Chapter 1


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Chapter 1

  1. 1. Running Head: Personal Spiritual Growth Reflective Journal 1 Personal Spiritual Growth Reflective Journal: The Purpose Driven Life Desiree Ferwalt Spirituality in Nursing
  2. 2. Running Head: Personal Spiritual Growth Reflective Journal 2Chapter 1- 07/28/2011 10:00 am In this first chapter Warren discusses how life is not all about you but about what God‟splans are and how you can reach them. I find that I can relate to this chapter since when I amconsidering doing anything I first think how this will affect me and the choices I make. When Imake plans for the future I don‟t first consider what God‟s plans are. So when I becomedevastated because something I planned for doesn‟t work how I wanted it to I don‟t consider thatmaybe it is God‟s plan that it does not work out. I don‟t usually consider that maybe there is areason one of my plans failed and it is because He had something better planed. Because of thischapter I will try not to be so self absorbed but realize that God has purpose for me and that isgreater and broader than I could ever plan for.Chapter 2- 07/28/2011 10:42 am The second chapter is about how you were never an accident. Reading this chapterevokes comfort within me. I feel comforted by thought that God created me to be me and no oneelse. He has a purpose for me. I was one of His children before I was even conceived. Everyaspect of me my good and bad qualities were created and derived from him. Every aspect of mylife was created from His design. When I find myself disparaging over something I don‟t likeabout myself whether it is a physical quality or emotional I will realize that God made me to bethe person I am not someone else. This is a chapter to read when I feel down or have screwed upso that I know that I am not a mistake.Chapter 3- 7/28/2011 11:25am This chapter discusses what your purpose in life is. I am a person who is always makingplans and setting goals. I find that I always have to have a purpose and something to work
  3. 3. Running Head: Personal Spiritual Growth Reflective Journal 3toward whether it is short or long term goals. Getting through nursing school with my sanityintact is one of my long term goals and I am working toward this goal though I find it difficult attimes. I think anyone working there way through nursing school has to be purpose driven or theywon‟t survive it much less thrive in that atmosphere. Right now I am working under the pressureof getting this assignment done by its deadline. I will admit that I am at fault for using the fivecommon reasons for letting something drive my life: driven by guilt, resentment and anger, fear,materialism, and need of approval. I realize in small quantities these can be good reason to workat something but you mustn‟t let them rule your life. I agree with the book that knowing yourpurpose will give your life meaning and motivation while focusing and simplifying it. I need tolet God guide my purpose through life in preparation for eternity. Without a purpose I don‟t seethe point of living.Chapter 4- 07/28/2011 11:49 am Today in this chapter the author discusses how we can not live like this is our only life.Even after our mortal body crumples back into the earth our immortal soul will live on, thequestion is where. Where will you preside after your soul has left this earth? Death is a scaryconcept to me. I can‟t imagine leaving this world yet. I know this isn‟t the attitude you shouldtake but I still have the teenager mindset as seeing myself as “immortal”, like nothing can harmme. I should not live like this but I do have the human tendency to do what I know is bad for me.My goals would be considered short term in the cosmic scheme of things. I have not look pastthis life yet. With this chapter I plan to set a goal to discover ways to live my life so that I haveno fear of death and what lies beyond it.Chapter 5- 7/28/2011 12:12 pm
  4. 4. Running Head: Personal Spiritual Growth Reflective Journal 4 The theme of this chapter is that life is a test and it is trust. I find that I often see life as amarathon not race. Once you have overcome one obstacle you must get ready for the next andhave the endurance to overcome all the obstacles put in your way. Because of this mind set Ioften see life as test. God makes life difficult so that our characters are tested and we becomebetter human being because of it. It is how you deal with the test that shows what kind of personyou are. With these tests He lays His trust within us to overcome it. On page 48 Warren quotesthe bible by saying, “…he will not allow you to be tested beyond your power to remain firm….”If you are able to endure the tests and trust God bestows on you will be rewarded in his heavenlykingdom.Chapter 6- 07/28/2011 12:38 pm The theme here is that life on this earth is temporary. When I was a little girl I foundmyself always wishing that time would move faster. “I hope tomorrow would come so we can gowatch a movie…I wish it was Christmas already…I wish it was summer so school would beover...I can‟t wait till next year for my next birthday party…” and I always wish I was older “10,13, 16, 18, 21”. But as I get older I am starting to wish time would slow down. Days, seasons andyears seem to slip past me without me being aware of it. I find myself at the end of a schoolsemester wondering how it ended so fast. As stated before Life on this earth is temporary so youshould enjoy it and live in a way that honors our father who gave us this life on earth to live.Chapter 7- 07/28/2011 1:15 pm Here in this chapter Rick Warren discusses how we were all made with a purpose to bringglory to our Lord. The author give a set of principals we can use to bring glory to Him: byworship, loving others, becoming Christ like, serving others with our gifts, telling others about
  5. 5. Running Head: Personal Spiritual Growth Reflective Journal 5Him. The book states our greatest sin is not bringing our God glory. I know that this is a sin Itake part in constantly. I find that I lack the most in telling others about Him. I am an awkwardlyshy person by nature and have to really work at being open and friendly with people. I fearverbally telling others about my Lord because of negative reactions it can cause. Right now I tryto tell others about my Lord through my actions and nonverbal. People know that I am a spiritualperson and I hope they learn to know my God through my actions I perform in honor of him. Iwill try to be more verbal about my Lord‟s glory with others for now on. I will try to live in away that I perform the stated principles for the Lord and my fellow man.Chapter 8- 07/28/2011 3:00 pm This chapter is all about bringing God pleasure through our lives. We were created notbecause God had to but because he wanted to and our very existence brings him pleasure. Theway we pleasure our God is through worship. Every one worships our lord and Christ differentlybut none of it is wrong. One way I worship God is through helping others at my job, with myfamily and friends, and through anyone who asks for it. It is one of the reasons why I a becominga nurse so that I can worship him on a massive scale by helping others. I do this because I lovemy Christ and want to bring him pleasure.Chapter 9- 07/28/2011 3:34 pm With chapter nine comes the question „how do I make God smile?‟ The book ThePurpose Driven Life gives all different ways we can do this. The first point is to love Him beforeall others. I admit that only now am I getting back to that point. As a teenager I rebelled againstmy religion and lost my way and I thought my relationship with God. It was few years later that Irealized that the love God had for me was ever constant and though I had forsaken Him, He had
  6. 6. Running Head: Personal Spiritual Growth Reflective Journal 6not given up on me. The book makes the analogy that God is like a parent. I agree with this pointand I now work toward pleasing my Father by showing my love, obeying him and using theabilities he gave me to make him smile.Chapter 10- 07/28/2011 4:02 pm The point to this chapter is surrendering yourself wholly to our Lord. When yousurrender to God you are obeying his wishes and gaining his trust. This is easier said than done.This is an aspect that I have so much trouble with. I am a person who needs to be in control ofmy life giving this power completely over is very hard for me. I have tried in the past tosurrender myself to the Lord and I found myself failing when it was tested. An example of this iswhen decision falls out of my hands instead giving the decision over to the Lord I still try to takecontrol back usually making the situation worse. Another example I can pull from my life is thatwhen I make a plan and it fails, I am devastated and it is like it is the end of the world. I don‟tconsider that it is God‟s decision that my plan fails. I don‟t consider that when one door shutsanother one opens and I should. It is something that I will probably have to work at for the rest ofmy life.Chapter 11- 07/28/2011 5:15pm In this reading the main point is to develop an intimate friendship with God. How youmight ask? The author gives two ways you can do this in this chapter and they are throughconstant conversation and meditation. The book suggests that talk and pray to God every dayseveral times a day about every aspect of your life. I will be the first to admit that I do not dothis. The most I pray to God is two maybe three times a day if I am lucky. I find that I am sobusy during the day my mind doesn‟t settle back into a conversation with God. Other than
  7. 7. Running Head: Personal Spiritual Growth Reflective Journal 7church the only time a day I am able to pray to God is at meal times. One of the worst habits Ihave about remembering to pray to God is only praying to him when I need something. It is ahabit that needs to be broken. I use to meditate on my day and God‟s plan every night before Iwent to bed but since I started nursing school I find that many times I am too exhausted to do itas much. I wish it wasn‟t that way it is something I really miss doing. I want to work on myfriendship with God so I will try to remember and include Him more in my day.Chapter 12- 07/28/2011 05:42 pm Here we look at how close you‟re willing to get God and how far you are willing todevelop your friendship with Him. The main concepts here are honesty, obey in faith, value whatGod values, and desire the friendship. At times honesty with God is difficult especially when Iam not even honest with myself. I will lie to myself to relieve guilt, anxiety, and disgust and in away when I lie to myself I am lying to God. The value that is most highly prized in the book isredemption. To be God‟s friend, you must tell your friends about God. As said before I do desirea friendship with God and will try to work at it through honesty, faith, and following the valuesset out before me.Chapter 13- 7/28/2011 6:15pm Chapter thirteen talks about how God wants all of you not just one part but body, mind,heart, and soul. When we worship God it must be authentic and accurate because we aren‟t justpraying with our words and gestures but with our body, mind, heart, and soul. If we are less thantruthful God will know. Worship to our Lord should also be thoughtful and practical. I knowwhen we have a group prayer in my family a different person must say it each time, therefore itis always new and not repetitious. I find that I pay closer attention and actually listen to the
  8. 8. Running Head: Personal Spiritual Growth Reflective Journal 8words when it is not the same prayer repeated over and over. It also makes the person thinkabout what they are actually saying to God when they state their prayer. I will remember thatGod wants all of me when I worship not just my physical appearance.Chapter 14- 07/28/2011 8:15 pm The next theme is God is still there, even when you feel distanced from Him. I have feltthis several times before in my life. That God doesn‟t care for me or that he is ignoring myprayers. I remember as a teenager hating God for letting my grandfather die when I had beggedHim to save my grandfather. It was a long time before I accepted that my grandfather‟s passingwas part of His larger plans. I should have expressed myself to God instead of turning away fromHim. I should have remembered all the good things God did in my life. Even though I can‟tchange what I did in past I can use my experiences to shape my future.Chapter 15- 7/28/2011 8:42 pm This chapter discuss how we are apart of God‟s family. In the book it discusses how thisfamily is built on trust and to become one of God‟s children you must put your trust in him. Godcreated us to become his children but we must choose to become a child of God. I want to be achild of God. I want to have a spiritual family that outlasts the life on this earth. I realize I needto develop and encourage such a relationship between God and others of my faith and I enjoy thechallenge of finding out more about what it means to be a child of Christ.Chapter 16- 7/28/2011 9:01 pmThe author‟s theme with this chapter is that the most important thing in this world isunconditional love. By nature humans are self centered creatures and I will admit that I can not
  9. 9. Running Head: Personal Spiritual Growth Reflective Journal 9cast the first stone when it comes to this issue. Being self centered as we are unconditional lovedoes not come easy to us. It something we have to work hard at. Without love in our life what isthe point of living. What a very dismal life it would be. Love creates purpose and a need tothrive. In the book it states that the best expression of our love is time. I agree with this. Time isa limited quantity. Once you use it up there is no way to replenish it. An example of this is as anurse we give time to our patients so that we can comfort them is a sign of our love to them andto God.Chapter 17- 07/28/2011 09:37 pm The next chapter involves belonging to the fellowship of Christ. It is my belief thathumans were never meant to be a solitary creature. I can personally attest to this. I have neverbeen a very social person but a few winters ago when we had the big ice storm here in the Ozarksand the power went off I was isolated in my house for few days because of the conditions of theroad. By the fourth day I was climbing the walls from boredom. I finally went to local grocerystore not because I needed anything but because I wanted to be around people I knew and be ableto talk to them. We need to feel like we belong to a community. The book talks about belongingto a local fellowship. I have gone to the same church since I was little and I couldn‟t imaginegoing somewhere else. I belong more to my church than I belong to anything else and can relyon them if I am ever in need. I couldn‟t imagine not having that support in my lifeChapter 18- 7/28/2011 10:02 pm The next theme is that life is meant to be shared through fellowship. I belong to a smallbible study which I consider to be my fellowship. I have so much fun with this group of laid backpeople who share my same believes. I can ask them for advice with an issue or for a prayer and I
  10. 10. Running Head: Personal Spiritual Growth Reflective Journal 10know I will receive it from them. These are people who will be authentic and sympathetic withyou and will usually tell you what they are thinking. I am also able to help others in the groupwhen asked. It is a great feeling to know that your hard earned experiences can help others goingthrough the same issues. I believe belonging to a fellowship is very important for someoneneeding spiritual support.Chapter 19- 07/28/2011 10:29 pm The author discusses in this chapter the need to cultivate a community once it is started.Like almost every thing else in life if you don‟t keep cultivating and supporting something in lifeit will wither and die. The book gives a few pointers to guide you by and they are honesty,humility, courteously, confidentiality, and frequency. Honesty can be one of the hardestprinciples to follow since we have a habit of glossing over the problems without actually dealingwith them. The trick to being honest with someone is to be honest with love. Next is humilitywhich is a trick all of its own since we are all at least a little self-absorbed. When I see an issue Ihave the nasty habit of wondering how it will affect me not how it will affect the group. We haveto have the courtesy to respect others differences within a group. Another big issue that might befound within a group is keeping confidentiality. It is so hard sometimes not to gossip when youhave information others don‟t know especially to love ones but gossip can cause more troublethan anything else in a group and makes it hard to trust anyone. Other fellowships have issueswith the frequency of meetings. You might have all the good intentions in the world but if youdon‟t meet what is the point of the group. Starting soothing is the easy part; it is keeping it goingthat most people have difficulty with.Chapter 20- 07/28/2011 10:52 pm
  11. 11. Running Head: Personal Spiritual Growth Reflective Journal 11 This chapter is all about restoring a fellowship after a rift has formed. God believes anyrelationship is worth restoring. As bad as arguments are they happens often. Two clashing forcescome to an impasse and can‟t find a way around their issues. The author has come up with a fewlife lines for these situations. First talk to God before talking to the other person. This gives youtime to cool down and maybe God will send you a revelation about the conflict. Next take theinitiative because God expects this of you. After that try to sympathize with the other partybecause you will be able to better see both sides of the argument. Then admit your part of theconflict. No one can be blameless in a fight. Next you need to attack the problem not the personby being as gentle as possible. Then try to cooperate as much as possible. Finally try toemphasize reconciliation, not a resolution. It is better to save the relationship than the problem.Chapter 21- 7/29/2011 9:00 am Here we discuss protecting the unity of the church. God wants us to be one people. Hewants harmony and peace among us. An individual is varies from the next. Differences can causeseparations in the church. This is why we should focus on what we have in common as a grouplike shared spirituality not the differences. Next you must have realistic expectations about thegroup. I have an issue with this since I have a habit of daydreaming something into this grandimpressive thing when there is no way it could reach this expectation. If you keep yourexpectations realistic you have a better chance to get real results and not be disappointed.Another way to protect the unity of the church is to encourage not criticize. I know I thrive betterand I am happier person when I am encouraged to what is right instead of criticizing what I havedone wrong. You must refuse to listen to gossip. I will admit to having a weakness for gossip butthis certain sin can create distrust among a group. The book has an interesting three step way ofdealing with conflict resolution. I will put it in affect next time I am in an argument. Last you
  12. 12. Running Head: Personal Spiritual Growth Reflective Journal 12must support your church leader no matter if agree or disagree with an opinion. With out a leadera fellowship‟s survival grows slimmer. We must take our part in protecting our fellowship.Chapter 22- 07/29/2011 9:45 am The author states that God wants us to become more Christ like. God is not interested inour comfort instead he is more interested in our character. We fall farther from image when wesin. How do we become more like Christ? First we have to cooperate with the Holy Spirit. Whatthis means is we need to be obedient to God to unlock the Holy Spirit. We are molded into thepeople we need to be through His Word, his people, and the circumstances put in our way. Hisword shoes us the truth, His people show us the way, and circumstances is environment we growup in. For us to become Christ like it takes years and even lifetime to develop. I know that I amstill far from being like Christ and still have a long road ahead of me.Chapter 23- 7/29/2011 10:11 am Chapter twenty three is about spiritually growing up. This is not something that happensnaturally like child physically growing up into an adult. It would be more like you working outdeveloping and enhancing a certain muscle group. Spiritual growth is something you must workat and commit to. One way to create spiritual growth is changing the way we think. We mustthink like Christ. Something I need to work on for my spiritual growth is being willing to be lessself absorbed and able to forgive easier. There good saying for this „quit think my way and startthinking God‟s way. I am committed to growing up spiritually and trying to reach the goal ofbecoming more Christ like.Chapter 24- 7/29/2011 10:32 am
  13. 13. Running Head: Personal Spiritual Growth Reflective Journal 13 The meaning behind this chapter is that the truth will transform us. God‟s word helpsnourish our spiritual body like bread nourishes our physical one. The Bible must be accepted asan authority over your daily living. I must let it guide me through all my triumph and losses andlet it set the standard of how I will live my life. Reading this chapter makes me want to startreading the bible again. I got out of the habit when I became so busy with work and school. It issomething I enjoy and it makes me feel spiritually well to do it. I will better be able to apply theprinciples learned from the book if I read it more often.Chapter 25- 7/29/2011 10:52 am The next chapter I need to take to heart and it is that God has a purpose for every problemhe gives us. I have a hard time with this concept since I have trouble seeing any good comingfrom a problem. I think it must go back to the concept that humans are self absorbed. We arewarned that problems will be put in our way to test our characters and yet we are still surprisedwhen they happen. Everything that happens happens for a reason. We must put our faith in godthat there is a higher purpose to our suffering. Without problems our faith would not be testedand we would not know Jesus as we do. One reason we suffer is to build character. What kind ofperson are you if you are never tested? We need to be patient and persistent with what we dobecause God does not want us to give up when we fail. Next time something I have worked onfalls apart I will realize that there was probably a reason it happened.Chapter 26- 7/29/2011 11:18 am The author discusses how with each temptation there is a chance to turn it into good. Ihave the bad habit of taking the wrong road with temptation. Too often I do what is easiest notwhat is right. Each time I do this I think „it will be different next time. I will make the right
  14. 14. Running Head: Personal Spiritual Growth Reflective Journal 14choice next time‟. Really I need to fight temptation this time. Change what I am doing this time.First I need to refuse to be intimidated by the thought of temptation. I need to face the problemhead on. Next I need to recognize my pattern of temptations and prepare myself to stop it. One ofthe worst temptations for e is procrastination. I have a habit of putting things off till the lastminute. I need to work on stopping this and giving myself plenty of time. Last I need to ask forGod‟s help when I can‟t fight off temptation on my own. I find that when I am facing animpossible task I pray to the Lord to ask for his strength to guide me through it. God wants tohelp us. He wants us to do well.Chapter 27- 7/29/2011 11:41 am The next part is about defeating temptation and finding a way out. One way we usuallyfail to beat temptation is facing I head on. This isn‟t the best way to fight it. What we should dois distract ourselves from it so that we don‟t even think on temptation. I have learned one of thebest ways to distract myself from my problems is housework. I don‟t even give myself time tothink on the problem. You must be able to manage your mind to succeed against temptationbecause even thinking about it gives temptation power over you Next share your problems withyour support system. For me this is my bible study group. I find myself falling back on themwhen I need help fighting temptation. Next we must resist the Devil by relying on God‟s Word.Finally you need to realize your vulnerability and protect yourself against it. Only after we knowwhere we are weak can we take the steps to protecting it. God will never give you moretemptations than you can handle.Chapter 28- 7/29/2011 12:03 pm
  15. 15. Running Head: Personal Spiritual Growth Reflective Journal 15 This chapter is about there are no shortcuts to our spiritual maturity. Like I have statedbefore in this journal it takes time to reach spiritual maturity and this chapter is about not howfast you grow but how strong you grow. Why does it take so long? Because we are slow learnersand there is a lot that we still haven‟t learned. I can attest to this in the fact that it will sometimestake me several tries at something before I realize that I am doing wrong. We are afraid to behumbled by ourselves. This goes back to the fact that we are self absorbed. Growth is change andchange is often scary or painful. When something is bad in our life we have a hard changing itbecause we are afraid that it will get worse. We need to look at change as making things better.Good habits take time to develop. We need to be patient with God and ourselves even when itseems God isn‟t paying attention. The most important thing to remember with spiritual growth isthat is does take time so don‟t get discourage.Chapter 29- 7/29/2011 12:38 pm This chapter I feel defines this class. God put us on this earth for a purpose. We are notmeant to sit by and just consume what is given to us but contribute to it. I believe I was put onthis earth to help others and spread my spirituality to those around me. The reason I was created,saved, called, and commanded to serve God in the way He sees fit. At the end of this life whenyou are being evaluated at the gates what will your life amount to? Will the service you given tothis earth have significance? After reading this chapter I find that is the question I ask myself.Chapter 30- 7/29/2011 1:00 pm Here the author discusses that God shaped us specifically to serve him. God created us aswe are for a certain purpose. God doesn‟t make mistakes, so whatever flaws you think you have,you have them because God designed you so. God has given us gifts specifically designed for us
  16. 16. Running Head: Personal Spiritual Growth Reflective Journal 16and to help in our ministry to others. A gift he has given me is being able to listen andsympathize with others. Another gift is the ability to learn and use what I have learned to helpothers. Another aspect of this is using your heart to do your ministry. He has shaped us to servein the assignment he has given us. I believe that my assignment is helping others to the best ofmy capabilities.Chapter 31- 7/29/2011 1:22 pm The next chapter is a continuation of the last. This chapter expands on the point of Godshaping us and get into knowing your shape in his world. Only you can be you and no one else.Just like nobody can be you. Trying to be someone else is going against God‟s plans for you. Allof my abilities are given through God so I celebrate Him by using my abilities to serve andworship him. I do what I am able to because that is what God wants me to do. God made manydifferent personalities for many different purposes. It is just a matter of figuring out what yourpurpose is in His plan. We learn and develop from our experiences and these experiences Godputs in our path. There are several different kinds of experiences such as family, education,vocational, spiritual, ministry, and painful. Different experiences lead to other experiences. Anexample of this is an educational experience is learning everything I can about a drug, whichthen leads vocational experience, is teaching someone what a medication does to help them. I amwho I am because God shaped me that way.Chapter 32- 7/29/2011 3:53 pm The theme here is that use what God has given you. The first thing you need to do is thesame as what you do first in nursing and that is assess. You must assess your gifts and abilities.To find this out you can ask other people their opinions or you can examine your past to look for
  17. 17. Running Head: Personal Spiritual Growth Reflective Journal 17previous achievements. You must also try new things. There are things out there that you havenever tried and that you may be good at. Next you should consider your heart and personality.This is a good way to guide you toward your gifts. Finally look at your past experiences and youcan usually find lessons within them. I have looked and assessed the shape God has made me butI know that I just can‟t stop now. My shape is continually changing with each new experience.This class has affected my shape in what I have read and experience through it. I will always bereassessing how to use what God has given me.Chapter 33- 7/29/2011 4:18 pm The lesson to be learned in this is that we serve God through serving others. This is whatI believe a nurse does. This is what I hope to do once I receive my ASN and BSN. God hasshaped me to serve through helping others, not to serve myself. Real servants like real nursesmake themselves available to serve and pay attention to needs. They are able to make do withwhat they have. They take on each new task with equal dedication. They stay faithful in theirministry to serve others. Finally they keep a low profile instead of putting yourself on a pedestal.If you are doing well others will notice without you having to point it out to them. The point Iseem to have the most trouble with is taking on each new task with the same dedication. I havethe bad habit of getting more interested and involved in something I enjoy and have the habit ofdoing the minimum amount of work I don‟t like. I need to take on each task with the same vigorI would if I enjoyed I.Chapter 34- 7/29/2011 5:01 pm Here the lesson is that your service to God starts with the mind. Thinking like a servantrequires a mental shift to thinking more about others than you do about yourself. This requires
  18. 18. Running Head: Personal Spiritual Growth Reflective Journal 18humility which can be difficult for us mortal beings. We must “self-forget” ourselves. We mustthink like stewards and not like owners. God has entrusted the gifts and responsibilities he givesus, we do not own them. We must think of our work not what others are doing. I see this point atmy mom‟s house with my foster brothers. They are always more interested in what the other hasto do and not in their own work. The boys could get done so much quicker and do a much betterjob if they just focus on the job at hand. We must identify our self in Christ. This causes securityin servants so they can better serve. We must look at ministry as an opportunity to spread theWord of God, not as an obligation because that‟s what we are told. As stated before in thisjournal I know that I can be very self absorbed at times, but to be a good servant I have to bemore interested in helping others than I am self.Chapter 35- 7/29/2011 5:53 pm The author discusses how we all have weaknesses and we need to be able to recognizethem to become a better Christian. Everyone has at least one flaw or imperfection usually morethan one flaw. It is part of human nature. God can‟t use perfect people to do his ministry. Thefirst step to recognizing and using your weakness for God and his glory is to admit yourweakness. One of my weaknesses is that I have a tendency to be introverted. Knowing yourweakness can prevent arrogance. Next be able to share your weakness. I have to do this oftenbecause my innate shyness can be taken as me snubbing someone. In sharing with others I amable to overcome my weakness. You must be honest about your weakness not only with othersbut with yourself too. Without honesty you let your weakness overcome you. You limit God‟spower in your life. Finally you need to glory in your weakness because God created and uses thatweakness within you.
  19. 19. Running Head: Personal Spiritual Growth Reflective Journal 19Chapter 36-7/29/2011 8:00 pm The hat runs in this chapter is that were all made for a mission. We are representative ofChrist to nonbelievers. We are continuing on Christ‟s work. Not only is this mission ourresponsibility it is our privilege to be used by god. We have been commissioned for this work.To tell others about your faith and belief n God is one of the best things you can do for them.Others might not know of what Christ can do for them so it is our obligation to share this withthem. I feel of all the purposes that I have read so far this is the one I struggle the most with.Expressing my faith aloud to nonbelievers is a daunting task. It is one I am constantly workingat. The mission gives our life meaning. The mission is something to work for and use to serveothers. To fulfill our mission we must give up our agenda in life. We were put on this earth tobring all God‟s lost children back to him.Chapter 37- 7/29/2011 8:55 pm The next theme is sharing your life message that God has given you. We are allmessengers of God. I don‟t know if I have a life message yet. I feel like I haven‟t experiencedenough spiritually yet. It is something I need to examine within myself. To give a life messageyour can use one of the following: testimony, life lesson, godly passion, and good news. Thereason God gives you a story is so that you can share it with others. He wants you to share yourfriendship with Jesus. Not only you can learn from your experiences but others can too. Of allthe different types of messages life lessons is the one I feel I could share the most on. I havemade a lot of mistakes in my life and found my way back through Christ. This is something I feelI can comfortably share.Chapter 38- 7/29/2011 9:22 pm
  20. 20. Running Head: Personal Spiritual Growth Reflective Journal 20 This chapter discusses the difference between worldly Christian and world classChristians. The main difference between the two is worldly Christians are self-centered whileworld class Christians only live to serve others. Right now I am a worldly Christian because myfirst thought is how will this help me or how will this serve me. My goal while I am on this earthis to reach the point where I can be called a world class Christian. We must first shift the way wethink from self centered to thinking of others. Ask for guidance as you try to fulfill this mission.Next shift from local thinking to global thinking be aware what is happening globally. You don‟tjust live in the United States, you live on this world. You are not just an American but a part ofthe larger group: the human population. You should pray for other people in other parts of theworld because if they are in need they won‟t care where the prayer came from. You must shiftfrom thinking about the now to eternal thinking. Walk away from making excuses to trying tofind ways to fill it. As my mom is constantly telling me there is always a way to achieve yourgoal you just have to be willing to find it.Chapter 39- 7/29/2011 9:45 pm Here the author talks about blessed are the ones who are balanced. There are fivepurposes to your spiritual life and they are worship, ministry, evangelism, fellowship, anddiscipleship. You must be well grounded in all five areas to be well balanced. I know that I haveweaknesses in all areas but the area I struggle with the most is discipleship. I know that this ismy weak area and the one I have to work at the most. You can keep yourself balanced by talkingit over with another spiritual person. We learn best by sharing and performing our skill. Keep ajournal and write down your spiritual progress. Pass on your hard earned knowledge to others.With these different points in mind you have the basic knowledge to live a purpose driven life.
  21. 21. Running Head: Personal Spiritual Growth Reflective Journal 21Chapter 40- 7/29/2011 10:34 pm The last chapter in the book is about living with purpose in your life. Without a purposewe are not living but just existing. My life purpose statement is to live and serve the Lord as hesees fit through my worship, ministry, evangelism, fellowship and discipleship. I hope to besuccessful with my purpose. Right now I feel like I am at the center of my life when it should beGod. It is something to work towards. My character qualities in life are varied. Somecharacteristic I am pleased with others I would like to work on. All were fashioned by Godspecifically for me. My contribution in life is to serve others for God as he sees fit. Mycommunication in life will be to share the word of God through testimony. The community ofmy life is sharing believes about my Father to both believer and nonbelievers. I want to live apurpose driven life.