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Pd champs


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Best Teaching Practices to Improve Discipline
    • Mr. Jose Flores
    • A Track Dean
    • Virgil Middle School
    • 152 N. Vermont Avenue
    • Los Angeles, CA. 90004
    • (213) 368-2800
  • 2. Alternatives to Suspension Pre-emptive Measures Teacher support
        • AIP.
        • ASD.
        • SELAP.
        • Nutrition/lunch Detention.
        • Quarterly Discipline Assemblies.
        • Pre-Citation Notices.
        • California Cadet Corp.
        • Passing Period Supervision.
        • Teacher Visitation Program.
        • Academic Options Room
        • CHAMPS & Best Behavior Practices.
        • Tardy software.
        • Palm Pilots.
        • On Line Referral System
  • 3. Ms. Monique Garcia’s and Ms. Dina Zepeda’s Use of CHAMPs Virgil Middle School 152 N. Vermont Avenue Los Angeles, CA. 90004 (213) 368-2800
  • 4. Attention Signal
    • Students need to be introduced to your attention signal the first few minutes of class on the first day.
    • You should have more than one attention signal.
  • 5. Clear Expectations
    • Outline what you expect from your students for every activity in class.
    • Having clear expectations helps to minimize behavior problems.
  • 6. CHAMPs Expectations Entering the Classroom
  • 7. Conversation
    • Say “hello,” “good morning,” or “good afternoon” to the teacher before you enter the room
    • You may not talk to other students after you enter the classroom
    • However, if you need to say “excuse me” or “thank you,” you may do so in a whisper voice
  • 8. Help
    • If you need help, raise your hand quietly from your seat.
    • I will try to answer your question immediately, but you may have to wait until after I have greeted all of the students at the door
  • 9. Activity
    • Walk directly to your seat
    • If you need to sharpen your pencils, do so before the bell rings
    • Copy your homework from the board into your agenda planner
    • Look at the “Dispatch” assignment and begin working immediately
  • 10. Movement
    • You may get up to sharpen your pencil without permission before the tardy bell rings
    • Otherwise, you should remain seated
  • 11. Participation
    • You are meeting my expectations if you:
    • Sit up straight
    • Copy your homework into your agenda planner
    • Remain seated after sharpening your pencils
    • Begin your dispatch assignment immediately
    • Work quietly
  • 12. Participation
    • You are NOT meeting my expectations if you:
    • Talk to another student
    • Get out of your seat without permission
    • Look somewhere other than at your work
    • Do not have your materials ready
    • Do not start the dispatch assignment right away
  • 13. Behavior Table/Chart
    • A five or ten column roster from ISIS
    • Record behavior
    • -positive
    • -negative
    • -tardies
    • -participation
    • -homework/class work
    • *Different codes for each behavior
  • 14. Behavior Table/Chart Continued….
    • Use for cooperation grades, work habits grades, and parent conferences.
  • 15. Positive Notes
    • Student receives a note from teacher that has to be signed by parent
    • This is to acknowledge students’ positive behavior in class.
    • Try to give anywhere from 3 to 5 positive notes for each class period.
  • 16. Negative Notes
    • Student receives note and has to be signed by parent(s) and returned the following day.
    • If it’s not returned the next day the student(s) will receive paper pick-up.
    • It’s also a means of communication between the teacher and the parents.
  • 17. Tardy Sheet
    • Student has to sign in at the front table when he/she is tardy.
    • If student has a tardy slip, it must be stapled to the tardy sheet.
    • This minimizes disruption of lesson
    • Teacher keeps it as record for parent conferences.
    • For use in work habits grade
  • 18. Positive to Negative Ratio
    • To keep a positive atmosphere in the classroom, teacher praises three positive behaviors for every one negative behavior that occurs.
  • 19. Time is Valuable!
    • Time your class for every activity.
    • They should be able to do everything in a minute or less.
    • When the minute is up, students are expected to wait quietly for the next directions.
  • 20. Repetition
    • Students should repeat important information after you in order to ensure that all students have heard the directions.
    • This is to avoid having twenty kids asking the same information.
  • 21. Homework/Agenda Planner
    • Students are required to have their homework and agenda ready on the corner of their desks as soon as they walk into class.
    • Teacher checks for completion for each student.
  • 22. Homework Excuse Sheet
    • On a front desk or table, have a stack of Homework Excuse Sheets.
    • When students walk into class, they should automatically pick up an excuse sheet if they did not do their homework.
    • Students fill it in explaining why homework has not been completed.
    • Great for use in parent conferences and work habits grades!
  • 23. The Golden Rule 
    • One piece of advice that we try to go by in our classrooms is to treat others the way we would want to be treated.
    • Respect goes a long way.
    • Start by greeting students at the door.
    • Using “Please” and “Thank you” models good manners for our students. 
  • 24. Thank you!
    • Email addresses:
    • Jose Flores
    • [email_address]
    • Monique Garcia
    • [email_address]
    • Dina Zepeda
    • [email_address]