university apparel w/ purchase (book store partnership)
  • 89. Homecoming THE BIG GAME! ●Have team on-site at main student entrance of event ●Set-up like a Tailgate Party ● Balloons ● Games ● Food ● School Mascot ● Test Man ● University spirit items (noise makers, pompoms, etc) ● Giveaways: T-shirts, wrist bands ● Face painting station
  • 90. Homecoming THE BIG GAME! “Verizon Wireless Fan of the Game” ● Put on sky camera to search the crowd ● Winner is loudest fan/most spirited fan ● Prize is package with t-shirt, gift certificate, and a phone
  • 91. Homecoming THE BIG GAME! ●Text Messaging Promotions ● Trivia contests ● Shout-out board * Similar to what was done at Music Midtown*
  • 92. Homecoming THE BIG GAME! “Verizon Wireless Impact Player” ● Pre-select an athlete ● Let crowd know the athlete ● For every completed pass/tackle/10 pts the player scores, Verizon Wireless customers are rewarded ● 100 extra text messages for that billing period ● 100 extra minutes for that billing period
  • 93. Here’s How to Do it! ●EVENT DATE: middle of fall sports season, usually October/November ●WHO TO CONTACT: Athletic Director (for homecoming game activities) and General University Office (for information about activities during the event) ●THINGS TO KNOW: ● Week of events (Tentative schedule) - V Team Availability ● Game Day/Time - School Mascot ● Stadium Policies (Spirit merchandise)- Opponent and school colors ● School Vendors - Cheerleader availability ● Set-up Locations - Number of Students ● University School colors - Tailgate opportunities
  • 94. Let’s Look at Costs Air Amusements and Concessions (770)458-7740
  • 95. Let’s Look at Costs Air Amusements and Concessions (770)458-7740
  • 96. Let’s Look at Costs Air Amusements and Concessions (770)458-7740
  • 97. Midnight Study Break What to Do ●Midnight Study Break ● Verizon Wireless sponsored social event ● Food ● Games ● Demo phones ●Have flyers around the school advertising for the break ●Send announcements through email ●Located in a student union or entertainment lounge
  • 98. Here’s How to Do it! ●EVENT DATE: end of grading period (usually December and May for semesters) ●WHO TO CONTACT: Office of Academic Advising, Office of Student Affairs, General Alumni Association, Parent Support Group ●THINGS TO KNOW: ● Dates of Exams - Set-up Locations ● Set-Up Locations - Best times for event ● Number of Students - Vendors ● Communication strategy (how to invite students) ●ESTIMATED TIME FOR EXECUTION: 1 month
  • 99. Partnerships and Sponsorships To establish a relationship with organizations around the university ●More exposure on campus ●Closer access to students
  • 100. Partnerships They target the ENTIRE university. ●Students ●Faculty ●Staff ●Parents ●Visitors Why are they Good?
  • 101. Campus Book Stores ●Establish a permanent kiosk within university book stores ● Purchase phones ● Display phones ● Retail representative ● Technician on-site ● Pay bill ●When you make a transaction with kiosk, you receive a coupon for the bookstore or gift shop
  • 102. Campus Book Stores What’s in it for Verizon Wireless? ●Kiosk in bookstore ●Back to school customers ●Exposure to faculty and staff ●University visitors ●Especially high school students & other potential applicants What’s in it for Book Stores? ●Reason for people to come in the store ●With coupons, people more likely to purchase from book store
  • 103. Parent Support Group To establish a relationship with university parents, showing them that Verizon Wireless IS the best wireless provider For some students, parents still make the final decision
  • 104. Parent Support Groups ●Help with student care packages ● Exams ● End of the Year ●Sponsor written communications to other parents ● Emails ● Letters ●Send out letters to new parents about Verizon Wireless service on campus
  • 105. Parent Support Group What’s in it for Verizon Wireless? ●Exposure with the parent community ●Chance to stress the superiority of network ●Reach the other bill payers What’s in it for Parent Groups? ●Reduce costs of initiatives ●Learn about reliable service for their children ●Family Plan discounts for parents involved
  • 106. Alumni Organizations To gain access to current and alumni students Reach a larger audience and target a credible organization on campus
  • 107. Alumni Organizations ●Gain access to list of General Alumni Association Members (both students and alumni) ●Periodically throughout the year, take part in giveaways ● Beginning/end of semesters ● University Day
  • 108. Alumni Organization What’s in it for Verizon Wireless? ●Reaches more than students ●Credible organization ●Big university decision makers What’s in it for the General Alumni Association? ●Reduce cost ●Help support different events ● Homecoming ● Week of Welcome ●Alumni discounts on service
  • 109. Campus Box Office To create a presence with university audience ●Reach different audience than athletic events ●Lots of different events = even larger target group
  • 110. Campus Box Office ●Students go to office for tickets to a range of campus events ● Plays ● Music Concerts ● Movies ● Special guest lectures ● Dance Concerts ●Tickets have school logo and event name printed on front of the ticket
  • 111. Campus Box Office ●Brand tickets with Verizon Wireless logos ●With purchase of ticket, receive free activation with Verizon Wireless ● Redeemable at bookstore kiosk ● *Draws crowd at both ticketed event and kiosk* ●Join Verizon Wireless and receive a free ticket to the show ●Brand event programs with Verizon Wireless ● (if applicable) ● Discount inside the booklet ●Hand out collateral at event while collecting tickets
  • 112. Campus Box Office What’s in it for Verizon Wireless? ●Generally different audience than athletic events ●Coupon opportunity ●Name recognition What’s in it for Ticket Offices? ●Help relieve some production costs ●People have additional reasons to get tickets
  • 113. Residence Hall Association To market products to students living on- campus Dorm residents are a close community. They’re IN.
  • 114. Residence Hall Association ●Co-sponsor dorm events ● Pizza Parties ● Dorm contests ● Café Lounges ●Have representative from RHA personally endorse Verizon Wireless ●Verizon Wireless Lounge ● Wireless lounge area in dorms ● Lobby area for cell phone use
  • 115. Residence Hall Association What’s in it for Verizon Wireless? ●Reach large majority of students ●Direct mail opportunity ●Personal endorsement What’s in it for RHA? ●Another service to provide residence ●Always looking for new forms of support
  • 116. Sponsorships ●Athletic Department ●Student Management Organizations Who to target
  • 117. Athletic Department Good way to establish relationship amongst institutions ● Must have goal to pursue the whole university after Athletics, if logical ● Good Branding because a large percentage of students attend sporting events.
  • 118. Athletic Problem Area SIGNAGE ● Sometimes Very hard to see logo
  • 119. Athletic Problem Area More effort of putting name on events ● Halftime brought to you by Verizon Wireless ● Seventh Inning Stretch brought to you by VZW Solution
  • 120. In-Game Promotions ●Very Critical for marketing ●Must find ways to incorporate our product with the game promotion. ● Text to Win ● Halftime contests ● Pre-Game tailgate contests
  • 121. In-Game Promotions ●Premium Giveaways ● Thunder sticks, balls, shirts and jerseys ●Events ● VZW Half court shots, VZW football toss, VZW Musical Chairs ● Make such that existing customers are the only ones to participate, making others want to go get the product. ● Prize must be worth switching from one carrier to another
  • 122. Event Execution ●2-3 Months Prior; ● meet with Athletic Director to discuss possible promotions and event sponsorship possibilities. ● Reserve V-Teams and any other items that need to be ordered ● Communicate with local team to finalize plans and plan of action ● Include event staff ● Materials Needed ● Problems ● Contact Numbers
  • 123. Event Execution: Continued ●1 month prior ● Begin weekly meetings for updates and concerns. ●2 weeks prior ● make sure all materials have been delivered and Every one is still committed to participate ●1 week prior ● express all concerns and place final touches on event ●Execute event
  • 124. Student Groups ●I.E. Carolina Fever, Gang Green ●Good branding directly related to the students ●Put branding on shirts, sponsor some sort of exclusive tailgate event for the members of Student group ●Must coincide with events during game, can’t just stand alone for students to notice a VZW presence
  • 125. Keys for Success ●Communication ● Must be on the same page as far as planning and knowledge of goals for event ●Planning ● Project leaders are key for organizing, planning and executing events ●Accountability ● Local Teams should have understanding and recognize execution needs
  • 126. Communication Goals ●Open greater lines of communication that would allow for easier execution and increased desire for game and school promotions. ●Lead to greater sales. ●Create a simple plan by which to follow to simplify execution process. Problem Solving
  • 127. Black College Opportunity ●Atlanta is rich with an opportunity to reach the Black Campuses ● Spelman ● Morehouse ● Clark Atlanta ●Untapped Resource
  • 128. HBCU Opportunities ●On-site Events are key ● There is always something going on on campus
  • 129. HBCU Opportunities ●Ideas ● VZW After School BBQ ● VZW Step Show ● VZW Fashion Show ● Homecoming Events
  • 130. HBCU Opportunities ●Guest Speaker Seminar Series ●Job Fair ●Community Service Program 100 BMA
  • 131. Event Execution Get with different student groups who are already putting on events ● Let them plan the event, give them a little bit of prize money for the naming rights and signage ● Have the Youth team (Hummer) come out and demo phones
  • 132. Verizon Wireless Availability ●If you put on events, you must be committed entirely to school ●Must be willing to put Kiosk on campus ●People won’t travel to stores that aren’t close in proximity
  • 133. Premiums and Giveaways ●Great marketing tools ● Creativity is a must ● Must be useful to the student
  • 134. Door Stop
  • 135. Flash Drives ●Very Good Idea ● Students find those very useful
  • 136. Are you IN? Bands ●Costs ● Set up-$250 ● Per Unit- $.75 (10,000+)
  • 137. So what? ●Having partnerships and a presence at on- campus events gives us a competitive advantage over other wireless companies… ●Let’s see what they’re doing
  • 138. Cingular: Raising the Bar? For schools that received a discount on Cingular service: ●Free phones ●5-15% off monthly access plans ●Free activation ●No Credit Checks ●Unlimited text for 3 months for $2.99 ●10-25% off accessories ●$50 credit with one-year agreement
  • 139. Nextel For schools which Nextel offer student discounts: ●10% off rate plans
  • 140. Can Verizon Wireless Compete? Monthly Access Discounts ●Virtually all wireless providers have the same rate plans. ●Discounts become important ●Because Verizon Wireless has the BEST network, you get MORE minutes for your MONEY no matter what the discount
  • 141. Can Verizon Wireless Compete? Activation Fees ●Verizon Wireless activation fees are LESS than most competitors ●Factor Costs into Competitive Comparisons
  • 142. Can Verizon Wireless Compete? No Credit Check ●Very enticing offer for college student who usually have NO credit
  • 143. All in All… ●Verizon Wireless is taking a HUGE step in the right direction ●Making Verizon Wireless more youth- oriented will have a substantial impact on the profitability of the company ●WE ARE THE FUTURE!
  • 144. Things to Take Away ●Verizon Wireless should be a leader in the college market ●The Facebook presents a unique and potentially profitable opportunity for Verizon Wireless ●Marketing is only ½ the battle (selling is the other half!) ●College students don’t want to feel “punished” for being a student
  • 145. This is an INVESTMENT! And like all investments, it will take TIME!...but the rewards will be GREAT!
  • 146. Verizon Wireless: