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Schoolchildren in Islamabad addressed the issue of personal hygiene and healthy eating. Following a survey in a nearby village, they carried out an awareness campaign to promote better hygiene and …

Schoolchildren in Islamabad addressed the issue of personal hygiene and healthy eating. Following a survey in a nearby village, they carried out an awareness campaign to promote better hygiene and eating practices among the school community. A doctor was invited and a documentary was shown as well as talks organized to convey their message about positive habits.

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  • 1. Story for Change Beaconhouse School System F-11/4 campus, Islamabad
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  • 3. Clean Teens! By: Aimen Khan (VIII-B), Mahil Mazhar (VIII-A), Kaneez Fatima (VIII-A), Faiza Shibli (VIII-A), Maryam Pervez (VIII-A), Zainab Iftikhar (VIII-A), Tehreem Khan Panni (VIII-A) and Hassan Shaheen (VIII-C)
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  • 5. Need for change !!
    • The problem we were attempting to change was the neglect of health and hygiene. We decided that health and hygiene of our fellows should further be improved to create a healthy environment. Many illnesses and infections spread quickly among the students. We realized that we would have to change the attitude of the people, or serious consequences could come our way.
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  • 7. Generating ideas!!
    • In order to make our fellow students aware of the current impending situations in our school we discussed this growing problem of health and hygiene which results from eating junk food with our teachers, and student body. We also involved our families to generate more ideas.
    • We came up with loads of ideas but the most affective ones were: giving a brief description to the students to alert them about the growing problem, health and hygiene.
    • Conducting a survey in a nearby village.
    • Inviting a doctor to our school.
    • And other major and minor things that make a difference in our school and the surrounding environment.
  • 8. Interview with our canteen sir
  • 9. …. Hard work pays off!
    • After a lot of hard work and effort, we finally managed to convey a message through our documentary. The students after perceiving the message began to change their attitudes regarding health and hygiene. The school administration noticed minor but noticeable change in the amount of littering in the ground. Days such as the healthy food day stopped the majority of the students from buying unhealthy foods from the school canteen.
    • We also brought an evident change in our nearby localities as we went for a survey in a village and distributed packs of hygienic items including soaps, toothpastes, toothbrushes and shampoos. We also went to the private village school and taught the children about basic steps to a strong and happy life.
    • Now we also take care of ourselves and our families and this change is affecting us positively (physically and mentally).
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  • 11. Healthy activities in school
  • 12. Some minor points to ponder upon
    • Our bodies are pretty amazing. Day after day they work really hard, but there is a group of tiny invaders that can make us sick called germs.
    • Germs are tiny organisms that cause disease. Germs are microscopic meaning we cant see them without a microscope.
    • Even though we cannot see them we need to know they are there. germs live on our desks, books, pens, school bags ,cars ,mobile phones and of course on our hands and clothes.
    • Two words germs hate are soap and water These two simple words are the easiest way to rid your body of the germs that make you sick.
    • Studies have shown that when regular hand washing and the washing of ones body and clothes are done, people get less sick.
    • Remember hand washing is the single most effective and inexpensive way to prevent diarrhea, respiratory, infections, pneumonia and other diseases caused by germs.
    • Washing your hands with soap and water before eating and after going to the washroom is said to have saved more lives then any single vaccine or medical intervention ,cutting deaths from diarrhea by almost half.
    • Simple hand washing with soap and water prevents illnesses from germs that make us sick.
    • Get it!
    • Got it!
    • Do it!
    • Good!
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