Housing And Residence Life Portfolio

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This is a portfolio that I put together representing the work that I have accomplished thus far in the Department of Housing and Residence Life

This is a portfolio that I put together representing the work that I have accomplished thus far in the Department of Housing and Residence Life

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  • 1. Housing and Residence Life Portfolio Dexter O. Stroman
  • 2. Dexter Stroman http://www.linkedin.com/in/dexterostromanDear Hiring Committee,Thank you for taking the time to view my information. I hope that this letter finds you in good healthand in good spirit. I am sending this letter to express my interest for the position of Area Coordinator.This position caught my attention as a role to which I can offer a very unique service. As you review theenclosed resume and application, you will note that my educational background and experiences arediversified and have given me the ability to possess a unique skill set that I believe will be very beneficialto your organization.Your team will benefit from my expertise in these key areas:Y Student Personnel: Experience interacting with students from various demographicbackgroundsb Supervision: Progressive supervisory experience includes background in athletics and studentaffairs in a higher education setting.a Competency: Possess strong organizational skill and technological competence.P Student Development: Effectively established rapport with students to aid in theirdevelopment academically, socially, and professionally.d Client/Customer Service: Effectively build working relationships in order to initiate, facilitate,and complete tasksIn addition to my master’s level credentials in Higher Education, II am currently pursuing a Doctor ofEducation degree in Higher Education Leadership have an outstanding experience operating MicrosoftOffice Operating System programs. I also possess strong communication and interpersonal skills. Also Iam able to work independently and collaboratively on special projects.. I am also very creative,innovative, and have a dynamic sense of self-directedness and the motivation to achieve through lifelonglearning and professional development.I am confident that your needs and my talents are well matched and I look forward to a personalinterview to further discuss how my qualifications meet your needs. Thank you in advance for yourprofessional consideration.Sincerely,Dexter O. Stroman
  • 3. Dexter Stroman http://www.linkedin.com/in/dexterostroman Profile Highlights *Managerial Skills * Team Leadership * Customer Service * Student PersonnelYoung professional poised to transition solid background in student personnel to excel in a highereducation leadership position. Offer outstanding team leadership, organizational skills, andcreativity. Possess well-developed interpersonal skills and have the ability to motivate and directothers in a supportive, cooperative team environment. Well developed administration skills;Exceptional customer service. CORE/TRANSFERABLE COMPETENCIES*Team Leadership *Coaching/Counseling *Computer Skills*Time and Behavior Management *Data Entry *Discipline/Accountability*Operation Oversight *Interpersonal Skills *Technically Savvy PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCENorth Carolina A&T State University Greensboro, NC-2011-PresentStudent Service Specialist/Residence Hall Director for Housing and Residence LifeAssist with the growth and development of over 400 students academically and socially. Serve asrole model/leader/counselor to students to aid them in their goal to be successful in the academicsetting as well as become productive and responsible members of society.North Carolina A&T State University Greensboro, NC-2006-2011Assistant Coach/Academic Coordinator for Intercollegiate Athletics/Video Op. DirectorAssist with the growth and development of over 100 student-athletes academically, athletically,and socially. Serve as role model/leader/counselor to student-athletes to aid them to be successfulin the academic setting as well as in their respective sport. *continued*
  • 4. Dexter Stroman * Page 2 ***continued*** EDUCATION AND CREDENTIALS Bachelor of Arts in Psychology North Carolina A&T State University, 2007, SACS- Greensboro, NC Master of Science in Adult Education North Carolina A&T State University, 2010, SACS-Greensboro, NC Doctor of Education in Higher Education Leadership Walden University, Expected 2014 Professional Development/Committees Resident Assistant Selection/Training/Development Committee (2011) Adult Education Research Conference (2010) LRS Sports Editing Software Workshop/Seminar (2008) Physical Associations North Carolina Housing Officers (2011) Collegiate Sports Video Association (2009) EMPOWER-Adult Education Organization for NCA&T (2009) North Carolina A&T State University Football Team (2003-2005) Digital Associations ACPA Commission for Housing and Residential LifeAssociation of College & University Housing Officers- International (ACUHO-I) National Association of Student Personnel Association The Housing and Residence Life Network ***References upon Request***
  • 5. Dexter Stroman * Page 3 ***continued***Key Contributions/Achievements:K2011-2012 Residence Hall of Year Recipient; supervised and developed 2011-2012 NC A&T Housingand Residence Life Resident Assistant of the Year and Programmer of the Year.a Implemented Cooper Hall Honors Program. Implemented “Cooper Hall Commando” Flag Football Program in partnership withCampus Intramural Department, which was designed to provide young males anopportunity to participate in an extracurricular activity that promoted accountability,teamwork, competition, and respect for others.t Supervised assigned staff of 12 (9 Resident Assistants, 2 Peer Mentors, 1 GraduateDirector)D Coordinated with members of the Center for Academic Excellence to monitor progress ofstudent-athletes to aid in the increase of the Football Teams Student Athlete’s AnnualProgress Rate score. (Fall 2010- 983)P Designed class schedule document to provide to coaching staff the ability to monitorspecific groups of student-athletes on campus.s Secured relationship with individual faculty and staff to aid in the process of monitoringstudent-athletes academic progress over the course of the semester.s Secured relationship with Federal Work Study Coordinator to increase the amount ofallotted student workers needed to operate Video Operation Staff efficiently. SavedAthletic Department over $10,000 in work labor.A Developed video operations manual for NC A&T football video staff which consisted ofnewly obtained student workers to maximize efficiency and production.n Received special invitation to be Videographer for the Inaugural Historically BlackCollege and University (HBCU) and Small College Combine sponsored by the US NavySeals and the National Football League.S Created Highlight Video that aided the North Carolina A&T State University to secure the2010 #1 Recruiting Class for Historically Black College and Universities2 Assisted athletic department with day to day interoffice activities, operations, andprocedures. Generated weekly reports for student-athletes, oversaw all video operationprocedure for football and recruiting needs.Prior Experience includes Customer Service Representative/Load Puller for Lowe’s HomeImprovement of Greensboro, NC.
  • 6. ABOUT ME
  • 7. Dexter O. Stroman 5+ Years of Student Personnel Experience  Student-Athletics  Housing and Residence Life  Majority 1st Year College Students Progressive Supervisory Experience Excellent Customer Service Team Player/Collaborative Leader/Manager Humanistic Approach  Whole-Person Development Role Model Directed 2011-2012 NC A&T Housing and Residence Life “Residence Hall of the Year”.
  • 8. PERSONAL PROJECTS Retool Cooper Hall(2011)  Project that assessed the environment of Cooper Hall, a residence hall on the campus of North Carolina A&T State University Carl Rogers’s Person-Centered Theory (2011)  Theory that focus on the Humanistic perspective of learning and therapy NC A&T Video Operation Manual (2010)  Manual for Staff for NC A&T Football Team Video Staff
  • 9. Organization&Philosophy
  • 10. “As iron sharpens iron, so oneman sharpens another.” (Proverbs27:17)One of the best things I have learned is that God does notbring people into my life so I can make them just like me. Godwants us to be different. He’s given us different personalities,different strengths, different hobbies and different looks. He’smade us all different so we can sharpen one another andcause each other to rise up higher in life.If you’re going to be happy and enjoy your relationships, you’vegot to learn from the people in your life. If you do not focus onthe right things, you’ll end up allowing the little irritations tocause you to become resentful. Remember, nobody is perfect.If you’re going to grow, you’ve got to be willing to overlooksome things. Our assignment is not to fix people. Ourassignment is to love people. Our assignment is to sharpenone another so we can move forward in the good plan God hasprepared.
  • 11. Philosophy of a Housing and Residence Life Department Housing and Residence Life is viewed as animportant, integral part of the total educational program.The intent of the program is to impart sound learningexperiences, skills, attitudes and ideals to the student. Thiswould enable students to strive competitively withinindividual contests and equip them in a well-rounded senseto attain physical, mental and emotional maturity. Thus,even though the aim of housing and residence life programis to compete on an even basis with other schools its mainmission is to provide a stimulating living environment that isaffordable, safe, comfortable , clean and responsive to adiversified and changing student body. Housing andResidence Life should strive to achieve this throughservicing the student with activities, experiences, andopportunities that compliment the University’s educationalexperience and the student’s own goals and operations.
  • 12. Area Coordinator Posted CompetenciesAs posted in the in Job Description for Area Coordinator, it is expected that the AC be able to function competently in this leadership role. Examples of having required competencies7. MANAGING WORK PROCESSES A. Ability to create and facilitate learning opportunities that may include active participation, networking with colleagues in other organizations or attending in- house training on related system operations. i. As HD, consistently provided chances for RAs to grow professionally by allowing them to run their own staff meetings ii. Cooper Hall Flag Football Program- produced 6 Dean List Students iii. Implemented Cooper Hall Academic Award System9. MANAGING WORK AND PERFORMANCE A. Ability to review accomplishments of the unit over a short-range period to meet programmatic expectations and outcomes. i. Implemented RA of the month Ranking System (New RA of the Year) ii. Implemented In-Hall Lockout Policy iii. Set strategic schedule to allow RAs ability to effectively plan programs for residents.3. COORDINATION-OPERATIONS A. Ability to coordinate and manage a broad scope of work operations and processes to meet programmatic expectations and outcomes. • Effectively revamped Resident Assistant Selection Process13. CLIENT/CUSTOMER SERVICE A. Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with client/customers in order to initiate, facilitate and complete work in assigned student service program area. A. Have effectively established rapport with students B. Have effectively established rapport with campus stakeholders such as University Police, Housing and Residence Life Administrators, Athletics, and other entities that are vital to the success of Housing and Residence Life.
  • 13. RESPONSIBILITIES OF AN AREA COORDINATOR1. TO THE COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY: Every obligation I have to the college/university must be carried out with integrity and completed to the best of my ability. My performance as a professional must be up to par with all other faculty and staff members. Whether its out on the campus, working with the student on a personal problem or talking about sports and other current events, each student must feel welcome to approach me. Secondly, and most important, I must be a first-class role model for every young man/woman that attends our college/university. More often than not, housing professionals have as much influence on young people as anyone. It is my responsibility to contribute to the development of each and every student who attends our college/university.2. TO MY COMMUNITY: My role in the community must be one that is very active while offering a positive contribution. At all times I am representing the college/university. My actions, which speak louder than words, must make the people who are part of the college/university proud. Involvement in organizations within the community is important.3. TO THE STUDENTS: It is the Area Coordinator’s responsibility to create an environment that is allows learning to take place which can be carried over into a student’s academic and personal life. It is also the Area Coordinator’s responsibility to give each student the opportunity to be the best student/resident they can possibly be. This must be accomplished through treating each individual with respect and giving them the opportunity to succeed.4. TO MY COLLEAGUES: The Area Coordinator must give each member on their staff the opportunity to excel in the housing profession. Hall Directors are involved by being given responsibilities and the opportunity to be involved in the decision-making process. I sincerely believe a supporting staff will become as much involved as the Area Coordinator will let them. In essence, I must be able to train my staff to be able to do my job and be confident in my abilities to keep my job. It is also my belief that if a Hall Director has the opportunity to move up in the profession, that administration has the responsibility to actively support their interest in any way that can be beneficial. Lastly, and most importantly, the work environment must be comfortable for everyone. Loyalty must be a two-way street.
  • 14. WHAT I CAN EXPECT FROM YOUTo accept, execute and define all policies, philosophies and decisions we make.To voice your opinions in our meetings.To study and work hard to make yourself the BEST Administrator in the country.To exhibit character and never embarrass yourself, your family or your school.To work together for a common goal of winning.To treat our students and fellow colleagues with dignity and respect.To be positive and never doubt that we will be successful.To be loyal.WHAT YOU/STAFF CAN EXPECT FROM METo run a well-organized program so that you will be able to function effectively.To maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to working.To listen intently to your suggestions.To give you responsibility and authority.To work just as hard or harder than anyone here and provide the leadership needed to besuccessful.To treat you like a professional with dignity and respect.To be totally concerned about you and your family regardless of what problems confront you.To be very loyal to my staff and do anything I can to help them advance professionally.To let you do your job within your personality.To let you know within the confines of a staff meeting or in private when you have beenderelict in your duties.5. TO MYSELF:To always give God the glory for the blessing to use my talent for the betterment of others.It is important that the position I hold offers me the opportunity to continue to grow spiritually,personally and professionally.
  • 15. WHAT I EXPECT FROM MY STAFFThere are five things we expect from any staff member on our team.They are:HUSTLE – Not every staff member is trying to be the President/Chancellor, but everyone canhustle 100% of the time. Each member has to be an uncommon person because the commonperson does things differently. Mediocrity cannot be tolerated at any time. Our staff membersmust be committed to the pursuit of excellence. The Administration must set the stage forsuccess by being prepared and demanding hustle.TO SHOW COURAGE - I believe that housing and residence life is a great profession because itis so much like life itself. In no other profession do you get knocked down as much as you do inhousing. This is the same way in life. We get knocked down but we get up with more determinedeffort to be successful. I feel it is important for all of our staff to show courage because this is theprimary way their colleagues will respect them. The more honor and respect among the team,the greater the team. Colleagues do not respect ability, they stand in awe of it.KNOW THEIR ASSIGNMENTS - Whatever we do in housing and residence life, we do not havea chance to be successful if we do not do our assignments. The great staffs are great because oftheir consistency and execution. For us to be a award winning staff, all stakeholders must knowwhat to do and how to accomplish it. It is administrations responsibility to make sure that ourplayers are ready to perform at the highest level. It is not what the administration knows that isimportant, it is what our team knows that really counts.CARE ABOUT BEING GREAT - All great organizations are marked by a desire to achieve. It isokay for our staff to have individual goals, we should encourage these. But nothing can comparewith the thrill of a team pulling together for a common goal of greatness. Everybody on our teammust contribute to being the best. It is amazing what we can accomplish as a team when no onecares who gets the credit.LOYALTY – Following three simple rules will show your loyalty to the team : 1) Do what is right,2) Do the best you can, and 3) Treat others as you would like to be treated.These five items are should demanded of everyone who represents this housing and residencelife team. Not everyone can make every decision for everything. As a member of this team, youmust be able to accept your role. This is why I believe the attitude is so vitally important.
  • 16. RA Recruitment
  • 17. Recruiting PhilosophyThe recruitment of students is the lifeblood to the continuing success of our Resident Assistantprogram. With this being said, we will make a campus wide search for the best students that fitthe philosophy of the housing and residence life program and our school.In the recruiting process, we must bring to the forefront the qualities that make our school specialand unique. We must be able to expand on the strengths of our academics, the quality of ourfacilities, our community and the environment of our campus life.The resident assistants that we will recruit will not only do well in the classroom but also will be ofgreat moral character. Having students in our program with great moral character is vitallyimportant to its overall success. Staff will look for young men/women that will not only representour program and school with class and dignity, but will carry themselves in a positive manner thatcan be seen in all phases of their lives.
  • 18. Resident Assistant Interest LetterDear Student,Congratulations on your good academic standing with (Insert SchoolHere). Housing and Residence Life would like you to consider theResident Assistant, student leadership position for academic year(Insert Year Here).As a Resident Assistant you would serve as a leader to the collegeresidential community. Also, as a Resident Assistant you wouldcreate a residence hall environment of positive engagement andmutual respect.Compensation for work as a Resident Assistant is a single room at adouble rate in the building of assignment, along with a stipend ofabout (Insert Amount Here)for the year.Professional work experience, leadership development and training,and enhanced life skills are other gains. The Resident Assistantposition is also a resume builder, with the Resident Assistantprogram recognized by many companies as a leadership position.Below is the application link where you can apply for the ResidentAssistant position.If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact the residentassistant selection committee at the information provided below.Link: (Insert Here)Best of Luck,-RA Selection Committee-
  • 19. LETTER TO STAFF PERTAINING TO RA SELECTION DAYAfternoon:Please review attached documents to gather information to complete your RA Pre-Selection Chart.The goal is to expedite the selection process. Fill each space with a RA that you want to pick foryour staff. If the RA that is next on your list has been selected then proceed to another RA fromyour chart. The order of selection is located on the "RA Pre-Selection Chart" document.Selection Rules:1.The selection will be a round-robin process. The order will be determined by random selection.The end of each round will start the next round in reverse order to give each buildingrepresentative a chance to pick from the qualified RA pool as well. For example, if MorrowHall has the 1st pick in round 1 and Barbee has the last pick in round 1, then in round 2Barbee will have the 1st pick and Morrow will have the last pick in round 2, and so forth.2.In the interest of time each building will have 30 seconds to make their selection; so comeprepared. Failure to pick on time will forfeit your pick for that round.3.You may fill your building as you see fit. If you want all returners; so be it. If you want mostlynew; so be it. The RA Selection committee recommends a 50:50 Returner/New staff but that is justa suggestion. You pick your staff.4.Once your building is filled, you may leave the selection process.5.You are only allowed one (1) TRADE after the selection process. However, prior to the selectionprocess you may trade selection order with another building. Send trade request to RA SelectionCommittee Members NAME(S) by DATE at TIME. Confirmation must be made before traderequest is approved.This should be a smooth, expedient, fun, and efficient process. Good luck to all HDs/GHDsinvolved in the selection process. It is the hope of the RA Selection Committee that you are able toselect from the list of qualified applicants to build an outstanding staff that will aid in the growthand development of each resident.Sincerely,-RA Selection Committee-
  • 20. RA Pre-Selection ChartYou do not have to pick in the order of the chart. This is just a pre-selection listfor you to make your selection process a smooth and efficient process. Class Selection Name Gender New/Ret 1 (Returner from Your Building) John Doe Male Returner S S 2 John Doe Male Returner S 3 John Doe Male New S 4 John Doe Male Returner S 5 John Doe Male New S 6 John Doe Male New S 7 John Doe Male New S 8 John Doe Male New S 9 John Doe Male New S 10 John Doe Male New S 11 John Doe Male Returner S 12 John Doe Male Returner S 13 John Doe Male Returner S 14 John Doe Male New S 15 John Doe Male Returner S 16 John Doe Male Returner S 17 John Doe Male Returner S 18 John Doe Male Returner S 19 John Doe Male Returner S 20 John Doe Male Returner
  • 21. LETTER TO CANDIDATES INFORMING OF INTERVIEWAfternoon Candidates,Congratulations on this very important step in the RA Selection Process. Interviewsare scheduled for this upcoming weekend (Insert Dates Here). Please review theattachment to confirm your time and location for your interview. Also, show up earlyas interviews are schedule for 30 minute increments. However, if an interview iscompleted earlier then you may begin your interview (based on the interviewer).Remember, this is a major part of the process as this is your opportunity to impressthe staff members that will interview you. Be confident, be encouraged, and mostimportantly believe that you are the right person for this job. The location in whichyou are interviewing does NOT mean that you are interviewing for that particularbuilding.A few helpful reminders (optional):Be punctualBring your Transcript if you have not provided one yetBring your resumeBring a professional picture of your self- (helps to put a face to a name duringreview)Be yourselfBe confidentThe RA Selection Committee wishes you the best of luck on your interviews andwe look forward to meeting you in person.If you have any conflicts please contact the RA Selection Committee so that wemay try to reschedule your interview.If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact us atanytime.Best Wishes,RA Selection Committee
  • 23. 360 Reach SurveyRESULTS Survey of Colleagues Perception of Dexter Stroman
  • 24. My Brand Attributes Competitive (6) Community-oriented (5) Confident (5) Dependable (5) Easygoing (5) Persuasive (5) Reliable (5) Supportive (5) Driven (4) Outgoing (4) Positive (4) Pro-active (4) Trustworthy (4) Ambitious (3) Big (personality) (3) Cheerful (3) Extroverted (3) Funny (3) Honest (3) Inventive (3) Likable (3) Motivating (3) Optimistic (3) Visionary (3) Adaptable (2) Collaborative (2) Creative (2) Energetic (2) Enthusiastic (2) Entrepreneurial (2) Flexible (2) Happy (2) Inspiring (2) Intelligent (2) Loyal (2) Passionate (2) Physically Fit (2) Sincere (2) Strategic (2) Adventurous (1) Assertive (1) Charming (1) Conservative (1) Curious (1) Devoted (1) Diplomatic (1) Enterprising (1) forceful (1) Generous (1) Humble (1) Methodical (1) Modest (1) Organized (1) Self-motivated (1) Shy (1) Spirited (1) Worldly (1)
  • 25. My Brand SkillsCoaching (14) Inspiring others (8) Managing conflict (6) Relating toEmpowering (5) others/Building Solving problems (5) relationships (5) Communicating(listeninBrainstorming (4) Visioning (4) g, speaking) (4)Counseling (3) Developing ideas (3) Facilitating groups (3)Identifying problems (3) Innovating (3) Managing people (3)Motivating (3) Budgeting (2) Creating (2)Establishing thought- Growing professionally Managing crisis (2)leadership (2) (2)Meeting/Exceeding Teaching (2) Team building (2)success targets (2)Analyzing figures (1) Delegating (1) Designing (1)Interviewing (1) Inventing (1) Investigating (1)Learning (1) Making decisions (1) Managing projects (1) Organizing (content,Measuring success (1) Mediating (1) activities) (1)Presenting (1) Prioritizing (1) Writing reports (1)
  • 26. STRENGTHSYour greatest strengths:Ability to adapt (1)Authoritative (1)Ability to act as a leader (1)Always positive and goal oriented (1)Creativity (1)Caring for and encouraging others, he strives daily to support everyone around him. (1)Dependability (1)Dexters greatest strength is teaching and making others better. (1)Dexter is able to communicate with all types of people. He meets no strangers which makeshim likeable to almost all he meets. (1)Dexter is very persuasive. (1)Easy to get along (1)Great Team Leader (1)Hes dependable (1)His passion for the work he does and the students he works with. (1)integrity (1)Innovative (1)Knowing his audience (1)Management (1)The ability to work with others (1) WEAKNESSESSN/A (2)Needs to be firm in his decision making and when addressing issues of concern. Avoidjoking at the same time. (1)Being too laid back at times. I would like to see Dexter be more proactive and confident inhis presentation/delivery of ideas. (1)Dexters greatest weakness is that he doesnt understand how much his residents andemployees respect him. (1)Dexter could be a little more organized. (1)Extremely busy at time and can sometime be hard to get in touch with (1)Goes in a lot of directions at once (1)I cannot think of one. (1)Managing time (1)None well rounded (1)Not enforcing punishments every time he says he will enforce them (1)Over thinking (1)Organization (1)Pushy (1)Speaking sometimes you have to probe to get a concise thought. (1)too jovial at times (1)Taking on others responsibilities (1)
  • 27. Projective exercisesType of Car:1997 dodge caravan, very creative idea, fit for comfort, but not much get up and go. (1)a bus because hes talented at taking people along with him. (1)a f150, because he is dependable and will help get you out of tough situations. (1)a truck because with his strong character he is able to accomplish difficult jobs (1)Cadillac because it flows smoothly on the road. (1)Corvette, because its a fast car and can be slowed when necessary. i see him as such (1)Dexter would be a range rover. he is big and comfortable and warm in the inside. (1)Dodge charger because he is definitely a "go-getter." Dexter charges for what he wants in life. forexample) to be an African American male in his 20s and almost having obtain his doctoral while alsoworking. (1)F150 truck, big an reliable, tough (1)F150...built ford tough (1)Ford f150 - bulky guy physically, but can take on heavy challenges and get through the dirt. (1)Ford f350 cause your big and can hold a lot of weight emotional/phisical (1)Honda, because he is dependable abd reliable (1)Jaguar because he is smooth but also pushes others. (1)Lexus (1)Lincoln town car; very easy and smooth (1)not sure (1)Race car because of the energy he has for work. (1)Rolls Royce because he has a big and innovative mind (1)
  • 28. Projective ExercisesType of Cereal:captain crunch because hes in charge and people know it, but still a little goofy, needing direction causeif he sits in the milk too long he becomes soggy. (1)Captain crunch; he appeals to a wide audience. (1)Captain crunch cause you don’t change much and your not boring like the other plain cereals (1)Cheerios, because Dexter is very caring about others and helps them by giving great advice. (1)Cheerios...consistent (1)Cherrios, because he makes you feel good. (1)corn flakes because at times you may not like his ideas but overall its whats best for you (1)corn flakes, because he doesnt sugar coat anything. (1)corn pops because the fun just dont stop; got to have my pops! (1)Dexter would be a box of apple jacks because although they are very healthy for you; they are also verydelicious. this relates to Dexter in the sense that he really motivates and pushes professionalism in hisresidents, but he is very "down to earth" at the same time. (1)Dexter would be apple jacks. they are sweet, but have that little spice to them. .Dexter is a very nice individual, but he can bring out his attitude when it is necessary. (1)Fiber one, he is someone you have to have in your life. (1)Fruit loops (1)Honey nut cheerios (1)Oatmeal. holding things together (1)Oatmeal because of his ability to stick to what he is doing. (1)Raisin bran, good and healthy. he is a problem solver. he is a visionary, so he willAlleviate the problem before it occurs. (1)Rice Crispies because Dexter will make moves to get the job done and in the midst have popping ideas.(1)Wheaties, because they are healthy and strong (1)
  • 29. Team Role(6) Motivator - inspires others to be their best and successful members of the team.(3) Administrator - manages administrative tasks, responds to questions, keeps teammembers informed.(3) Leader - creates a vision, assembles the team, takes charge, assigns tasks, measuresprogress.(2) Creator - comes up with creative ideas for what to do and how to do it.(2) Facilitator - orchestrates the group, helping it to achieve its goal.(2) Project Manager - manages all aspects of the project (budget, people, schedule, etc.)(1) Doer - takes a portion of the project and executes it.
  • 30. My Brand AttributesDexter Stroman has done a great job as HD for Cooper Hall. He helped me reach my fullpotential being a great Resident Assistant (RA), which allowed me to win Best New RA (PowerHouse Award) and Program of the Year along with my partner Peter Akinleye. He also changedthe image of Cooper Hall, by encouraging his RA staff and residents to participate in dress forsuccess Monday. These are only a few of Dexter’s great achievements during his first year as aHall Director. From now his ability to serve will only rise. With that being said Dexter Stroman isa great consideration for Area Coordinator. –Carlos CarterDexter along with his staff completely renovated the image of Cooper Hall creating a positiveperspective of the dorm. Along with a variety of activities that we implemented such as CooperHall Choir, the Step Team, and our retention/tutoring sessions Cooper Hall as an openenvironment for all individuals- Dexter is a great person all around. He has many skill sets that makes him successful and thathe uses to make others around him successful as well!- Continue to help lead this African American Males to success and dont be afraid to implementyour ideas.- Dexter Stroman is a strong team builder. With a back ground in coaching he has taken thatconcept and applied to being a Director of a Residence Hall. His students are team players,leaders amongst themselves, and his staff can run the plays where he calls them or not.- Dexter has all the qualities to become an extremely successful man. One thing that I canhonestly say is that Dexter does not judge people. He talks to all people no matter how they lookor act. In addition to that, Dexter is also a very productive person. He has a vision for the tasksthat he wants to tackle and he’s know how to get it done.- You can be a little pushy but that’s only cause you want the best for everybody.
  • 31. Academics
  • 32. ACADEMIC AWARD PROGRAM “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”- Theodore Roosevelt Housing and Residence Life Academic Award Program GOAL: To help first students acclimate two new social, academic andathletic environments. PHILOSOPHY: When talking about the retention, the biggest emphasis must beplaced on providing an environment that cultivates learning and creatingsome type of “prestige”. Some suggestions for maintaining students toreturn to campus housing and returning to the university in general arelisted next. *Recognize and Reward staff and residents for their workthroughout the year as well as throughout the semester. *For Example: 2.75 or better- Housing and Residence Life Academic Team 3.00 or better- Individual Hall Director’s List 3.50 or better- Individual Hall Scholar ‘s List
  • 33. Academics Anonymous “Academics Anonymous” Details1. “Academics Anonymous” is available Monday through Thursday at7:00 to 9:00 PM2. “Academics Anonymous” will be held at a facility on campus that canaccommodate our needs.3. “Academics Anonymous” runs every week, Monday throughThursday, with the exceptions of the weeks of Thanksgiving, spring breakand final exam weeks. “Academics Anonymous” should be monitoredboth Fall and Spring semesters.4 Each night there will be a Peer Mentor available at the “AcademicsAnonymous”. There needs to be at least be a math tutor and a writingtutor available to assist the students. If tutors in other areas are neededwe will try to get them as well
  • 34. QUESTIONS TO ASKYOURSELF! Can Dexter do the job?  Your Answer: No doubt in my mind. Will Dexter love the job?  Your Answer: No doubt in my mind. Will Dexter fit in with our culture here? Will he make us better?  Your Answer: No doubt in my mind.
  • 35. MY ONE QUESTION.When do I start?