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  • Going to the dentist is not a social event
  • Regardless if you will run ads or not, knowing the approximate numbers for each of these segments will give you an understanding of where interest pockets in your community exist
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  • Reviews Widget for Facebook
  • Review Widget for Facebook
  • Appointment Widget for FB
  • Get across the value of deals but include that DF is working on making this EVEN easier! High volume of people confirming appts online. Gives them a chance to share with friends on Facebook in click! Social referrals help you turn your best customers into your best marketers. It allows you to give a gift to an existing customer that they can then give to a Facebook friend. In turn helping you get new customers from your existing customers. It's the evolution of word of mouth marketing.
  • 100 Appointment Confirmations = 1 Lead 5 Leads = 1 New Customer
  • 11/28/12
  • 11/28/12
  • 11/28/12
  • 11/28/12
  • 11/28/12
  • 11/28/12
  • 11/28/12
  • 11/28/12
  • 11/28/12
  • 11/28/12
  • 11/28/12
  • 11/28/12

Greater New York Community Event Deck Greater New York Community Event Deck Presentation Transcript

  • Thank you for attending our Greater New York Social Media Marketing Workshop! Welcome Annie Tsai Chief Customer Officer, Demandforce Social Media Strategy Session Manny Rivas Account Manager, aimClear Introduction to Generation Demandforce, the online community we’ve built for customers like you. Becca Piastrelli Community Manager, Demandforce Thank you & iPad Raffle Team Q&A1
  • How to optimize your socialmarketing strategyGDNY 2012Manny Rivas, Account Manager@MannyRivasaimClearNovember 26th, 2012
  • Awards and Recognition aimClear has been cited on the 2012 Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing private companies in America. The Inc. 500 is a prestigious annual list showcasing businesses that demonstrate exceptional growth and admirable success. In June 2012, we were recognized as one of Minnesota Business’ 100 Best Companies to Work For.
  • Most do not consider going tothe dentist a social event.
  • Search vs. SocialComponents of Online Marketing
  • What are the channels?Search Channels
  • What are the channels?Contextual Channels
  • Search vs. contextual2 Main Types of Online Marketing• Search (Looking for answers)
  • Search vs. contextual2 Main Types of Online Marketing• Contextual – (Viewing content & conversation)
  • Search vs. SocialSearch Engine OptimizationSearch Marketing Variety #1•Google, Yahoo, Bing “organic” search results•YouTube search•User enters query, gets result, advertiser didn’t pay to be inresults
  • Search vs. SocialPaid SearchSearch Marketing Variety #2•Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube sponsored search results•User types question, gets result, advertiser paid to be inresults
  • Search vs. contextualContextual – Social MediaContextual Marketing Variety #1•Facebook walls, likes, comments,•Twitter, LinkedIn, forums, blog comments•Advertisers don’t pay, they market by participation
  • Search vs. contextualContextual – Paid SocialContextual Marketing Variety #2•Linkedin and Facebook Ads•Ads targeted in publications•Advertisers pay for highly targeted walk-by traffic
  • Building a strong socialcommunity
  • Managing Goals & Expectations• Goal types: – Community (likes, followers) – Engagement (comments, likes, retweets, etc…) – Direct response (sales, coupon redemption)15
  • Paid Community Building: Facebook Ads• Define targets & serve ads
  • Paid Community Building: FB Targeting• Precise targeting options: – Location (country, state, city, zip code) – Age – Gender – Precise interests – Category interests – Connections – Relationship status – Sexual orientation – Languages – Education – Workplaces www.aimclear.com17
  • Paid Community Building: FB Targeting• Student & Parent + West Seattle High School www.aimclear.com18
  • Paid Community Building: FB Targeting www.aimclear.com19
  • Paid Community Building: FB Targeting• Student & Parent + West Seattle High School + Geo20
  • Paid Community Building: FB Targeting www.aimclear.com21
  • Paid Community Building: FB Targeting• Recently moved www.aimclear.com22
  • Facebook Ads Case StudyGoal: increase seminar attendance with geo-specific Facebookads targeted in a radius of the seminar location.Revenue from registrations: $595 + 50% of registrants willpurchase roughly $4k of materials.Ad campaigns were created and targeted by geo + interests oreducation for each seminar.Results:Total spent: $4,147.13Registrations: 13Profit: ($7,735 + $24,000) - $4,147.13 = $27,587.87 www.aimclear.com23
  • Facebook Ads Targeting www.aimclear.com24
  • Creating the Ads
  • Facebook Ads UI: Creative• 25 character headline limit• 90 character body copy limit• Verbiage – Be provoking – Obtain ad copy from: • Website, catalogs, articles, search PPC, etc…
  • Facebook Ad Fatigue• What is Ad Fatigue?
  • Facebook Ad Fatigue Solutions• Change Image• Change Headline• Change Ad Copy• Roll out periodically• Manually rotate
  • Selecting A Landing Page
  • Selecting A Landing Page• Make It Painfully Simple For Your Visitors
  • Organic Community Building:Sharing ContentWhy Is Sharing Important? – Sharing topical content with your community can help: • Establish yourself as an authority • Stay up to speed on industry events & news • Initiate & foster engagement with customers
  • Resources for Content• Aggregators a la… – –Facebook –SomeEcards –Reddit –Pinterest• Top News & Content Aggregators in Vertical• Local News Sites
  • Content Sources: Alltop33
  • Content Sources: Dental Art & Humor www.aimclear.com34
  • Content Sources: SomeEcards www.aimclear.com35
  • Content Sources: Reddit (/r/Dentistry) www.aimclear.com36
  • Content Sources: Pinterest Boards www.aimclear.com37
  • Generating Sales: Direct Response• Create Facebook offers and promote with ads.• Same targeting options apply. www.aimclear.com38
  • Automate Your Social Media Posts
  • Grow Your Reputation on Facebook  Reviews Automatically Updated  Word of Mouth for Every Prospective Patient  Certified Reviews
  • Demandforce Easy Reviews Consistent reviews across the web: Practice Website, Facebook & Google Places
  • Connect with New Patients  Capture new patients right from your Facebook page  Appointment requests appear in your Demandforce Dashboard
  • Tools for Measuring Success• Facebook insights• DemandForce - Timely• Raven Tools45
  • Resources••••• SearchEngineLand www.aimclear.com46
  • Thanks!
  • Campaigns and Newsletters Best Practices for Email Marketing people
  • Campaigns vs promotions In our ‘Campaigns’ tab, you will be able to create a promotion with a highlighted special incentive, or create a custom newsletter with unlimited possibilities.
  • Step 1: Select Your message type Choose from one of our standard templates Or our Reputation Builder Section to build your presence online Or simply
  • Step 2: customize your message Our platform is similar to many word processing programs. You can edit your fonts, styles and colors to your liking for any message you are creating. Template text can be edited, added to, or
  • Preview your message Always make sure to preview your message along the way to ensure that the content you are sending is accurate and designed the way you want. You can preview in full on Steps 2, 3 and 6.
  • Step 3: Send an email proof In Step 3, you can preview your message and send a copy to your personal email address to view a copy in your inbox before sending to your patients or customers.
  • Step 4: select your recipients In Step 4, you can target and segment with tremendous power to reach folks who have left you great feedback or said they would refer a friend to you. For certain management systems,
  • Segment your message For certain management systems, we can target further down by specific criteria pulled directly from your ledger to target the exact group you wish to receive your email
  • Step 5: refine your list of recipients In Step 5, the list generated based on your criteria will be shown for further pruning ensuring your message only goes to people you want to receive your message
  • Step 6: schedule your message In Step 6, you can decide when you want your communicatio n to be scheduled for delivery, or to send the communicatio n now. You also have one more chance to review your message and
  • Topic Ideas Throughout the Year January February March April •New Years •The Grammys •March Madness •Easter (Candy) Resolutions •The Oscars •Spring Break •Tax Day Reminder •The Superbowl •Valentine’s Day •St. Patrick’s Day •April Fools! May June July August •Mother’s Day •Father’s Day •Summer Vacation •Back to School (College) •Graduation •Summer Is Here •4th of July (BBQ) •End of Summer Promo September October November December •Insurance Reminder •Back to School •Halloween •Thanksgiving •Holidays •Labor Day •World Series •Black Friday Deals •Voting Reminder
  • o A complete social strategy in 30 minutes per month o Timely automatically schedules posts to maximize Type your Facebook or reach and clicks Twitter updates here. Click “Post Now” to post o Easily track the performance immediately or“Schedule” to let of every post you send toTimely choose the optimal time for Twitter or Facebook you. o Set it and forget it! The best way to stay active on social media for the busy professional!
  • Thank You!