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Prestashop store: Marketing and Development
Attractive Homepage
Users Loyalty
Tips and Tricks

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BelVG: Prestashop tips and tricks

  1. 1. Home page is the face of your site. Like a shop window at the busy streets. 50% of traffic goes to homepage
  2. 2. Homepage Etiquette  Recognition  Informative and user-friendly  The Main message
  3. 3. Recognition
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Informative and user-friendly
  6. 6.
  7. 7. The Main message
  8. 8.
  9. 9. An attractive carousel on homepage is a common trend
  10. 10. Standard homepage layout solutions
  11. 11. Mono-brand
  12. 12. Variety store www.
  13. 13. Specialized store
  14. 14. Magazine
  15. 15. Examples of frontend modules for looks, user experience and customer loyalty improvement
  16. 16. Drop-down Menu Store pages will be enhanced with a stylish menu, containing category blocks with products, manufacturers, images, video and any other information. Default categories automatically display filtered items - bestsellers, new products, discount products and more. There are plenty of menu designs and position variants.
  17. 17. Points and discounts You can define how many points the user gets and needs for buying this or that product. Assign associated products and create bundle deals to motivate users buy more. Related items can have discounts and point rewards when bought together with the main one.
  18. 18. Holiday Sales If you want to attract your customers’ attention to a specific promotion or special offer which you are running on your web-store then this module is exactly what you need. Create special promo popups on your pages where you will be able to spread news about your sales campaigns and offer promo codes for your customers.
  19. 19. Promotional Banner Once enabled the extension places a special promotional banner to all pages of a website. In this banner you can advertise products and items which are under the special offer or promotion.
  20. 20. Background Switcher Treat your customers with a possibility to change store design within a second. Choose a background image and set it with one click. It makes your store style visually appealing for every single customer. Optimized and enhanced browsing experience will be appreciated and sales will increase.
  21. 21. Loyalty program the whyand the how
  22. 22.  Points and coins  Gift certificates  Abandoned Carts  Email marketing
  23. 23. Socialize
  24. 24. Hidden pitfalls • Template unoptimised for all users. • Too many clicks to reach what you need. • No tools to find the exact product you want • Low-quality site content • Unreachable customer service