Beaconhouse School System Middle, PECHS, Karachi


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Beaconhouse School System Middle, PECHS, Karachi

  1. 1. Beaconhouse School System Middle School PECHS Team Code: 7021 “TODAYS CHANGE CAN MAKE A BETTER TOMORROW”
  2. 2. We thought about manyproblems plaguing oursociety. Hindrance ofquality education byschools, due to lack ofresources is one wecouldn’t ignore.Now, the challenge wasto take an initiative toovercome this crisis.
  3. 3. DESIGN FOR CHANGE is the largest global movement to give children anopportunity to express their own ideas for a better world and put them intoaction.Children and adults learn through the Design for Change challenge that ‘ICAN’ are the two most powerful words a person need to believe in. Childrenwho have discovered the ‘I CAN’ magic are changing the world.The challenge encourages students to: Feel, Imagine, Do and Share.Students are creating and executing vivid ideas all over the world, to helpthose who deserve a change beyond money. Children are proving that theyhave what it takes to be able to ‘design’ a future that is desired.
  4. 4. Imagine Feel Do Share
  5. 5. Surveys InterviewsBooks Donation Charity Drive
  6. 6. The students were made aware ofthe problems that theunderprivileged schools face dueto less facilities and resources. Sowe planned to support G.FAcademy, Karachi.
  7. 7. Awareness• Many students participated in making poster to create awareness and motivated peers for the cause.
  8. 8. Survey• More than100 questionnaires were filled by students to share their suggestions about how we could help the underprivileged schools.
  9. 9. Survey Results• We collected the questionnaires and Cloths compiled the data in a 10% form of a pie chart. Money Stationary 32% 16% IT resources 13% Books 29%
  10. 10. Interviews Click image to view the interview….• Library Head and Heads of the School were interviewed. Head, GF Academy Mrs. Anjum Khalid BSS Regional BSS Head – Cambridge II, PECHS Librarian and Teacher Trainer Mrs. Huma Thavar
  11. 11. School Identification• Our team visited a number of schools and finally chose the most deserving one.
  12. 12. Our Concern• GF Academy did not have a library nor a computer.
  13. 13. Book Donation• Every student of our school donated at least one book, to establish a library for G.F Academy.
  14. 14. Charity Drive• Students also organized a charity drive to arrange an IT resource for G.F Academy.
  15. 15. Library Setup• Our team collected almost 500 to 600 books of all categories and a computer as well, to setup the school’s library.
  16. 16. Students’ Interview• Our BSS Team took views of students’ at G.F Academy after the library was setup. Click image to view the interview….
  17. 17. Together we can and together we will! “It might well be that the difference peoplemake individually is mere ripple on the surface of our care system, but each of those ripples added together create a wave, a socialmovement and if this makes life better for some –then it has to be worthwhile.”
  18. 18. We had five team members for this challenge representing ourbranch (MIDDLE BRANCH). The team members from gradeVIII’s under the guidance of our teacher MRS. AFSHAN RUPSIare as follows:-• Hamza Shabbir• Fiza Nadeem• Tanzeela Yousuf• Mohammad Maaz• Amen Moeen