Nato School Information Operations Course May2014
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Nato School Information Operations Course May2014



Presentation given to the Information Operations Planners course in Oberammergau in May 2014.

Presentation given to the Information Operations Planners course in Oberammergau in May 2014.



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Nato School Information Operations Course May2014 Nato School Information Operations Course May2014 Presentation Transcript

  • Social Media in Information Operations 21 May 2014 for Information Operations Planners Course
  • The views expressed by David during the following presentation DOES NOT IN ANY WAY reflect the views of the: United Kingdom, United Nations, any National Governments, NATO (SFOR, KFOR, ISAF) etc (the list is not exhaustive).
  • Who am I? Digital Storyteller Blogger Social Media Trainer Digital Native
  • So what's on the Menu for Today? An introduction to Social Media for Information Operations. Strategy? Why Social Media is VITAL to you. All this incorporates - Digital Storytelling. PLUS An interesting “Sneak Peak”
  • So what's on the Menu for Today? We are going to create some CHANGE AGENTS
  • The Value Exchange. Transparency = Believability = Credibility
  • Today's Value Exchange. You get some Solid Advice I get (hopefully) some more Followers/Viewers
  • Play
  • The Problem. Academics and Theorists contaminate the Military Social Media space.
  • Social Networks can provide you with: Added information from within mission areas for better coordination with supporting stakeholders. Tracking REALISTIC current social trends for better understanding of the Target Audience(s). Helping to connect Target Audience(s) with the relief resources like food, water, etc.
  • The rush to start using social media tools though MUST NOT outweigh the need to develop a social media engagement strategy!
  • Coca-Cola Journey to Work “Coca-Cola is the most popular and biggest-selling soft drink in history, as well as the best-known brand in the world.
  • Information Operations. THINK
  • First World countries with Third World Technology Third World countries with First World Technology
  • Somalia? Mobile Networks?
  • Technology races these days
  • Considerations What is the specific organisational need that Social Media could help meet? How many hours a week do we believe we need to spend on Social Media Activities? What do we believe can go wrong?
  • Organisational Culture Social Media Engagement has to match: “How we work around here” But needs to reflect the needs of the community of interest. Flash To Bang times (sign off delegation?)
  • YOUR Influence Activity Make sure you have 100% “buy-in” from the C2 (Management). The C2 (Management) believe in Social Media! The C2 (Management) understand this is a long-term effort. The C2 (Management) Endorses the Strategy!
  • Pause that Thought Do we mean C2 as in Command and Control?
  • OR Control and Command?
  • An alternative view to OPSEC
  • In the Social Sharing world WE need to use information too.
  • It's ALL about Engagement
  • The Target Environment (where our Tribe of Interest Lives) Who is the tribe? Who are we engaging with? How do they use social media?
  • It TAKES TIME to build the organisational presence on the web! Tools will not cost but resources are needed and TIME.
  • Inbound vs Outbound
  • A tip to not messing up on SM. When using SM think like you are a Brand. Brands and Products Influence in our modern world. Whatever you think, so do you when you post on SM. So think about bad brand awareness. Think about airstrikes going wrong, your organisation messing up.
  • “Communication, whether inbound or outbound, is now powered by conversations, and the best communicators always start as the best listeners. And the best listeners are those who empathise while they are listening.“ Brian Solis
  • V.I.T.A.L V.I.T.A.L content Video, Images, Text, Audio, Links
  • Facebook
  • Facebook
  • Ukraine
  • Ukraine
  • Tools are being developed
  • Social Media A Commanders thoughts
  • Something to think about: Transparency is the way ahead You can not not influence In Afghanistan it could be NATO failed because: Insurgents use Information backed with HARD power NATO uses HARD power supported by Information PLUS Insurgents win EVERY time as they are culturally aware and they speak the way the audience understands.
  • Any questions?
  • skype: dfbmbe Facebook: MilitaryDigitalStorytelling email: SMS: 00387 65 393341