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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 - Mejoras
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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 - Mejoras


Mejoras de la nueva version 20

Mejoras de la nueva version 20

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  • Hosting Partner EnablementWeb client removing need for terminal servicesMulti-tenant Apps: Web Services, eConnect, Int. MgrNamed System DatabaseAdministration and Management Center has web services running on IIS. Service authenticates users, restores sessionsAzure Ready VM imageIT EnablementZero GP client installAdministration and Management Center has web services running on IIS. Service authenticates users, restores sessions, identifies who you are and what company you belong toNo or Low IT Report Creation, Maintenance and Security.ISV EnablementWindows Forms to Web Client rendered Forms on the fly transformationAll Hosting features aboveUser ExperienceNew Order Management functionality giving better experience and insightFlexibility on Windows devices offering more choiceBuilt In What if Analysis reports easily modified and sharedFinancial and Distribution focus for functionalityEase of ImplementationGet up and running quickly with RapidStart to deploy, implement and migrate data easily.
  • Provide a “Big “ close to this section. Here are the 5 – 6 reasons/differentiators for GP. Are there features in GP 2013 we can add to the slide.How do you win with GP 2013?
  • 149 featuresWe’ve been discussing the “Wow” for a new client its important to recognize there has been significant investment in the core product. Here is a list of 150 features we’ve invested in to the core product. Speaker – “select a few” to review based on Feature of the Day.


  • 1. Ross ThorpeSenior Product Marketing Manager
  • 2. Product Strategy
  • 3. How to win with Microsoft DynamicsGP – The DifferentiatorsDeep Business SolutionSimple To Use; Simple To LearnFlexible for today and tomorrowRole tailoredPowerful Business IntelligenceDesktop and Web enabled deployment
  • 4. Microsoft Dynamics GP Roadmap2010 2012 2014/5 2016/7Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft MicrosoftDynamics Dynamics Dynamics DynamicsGP GP GP “14” GP “15”2010 2013 Continued Continued Web Client innovation targeted innovation targetedRole-Tailored BI Office 365 at: at mid-market withOffice integration particular focus on: RapidStart Next Gen UsabilityContextual BI Simplicity Simplicity Compelling BusinessRisk Management Productivity Functionality ProductivityWorkflow Days to Deployment Rapid Time-to-Value Azure Enablement
  • 5. Web Access Expedited ShippingBusiness Analyzer Asset TrackingBusiness Intelligence Improved PurchasingWord Templates Inventory EfficiencyDocument Attach
  • 6. Core Financials SOP/POP/Inventory MoreReconcile Bank to GL Inactivate Item/Site 64 Bit OutlookFA Historical Reporting Tolerance Handling Password Protect Word FormsFA Depreciation Undo Inventory Reconcile Document AttachFA Intercompany X-Fer Prepayments on P.O. Printer SelectionRestrict Void Reconciled Consolidate Invoices SSRS Reports on Forms
  • 7. WCAssets IntercompanyandBridge WC Dynamics Purchase windowEFT Security Select invoices64 Application Changes forOrder Prepayments on GP Email Consuming for Outlook on one-offFixed Field Length option Email Indicator on bit MAPI callsPrint Customer ItemsSmartList BuilderAsset Transfer– remove dependency on having Hotline Update Navigation ListsDelimitation Options Trx Nav Lists Support Multi-tenant Web ServicesMulti-TenantRuntime State Manager forms Integration Manageran Admin login after new install Named UserSubledger Reconcile Reprint Checks/Remittance XML PM IV – GLAuto Populate Customer IDUpdate & Movements for FixedReason Codes for InventoryTransaction Excel Export Encumbrance Web Client Roles/ Using Open with – Integration Windows Definition WC Silverlight ApplicationEnable MACRS WebWeb Client PlugContact & Address IDSmartList for for Client – Update InPrinter at time of print Life Insurance enhancementsAssets modules RMA EntryWeb Client Management Tool Engine ServiceWeb Client Help Processing Session General Equipment Super-Session SelectVBA Components Update reports in Dynamics GP Web Client RMAConverter Cross-Ship UI consolidation Web Client Navigation Lists – Grid Control New SSRS reports Fixed Assets integration with Analytical Accounting Saved Batch ApprovalFA Historical Depreciation ReportWC Web Management Console Install Tolerance Handling Report Application Session ConsoleSRS Reports List Retrieval for Options DocumentBack Out &Print on PackingGerman Code – consolidated invoicing compliance Deployment/ Lock Fixed Assets Year Year End Close Multi-Tenant and Mass Transfer Rich Client Multi-tenantExtender WindowNLBStopManagement Tool and enhancedEFT Render toDate OptionWC Duplicate125 new Changes for Web features ClientDocument than ChecksMore Attach ApplicationPrevent PO Close prior for the Business Analyzer toAdding support Paycode History Edit Settlement WebTemplate Manager Plug In Web Client Web Client Dynamics GP Management ToolWeb &Client Object Model SmartList integrations IconsSystem Database export/import to includePrinting SSRS reportsto Invoice Match Web Client Base/WindowAdd Extender SmartList Builder Default SecuritySilverlight interface Named Template Processing Engine Grouped ConsolidateEnhanceVoucher Documentat transaction aentry Recognition Alt/Mod Windowsdo Goto Themes PIP: Voucher Description and RevenueDIA Reporting Need Multi-S/N select Client ISVNavigationMulticurrency applies Number List Client another Integrationfrom forms Web to Web Reportsfor home pages/ Ability to go from one NavigationBA in web client a Form
  • 8. Multi-TenantNamed DatabaseMulti-Tenant SQL ReportsServerInstallation – System DatabaseGP UtilitiesDeploymentSystemDexterityEmail Enhancements
  • 9. Database multi-tenancy (named system database)Application multi-tenancyReport deployment and retrieval for multi-tenantMulti-tenant Applications - tenant serviceMulti-tenant Integration ManagerMulti-tenant web service
  • 10. SQL SQL SQL SQL ServerServer 1 Server 2 Server 3 Dynamics Dynamics Dynamics Company A Company B Company C DYN01 DYN02 DYN03 TWO TWO TWO TWO01 TWO02 TWO03 COM_A COM_B COM_C COM_A COM_B COM_C
  • 11. SQL Reports SQL Reports SQL Reports SQL Reports ServerServer 1 Server 2 Server 3 Data Data Data Data Data Sources Sources Sources Company A Sources Sources Multi- TWO01 COM_A Report Report Report Company Models Models Models Data Data Multi- Multi- Multi- Company B Sources Sources Company Company Company Multi- TWO02 COM_B Company TWO TWO TWO Data Data Company C Sources Sources COM_A COM_B COM_C Multi- TWO03 COM_C Company
  • 12. Home Page ChangesGeneral Journal Batch HistorySelect Printer at time of PrintSupport for Http:// in Report Destination formAbility to Print SSRS Reports from formsExcel Export Using Open XMLEnhance the AltMod windows with a mark all/unmark all functionality
  • 13. Additional String Resource PoolRuntime_GetClientType() functionNew VBA components version 6.5Table Relationships added to the index fileNew WPF home page and new command type of Content PageAdditional Email support with Exchange Web ServicesNew Window Type of InternalNew script warning for non-executable scripts
  • 14. 64-Bit Outlook SupportedEmail Indicators on Navigation ListsPassword Protection on word documentsAbility to use Word templates for RM StatementsAbility to Email additional Word templates for SOP
  • 15. General LedgerPayablesReceivablesFixed AssetsHuman ResourcesPayroll
  • 16. Journal Entry Inquiry for HistoryReconcile Bank ReconciliationReconcile InventoryYear End Close optionsCurrency Translation Average Exchange Rate calculation
  • 17. Analytical Accounting IntegrationPost in Detail to GLIntercompany Asset TransferRestrict Displaying Reset TransactionsLock FA YearProcess Progress BarsIndependent FA CalendarsDefine Short/Long Calendar YearsFA Transaction BatchesFA Calendar SetupAuto Generate Next Asset IDHistorical Depreciation ReportsReset History in DetailMass Depreciation ReversalDocumentation for MACRS
  • 18. Historical Depreciation Reports Autogenerate Next Asset IDReset History in Detail Intercompany Asset TransferRestrict Displaying Reset Fixed Assets TransactionsTransactions BatchesLock Fixed Assets Year Post in Detail to General LedgerProcess Progress Bars Analytical Accounting IntegrationMass Depreciation Reversal with Fixed AssetsIndependent Fixed Assets Documentation Updates forCalendars MACRSDefine Short/Long CalendarYears
  • 19. eReconcileAdd BAI format supportEncumbrance ManagementIntegrate Encumbrance with GL Journal EntryAssign Multiple GL Budgets for Encumbrance validationReceipt Cost Difference Notification
  • 20. Void of Check returns applied credit documentsVendor’s Credit Card Invoice automatically voidedwhen credit card payment voidedSettlement Date added for EFT paymentEFT Length and Delimitation Options
  • 21. Edit Payables Transactions:Remit to Address1099 InformationPM Reprint Checks and Remit FormsAdded a 1096 Form
  • 22. Ability to rename the User Defined fields onthe Customer AddressMulti-Currency apply in Cash EntryAbility to Email RM Statements using Word TemplatesAbility to save the default sort order for Customer(and Vendor) Lookups
  • 23. Check Build Exception ReportStop Duplicate ChecksPay Code History EditsPay Code, Deduction and Benefit ModifierFICA and TSA DeductionsHuman Resource CalendarNegative CarryoverPTO Detail and HistoryPTO Manual ChecksYear End PTO
  • 24. Life Insurance EnhancementsRequisition Navigation ListsMandatory Arrears Template and RemindersDeduction in Arrears ReportingVoucher Description, Document Numbers and Consolidationfor Payroll Integration to PayablesAdvanced HR new warning Notice and ability to deleteHistory RecordsCustomer Fields for Advanced HR
  • 25. InventorySales Order ProcessingManufacturingPurchaseField Service
  • 26. Item Standard Cost adjustment post to GLMulti-Serial Number selectInactivate a Site and Item SiteReason Codes for stock movements/adjustmentsInactive ItemBin Transfer History
  • 27. Additional Word Templates for SOPPrint Button on Pick List Shortage Inquiry (Mfg)Ship to Address has different Company NameRelate / Link Items for suggestions on SalesConsolidated InvoicingIntegrate AA with Copier Series SOP
  • 28. Document AttachTolerance HandlingTrack Serial Numbers for Drop Ship itemsAllow prepayments on a POPrevent PO close prior to Invoice MatchIntegrate AA with Copier Series POP
  • 29. Automatically Close POReceive More than PO QuantityPO Generator Calculated MoreEfficiently Percentage of Shortage or Overage
  • 30. Add Field Service Allocations to Item Allocation Inquiry WindowUpdate Back Order Quantity in Item MaintenanceRMA Entry - Update Contact & Address IDConsolidate Revenue RecognitionItem Description from RMA CreditMulti-User check in RMA EntryEquipment Super SessionHotline Update
  • 31. RMA Return Quantity and TypeShip to Address Integration to SOPCross Ship RMA consolidationHonor Discontinued Item StatusAuto Populate Customer IDAdd a Contract Number search in Revenue recognition windowAllow contract line to be moved to another contract even if on an openservice callOption to have an equipment card created when manufacturing receivesa serialized item into inventory
  • 32. US PayrollHuman ResourcesPayroll Extensions
  • 33. Life InsuranceVETS TrackingRequisition List
  • 34. Deduction in ArrearsMandatory Arrears Template & RemindersDisable DIA report from check processPayroll Integration to PayablesSummarize voucher type of federal taxRemove leading zeroes in voucher numberCustomizable voucher description options
  • 35. PTO ManagerDetailed visibility in PTO balancesAdjustment capability trackingUpdating Human Resource CalendarAdvanced Human ResourceLabel User defined fieldsDeletion of CLTM history with password