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Beaconhouse middle school

  1. 1. Design for Change “Today’s Wastage Will Lead To Tomorrows Shortage…… Save Energy-save Nation” Beaconhouse School System Middle School PECHS
  2. 2. PROBLEM STATEMENT As we were thinking about various issues and problems faced by the people in our community, it occurred to us that constant electricity failure and load shedding is the most unfortunate dilemma which has hindered the quality of living . Now, the challenge was to take an initiative to overcome the crisis that has marred almost every individuals life regionally. Design for Change “Save Energy”
  3. 3. DRIVE FOR CHANGE….. AWARENESS CAMPAIGN- Together we can and together we will…… Students were made aware of the problems that they may face in the near future, due to constant energy wastage . For this purpose our team members: Conducted surveys Distributed brochures/flyers Posted banners/Delivered speeches Organized skits/role plays Collected and compiled data Design for Change “Save Energy”
  4. 4. STRATEGIES TO IMPLEMENT CHANGE. Design for Change “Save Energy” Reversing for the best…… Our objective was to develop: A sense of responsibility  Create awareness amongst the students, as to how they could make a difference. Act as role models/trend setters of change.
  5. 5. ALTERNATIVES AND IDEAS TO DELIVER CHANGE Design for Change “Save Energy” METHODOLOGY: Approximately 150 brochures/ flyers were distributed amongst the parents to brief them on effective energy utilization. The next day, we made many posters, banners and also performed a skit to bring awareness amongst students. Survey forms were distributed to estimate the average electricity consumptions at homes on regular basis. Note: Please click on the links to view brochures and survey forms.
  6. 6. JOINING HANDS… GOING A STEP FURTHER Design for Change “Save Energy” We took an initiative to extend our awareness campaign and promote the idea in Cambridge II campus as well, so as to have a joint venture and work in collaboration for a better and an effective outcome.
  7. 7. DISAPPOINTMENT! To bring about change it always takes time! We went on, in search of a positive response….. We all were highly disappointed because the students did not fill up the form. NOW …. Design for Change “Save Energy”
  8. 8. TRYING AGAIN! …our teacher motivated us that its not the end! She raised our hopes, we worked harder to the best of our ability. We restarted campaigning all over again; distributed the forms and gave a lecture for about 15 minutes in each class.  involved parents as well by sending them a circular asking them to help their child to fill up the forms. Finally we managed…………. to get a positive response from 500 families not individuals…. Design for Change “Save Energy”
  9. 9. ANALYSING AND COMPILING THE DATA Design for Change “Save Energy” The data forms were analyzed and the initial and final meter readings were recorded on the survey forms to draw the difference between the two. The final conclusion was drawn and we achieved a remarkable output and were able to save 1961 units of electrical energy in just one day.
  10. 10. GRAPHICAL DEMONSTRATION Design for Change “Save Energy” 0 2000 4000 6000 8000 10000 12000 With routine consumption With smart use of electricity With routine consumption With smart use of electricity
  11. 11. SURVEY RESULTS 9700 9800 9900 10000 10100 10200 10300 10400 10500 10600 UnitsConsumed S eries1 10512 10000 Day 1 (With Routine C ons umption of E nergy) Day 2 (S mart us e of E nergy)
  12. 12. SURVEY RESULTS ANALYZING VARIATION Looking at the results, we were really impressed and elated our school had saved 1961 units of electrical energy in just one DAY!!!! Design for Change “Save Energy” Total Units Saved 1 till 5 units saved, 100, 24% 5 till 10 units saved, 61, 15% 10 till 15 units saved, 99, 25% 15 till 20 units saved, 90, 23% 20 & above saved, 50, 13% 1 till 5 units saved 5 till 10 units saved 10 till 15 units saved 15 till 20 units saved 20 & above saved
  13. 13. NOT to stop here! Solution to this problem demands continuous smart use of energy which can make our future bright So……… We decided NOT TO STOP HERE and make a habit by practicing this activity at least twice a month. We also have plans to introduce the ENERGY SAVING DAY in other branches of Beaconhouse as well as in other schools. Design for Change “Save Energy”
  14. 14. SUGGESTIONS……… General House Hold Tips: Be sure to turn off lights and fans when you leave a room. Turn off electrical appliances when you leave a room (examples include TV’s, computers, radios, stereos, video games, VCR’s, and DVD players). Avoid keeping them on stand-by mode. Turn off central air conditioning 30 minutes before you plan to leave your home or office. Keep your air conditioner’s thermostat on 260C. Keep doors and windows closed for effective air conditioning. Avoid using electrical appliances during peak hours i.e. 06:00p.m. - 09:00p.m. Design for Change “Save Energy”
  15. 15. RECOMMENDATIONS  Use stoves instead of microwaves to defrost or cook.  Try washing clothes by hand rather than using electrical washing machines.  Use “energy savers” in place of ordinary bulbs.  Make use of daylight instead of lamps and bulbs during day time. Design for Change “Save Energy”
  16. 16. OUR DRIVE TOWARDS THE MISSION Design for Change “Save Energy”
  17. 17. OUR TEAM Student’s Rabeea Zia Syed Jonaid Ibrar Anosha Khan Marium Arif Mustafa Asif Mentor Teacher Afshan Rupsi Design for Change “Save Energy”