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Age of exploration
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Age of exploration


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  • 1. AGE OF EXPLORATION By: Lauren, D’aja, Emme, Annie
  • 2. QUIZ QUESTIONS 1. Where/when was Francisco Pizzaro born? 2. What two countries did Vasco da Gama explore in Africa? 3. What type of student was Hernan Cortes 4. What made voyages easier? 5. What three things were traded in the Columbian Exchange?
  • 3. EXPLORERS  Christopher Columbus (1451 Genoa Italy)  Ferdinand Magellan (1480 Proto or Sobarsa Portugal)  Vasco da Gama (1497 Portugal)  Francisco Pizarro (1471-1478 Trujillo, Spain)  Hernán Cortés (1485 Medellin, Spain)
  • 4. WHERE/WHY THEY EXPLORED • 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue to find a better trade route, he first thought he arrived in the Indies but actually it was North America • Sailed in a wide arc south and west of Africa to spread Christianity , Vasco explored Mombasa and Kenya • Hernán Cortés was a law student and wanted to find fame and fortune in the Dominican Republic and then Mexico • While looking for trade routes to Asia, Ferdinand Magellan explored India and the Spice Islands to find riches • Francisco Pizzaro was looking for riches and power so he set sail to Panama and to the Inca Empire
  • 5. LONG TERM EFFECTS OF EXPLORATION 1. It led the Spanish to explore the Caribbean 2. To establish the Spanish Empire in the Americas 3. Technology, such as bigger and better boats helped make more voyages of discovery possible
  • 6. COLUMBIAN EXCHANGE •The Columbian Exchange was a new trade connection from the old world and the new world • during this time people have died from many diseases such as small pox , measles malaria, yellow fever and chicken pox • the people of the Columbian Exchange traded plants, animals, and spices
  • 7. INTERESTING FACTS  The Age of Exploration lasted 2 centuries  The biggest desire was to find spices and more trade routes  Age of Exploration started in the Renaissance  Was rooted in new technologies and ideas growing out of the Renaissance  1st discovery was conducted by the Portuguese under Prince Henry the Navigator  Vasco da Gama was the first person to discover the sea route to India
  • 8. RESOURCES apps-wchvol1apps History Alive pages- 376 and 378 Discovering Our Past pages- 34-41