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As a team leader, do you think talented people is what you most need to achieve success ?

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Team leadership

  2. 2. As a team leader, do you thinktalented people is what you mostneed to achieve success ?
  3. 3. If your answer is NO,what is more important than talent ?If your answer is YES,let me tell you a story…
  4. 4. June 2010…The French national soccer team participatesto the final phase of the World Cup…French Players are talentedThe team is among the favorites…
  5. 5. The Head Coach’s nightmare (really)starts during the second game…with a clash with oneof his star players.
  6. 6. Two days later,the player is excluded…One day later,the team goes on strike !
  7. 7. The French team loses its third gameand leaves the World Cup right afterthe qualification phase…
  8. 8. In September 2010, the Head Coach isdismissed for serious misconduct !
  9. 9. Teams can achieve great thingsAnd teams can overperform individuals
  10. 10. BUT a team might break you as a leader !
  11. 11. WHYleaders(and teams)fail or succeed ?
  12. 12. Trust in leadership has been demonstrated tobe a critical component of team performance
  13. 13. Researchers get data from 31 Teams of theNational Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)Source : Dirks, K. T. (2000). Trust in Leadership and Team Performance: Evidence From NCAA Basketball. Journal of Applied Psychology, 85, 1004-1012.
  14. 14. The influence of Players’trust in head coach on teamperformance was…• Nearly equivalent to theinfluence of players’ ability• Greater than the influence oftrust in teammates• Greater for poorly performingteams (compared to winningteams)Source : Dirks (2000).
  15. 15. According to onecoach, trust allowsplayers…(a) "to be willing to accepttheir role, so that they cando what it takes to win"(b) “to be willing to dothings that we ask of themthat are unpleasant or hardbut are necessary to win“.Source : Dirks (2000)., p. 1009.
  16. 16. Players put their doubts, interests and personal goalsaside to direct their efforts toward a common goal.Source : Dirks (2000).
  17. 17. Trust is a license to influenceYour Influence=What you ask ofyour followersXTRUST of yourfollowers in you
  19. 19. UncertaintyInterdependenceGriffin et al. (2007)The importance of trustincreases as uncertaintyand interdependenceincrease
  20. 20. The benefits for leadersof followers’ trustAttitudes1. Affective commitmenttowards the leader2. Acceptation of managerialexplanations & decisions3. Goal commitment4. Broader definition of roleand responsibilitiesBehaviors1. Information exchange2. In-role performance3. Organizational CitizenshipBehaviors4. Proactive behaviors &Initiative TakingTrust is an enabling (and necessary) lever of team performanceDirks & Ferrin, 2002 ; Burke et al., 2007 ; Colquitt et al., 2007 ; Holtz & Harold, 2008
  21. 21. So… as a team leader, do you thinktalented people is what you mostneed to achieve success ?
  22. 22. “Talent winsgames, butteamwork andintelligence winschampionships.”Michael JORDAN
  23. 23. Trust 4 Performance (T4P) is a joint initiativeof professors (HEC-Management School of the University ofLiege and Catholic University of Louvain) to promote trust as alever for sustainable organizational performance.T4P aims to inform the business community aboutthe crucial role of trust between all