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City School Senior Branch, Rahim Yar Khan students decided to tackle the problem of pollution head-on. They held a walk to protest against the levels of pollution in their city. They also took photographs of the different types of pollution in their community and, convinced their local municipal officer to give them the use of a gallery to exhibit these photos. The Environmental Protection Agency also took note of their efforts to clean up their community.

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City School Sr Branch Rahim Yar Khan

  1. 1. Save Earth, we have nowhere else to go Design for Change
  2. 2. “It is not that some people have willpower and some don’t. It is that some people are ready to change and some are not.” James Gordon
  3. 3. FEEL  Five groups discussed about different issues  Two major issues were highlighted in the beginning 1. Pollution 2. Traffic hazards  Finally all five groups picked up “Pollution” as the problem they want to change  It was a difficult task to complete in one week
  4. 4.  Everyone felt that the awareness level of community, regarding this problem can be changed in one week  Everyone was charged to become the source of change for the whole society
  5. 5. IMAGINE Ideas generated:  Door to door campaign  Blocking traffic at major areas of the city and presenting the problem  Visiting various educational institution and through multi-media presentations explain the gravity of the situation  Approaching different concerned government agencies and seek their support
  6. 6. Idea selected: 1. Explain the gravity of situation to the students of our own school 2. Ask them to visit the whole city with parents and critically observe areas which are most affected by pollution 3. Take photographs of sources of land, air and noise pollution
  7. 7. 4. Visit District Coordination Office and explain the situation to DCO and ask his support to hold an exhibition of photographs 5. A large section of society would be invited so that they would pledge to help make Pakistan a clean, green place to live 6. Concerned government departments’ heads would also be invited 7. A walk for the cause would be arranged at the conclusion of exhibition
  8. 8. DO  The whole idea was explained to students who volunteered to the cause on Friday,1st October,2010  We asked permission from our Head to go to all classes and explain the devastating effects of pollution and what we want to do  Different groups went to all classes during Zero Period and explained the idea to them
  9. 9.  Students from classes Jr.IV onwards were asked to take snap-shots of the city  Some student from P-III volunteered to make power point presentation to display during the exhibition  We asked students of Jr.II and Jr.III to make drawings and slogans for the exhibition  We decided to make some models too
  10. 10.  We met Dr. Ahmad Javed Qazi, DCO Rahim Yar Khan on Monday,4th October, 2010 to take permission to hold exhibition in Allama Iqbal Auditorium  He was moved with the idea and consented to come to the exhibition and arranged the venue for us  We sent invitations to educational institutions, Tehsil Municipal Administrator, Information Department and families and friends of all our students
  11. 11.  By Tuesday,5th October,2010 we received the photographs  They were sorted out and meaningful titles were attached to them  Posters and models were made by Wednesday,6th October,2010  We arranged exhibition hall on the evening of Wednesday,6th October,2010  The exhibition was held on Thursday,7th October,2010 from 10:00am to 5:30 pm
  12. 12. This Is How We Did It
  13. 13. The Exhibition  A large section of society visited the exhibition  Everyone realised that we as nation become insensitive to the pollution around us and they had seen the city with new eyes  They signed a pledge that they will make this world a cleaner greener place to live
  14. 14.  Students from classes Jr.V to Sr.II walked from our school to DCO office with banners and posters and able to sensitized general public about the issue
  15. 15. At the Exhibition
  16. 16. Impressive Presentations
  17. 17. . The institutions that visited the exhibition:  Khawaja Farid College  NICASS College  Punjab College  Army Public School  Leads School System  The City School, Nursery Branch  Some teachers from Beaconhouse School System
  18. 18. Impact  Environmental Protection Agency contacted us and they took soft copies of all the photographs taken by our students  They have already taken a legal action against TMA. They will use our photographs as evidence  Rahim Yar Khan is a small city and our exhibition instantly became talk of the town  Even mothers who visited the exhibition shared that ever since their children made the drawings they’d become conscious and they make sure not to litter
  19. 19.  News was published in the newspaper and a larger section read about the views presented at the exhibition
  20. 20. Thank You The City School 46-A, Satellite Town Rahim Yar Khan Ph: 92 068 5875557, e-mail: