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Fall of rome
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Fall of rome


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  • Roman empire (117 ad under Trajan) = ~2.2 million sq miles.
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Fall of Rome
    • 2. Rome at its heightRome reached its heightaround the year 0.It reached into 3continents and containedThe Empire was ruled bya succession ofEmperors
    • 3. United States - ~3.8 million sq miles
    • 4. OverreachingRome had problemsThey had so muchterritory, it was difficult tokeep track of itThe borders were notsecureMany soldiers wereneeded to defend theEmpire
    • 5. Problems with RuleRome began to encounterproblems with its EmperorsThey had never decided howto transfer power from ruler torulerEach time an emperor died,rivals would compete to bethe next rulerAssassinations werecommon
    • 6. Deciding a RulerOften, rivals would come fromdifferent areas of the Empire.They were backed bydifferent parts of the armyBetween 211 and 284 CEthere were 23 differentemperors during a time ofconstant war
    • 7. The ArmyMaintaining an army wasexpensiveArmy camps grew into citiesthat were supported byRomeThe bigger the empire grew,the greater the need forsoldiersThe more soldiers there Awwwwwwere, the more expensiveand difficult to train theywere
    • 8. The ArmyRoman soldiers were atone point the bestarmed, best trainedsoldiers in the world atthe timeAs the Empire declined,the army became lesspowerful and tooexpensive to maintain
    • 9. EconomyFinancial support of a largeempire became a greatproblemTo pay for the government,taxes were raised so highthat many people haddifficulty paying them.This made many peopleunhappy with the empireTrade was suffering
    • 10. EconomyInflation began to hurt theEmpire as well as Romemade more and moremoneyInflation is when theamount of money in asystem goes up, but thevalue goes down.Look at grades as anexample
    • 11. Germanic TribesMany of the areassurrounding Romebegan grow in power.These tribes had manynames includingVandals, Visigoths,Franks, Burgundians,and Ostrogoths. TheHuns from China alsobegan to grow in powerThese tribes began toattack Rome.
    • 12. The Empire SplitsThe Emperor Diocletiandecided that Rome wouldcollapse if it continued the wayit was.He split the Empire into Eastand West. Ravenna is madecapital of west.The Emperor Constantinemade even more changes from307-337 CEHe made Christianity theofficial religion of the Empireand moved the capital toConstantinople, now calledIstanbul
    • 13. AttacksOstrogoths, Franks,Vandals, Burgundians,and Huns all invadedRome in different areas.The Visigoths becamethe greatest threat toRome, attacking fromwhat is now Spain.A goth named Alaricsacked Rome, causingRome to move itsborders inwardAnother Goth namedOdovacar defeated theWest Roman EmperorRomulus Agustulus