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Customer engagement

  4. 4. © Edengene 2013 ENGAGEMENT IS…A partnership with themost creative, insightful,connected andknowledgeablestakeholder in yourbusiness, your customer.
  5. 5. WHAT IS ENGAGEMENT?© Edengene 2013 It is a set of repeated interactions that strengthen the emotional,psychological and physical investment a customer has in a brand.In brief, it’s all about building relationships.
  6. 6. WHY IS IT IMPORTANT?© Edengene 2013 »  Creates customer LOYALTY»  Increases REVENUE and PROFIT»  Enhances public IMAGE»  Gains MARKET SHARE»  Increases employee SATISFACTION»  Facilitates business PREDICTABILITY»  Reduces costs in MARKETING andCUSTOMER SERVICE.And most of all …
  7. 7. WHY IS IT IMPORTANT?© Edengene 2013 …LEARNINGOpen conversationsgenerate learning for bothcompany and customer.
  8. 8. HOW DOES IT HAPPEN?© Edengene 2013 It does not just happen.We need to create an emotional linkwith customers through repeatedconversation and creativity. Thisdemands constant motivation, co-creation, and responding to feedback.
  9. 9. WHO IS THE ENGAGED USER?© Edengene 2013 We need to shift from following the “Law of the Few” to the wisdom of the crowds.The “few” are much fewer than we think.
  10. 10. WHO IS THE ENGAGED USER?© Edengene 2013 Looking for hubs of regular people, who are more likely to be interested inwhat businesses have to say, is more efficient.Everyone is an influencer.INNOVATIVE HUBS FOLLOWER HUBS MASS ADOPTION
  11. 11. CHALLENGES© Edengene 2013 Tech Trends – Media FragmentationPeople have access to countless publicand personal channels that connectthem with others.The mobile boom provided differentcapabilities and a variety of interactions.People interact differently according totheir device.Social networking, gaming, browsingand creativity have different platformsand destinations.
  12. 12. CHALLENGES© Edengene 2013 Economic DownturnThese difficult times willdefinitely affect investing instate-of-the-art digital media,especially since it’s everchanging and very technical.But it is a fact that utilizingdigital media as the spine ofcustomer engagement will keepa business in a better shapethan when choosing not to.
  13. 13. ENABLING TECH TRENDS© Edengene 2013 4G (LTE) TechnologyThis technology is bringing mobileconnectivity to another level ofinteractions.This will drive more mobile use inretail. Checking and rating productswill further affect purchase decision.People will become more active on themobile web as connections arebecoming faster and more reliable.It is expected that LTE will alsoconnect our environments.
  14. 14. FUTURE TRENDS© Edengene 2013 HTML5 and Web-Based Rich MediaThis is a new standard for webdeveloping that is bridging the gapbetween devices, operating systems,the Internet and rich content.Websites will behave like mobileapplications, which will raise the levelof engagement and reduce the costof development.
  15. 15. FUTURE TRENDS© Edengene 2013 Augmented RealityA technology being used todaythrough mobile phones thatenables users to interact withtheir surroundings by viewingthe real world mixed withcontent.When connected to the web,augmented reality turns anysurface into a web page, anystreet into Google Maps, andany activity into a game.
  16. 16. FUTURE TRENDS© Edengene 2013 The Internet of Things First the Internet connectedpages of information, then itconnected people, now theInternet is undergoing a newaddition, which is connectedobjects.Social interaction with objectswill become an online realitywithin the coming years.
  17. 17. RECOMMENDATIONS© Edengene 2013 Employee EmpowermentGreat organizations maximizecustomer output, customerengagement, and subsequentbusiness results by maximizingtheir employee output.
  18. 18. RECOMMENDATIONS© Edengene 2013 Feedback: Listening makes a betterconversationCreate a listening center. Engagementis a conversation, yet companies areincreasingly excluded from many of themost important discussions.These centers should be able tomonitor what is being said about theirorganizations, products, and serviceson social media, blogs, and otheronline forums
  19. 19. RECOMMENDATIONS© Edengene 2013 Web CentricityWhen building a mobileengagement platform, like a gameor an app, it pays to stay webcentered.The web is becoming morepowerful and will be able tooperate websites that look andfeel like apps.
  20. 20. RECOMMENDATIONS© Edengene 2013 AtomizationBreak down of your offering intobite sized portions that can bespread across multiple locations,and channels.
  21. 21. RECOMMENDATIONS© Edengene 2013 Community Building – A Platform for PartnershipThis approach creates reasons for your fans to want you to survive as a company.As your creative partners, communities are the perfect place to create content aswell as products.
  22. 22. RECOMMENDATIONS© Edengene 2013 MotivatePeople are too busy to bedistracted, unless they areself motivated it is hard toask them to participate.This intrinsic motivation willhelp enhance their creativityas well as enjoyment.
  23. 23. RECOMMENDATIONS© Edengene 2013 Measuring CustomerEngagementMeasurement tools provideanswers for current engagementas well as predicting futureengagement.These tools analyse datagathered from customer activityas well as the emotional score ordepth of the relationship.
  24. 24. © Edengene 2013 TECHNOLOGY IS EVER CHANGING,BUT HUMAN EVOLUTION ISN’TRelying on human factors is the safest way to leverage engagement.
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