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Technology integration
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Technology integration


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Photo Flickr Creative Commons: Ambernectar 13
  • 2. Technology Integration
    School Year
  • 3. What is Technology Integration?
    Middle School (grades 6-8)
    Technology integration is the process of using technology with any class offered, core or elective.
    Technology integration involves the MYP Design Cycle.
  • 4. Link to the Video
  • 5. MYP Design Cycle
  • 6. What is Design?
    The word “design” is often used as a general term that refers to anything that was made by human effort (i.e. anything out side of nature)
    Design is also a procedure that is used to methodically solve problems.
  • 7. The Process
    The Design Cycle is much like an engineering process in which there is a method to solving problems through research and planning.
    This is also a decision making model, which creates an end product.
    This involves: Investigation, Plan/Design, creating (the product), and evaluation
    The end result is for students to create a product that has been well planned out using the design cycle.
  • 8. What are the Steps of the Design Cycle?
    Investigate-Stating the Problem, Research (information and computer programs) Design Specifications, Design Brief, Creating of a test.
    Design- This is an element in which students will create a sketches (blueprints) of what the final product will look like.
    Plan- Task analysis, how to approach time management and tasks to complete the project
    Create- Along with actually completing the project students create a work journal that documents students work and allows for possible trouble shooting later.
    Evaluate- Evaluation phase includes, testing of the product (one of the most important phases of the DC), refelction of success and challenges, and future improvement of product development.
  • 9. Criterion of The DC
    There are 6 criterion for the design cycle
    F:Attitudes in Technology
  • 10. What Constitutes as a DC Integration Project?
    Anything that has a criterion involved
    From my experience it has to be at least 2 criterion in order to be a DC integrated project, for example, plan and create, or design and create,
    Create is not enough to cover the requirments of MYP DC.
  • 11. The DC is Much Like IDU, However…
    Technology integration works as a collaborative unit with your curriculum and units.
    Planning should involve some planning together.
    Can work with already established IDU’s, that were discussed with John. Julie has a name for this but I cannot mention that here…
    But can’t be used as an IDU alone- As mentioned by John in the IDU meeting
  • 12. What Kind of Technology Would Be Good for Integration
    Popular integration units in the past were, video productions, graphic productions (such as a poster, collage, websites, (not blogs) etc. We also created an actual book two years ago as well.
    Some teachers like to use tech integration as a part of an end of unit assessment for their criterion (in addition to the tech criterion)
    DC should tailor your course needs to technology integration. Please note that not everything is possible as there are limitations to technology, time, etc., that
    Note: Technology integration should be individualized as much as possible. Large groups tend not to work.
  • 13. Timeframe
    Some projects will take longer then others, as it depends on the amount of work involved
    A full design cycle will take at least 2 weeks and that is at a hurried pace
    I like to assign homework for full DC projects as this saves valuable class time with teaching, collaboration, etc.
    Using a scaled down DC will be quicker but needs some time invested as well.
  • 14. Where to Go From Here
    If you and another teacher the same section I think it is best to cover all sections of the course rather then just one or two.
    Need at least a two weeks before project to plan out integration
    How to get a hold of Me:
    At the coffee station
    Mic and I used to go to the café to plan out… that seemed to work well