Acc 544 entire course (internal control systems)


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Acc 544 entire course (internal control systems)

  1. 1. ACC 544 Entire course (Internal Control Systems) PLEASE DOWNLOAD HEREWeek OneIndividual Assignment: Recommendation Brief for an Internal AccountantA client has an out of control system and a recommendation has been made tohire an internal accountant.· Write a 350- to 700-word recommendation brief for the client, in which youjustify the benefits of using an internal auditor.· Conclude your recommendation by referring a particular person for the jobbased on their background. You can use a fictitious name like “John Doe” if youwant but there has to be a name of a recommended person in your paper.· Explain how that background experience of your referral will benefit the clientfirm.· You must include at least 1 reference.Week 21. Individual Assignment: Justification for an Internal Control SystemLeadership confronts you, as a controller, and questions the need for an internalcontrol system.· Write a report of no more than 700 words, justifying the need for the systemwhen controls are in place with insurance and portfolio approaches.· Explain why current approaches are valid but why an internal system will bemore beneficial.You must include at least 1 reference.
  2. 2. Week 3Individual Assignment: Checklist for Evaluating Internal ControlsIndividual Assignment: Checklist for Evaluating Internal ControlsPrepare a comprehensive checklist for evaluating internal controls.Use the checklist to outline phases of the control evaluation.The assignment for this week challenges you to contemplate internal controls andprovide a comprehensive checklist to evaluate those controls. The checklist alsochallenges you to think of orderly phases for efficiency and thoroughness. Thisassignment is very important and as I grade your assignments for this week, I willlook for comprehensive, usable, and organized logical phases from yourchecklist. I have provided two examples of what I expect to see in this weeksassignment. As I have advise to many prior students; is to focus on one specificarea of control when working on this assignment (for ex: petty cash, humanresources, AR, AP, inventory...etc...). Try to break down the specific area ofcontrol on a specific task and this will make your assignment so much easier tocomplete. Also, set yourself looking from a CPAs point of view that if you were toreview your clients internal controls for a specific area of control, what are youevaluating? What are the details of that area of control? Etc...The checklist must breakdown the three Phases:Phase 1: UnderstandingPhase 2: AssessmentPhase 3: TestingAlong with the phases you should identify your assignment with the followinginternal control evaluation major components:1. Control Environment2. Risk Assessment3. Control Activities4. Information and Communication5.Monitoring.Week 4Learning Team Assignment: Controls for Inflows
  3. 3. Design a proposal for the appropriate controls to cover the following areas:· Cash· Sales· A/R· Inventory· ProductionGraded rubric and corrected file attached. Scored 14.5/15 with points deductedfor grammatical errors.Week Five Learning Team Assignment: Controls for Outflows· Design a proposal for appropriate controls to cover purchasing, accountspayable, cash disbursements, finance, investment, and payroll.· Include at least 3 references in your paper.Week 6Individual Assignment: Controls for IT and Reporting & Evaluation· Imagine you are a controller for a company.· Identify the internal control reporting options.· Create criteria against which the options can be evaluated.· Be sure to include internal controls for IT.