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DEXMA provides energy management software for corporate, commercial, public administration and industrial sectors. DEXCell Energy Manager 3.2 is a software-as-a-service platform, hardware-neutral, to reduce energy use and cost, through continuous monitoring, analysis, alarms and reports. DEXMA offers its software through a Global Partners Network composed by more than 150 companies in 24 countries, most of them Energy Services Company, Integrators and VARs. Try our Online DEMO at For more information about DEXMA, visit

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  • For the typical 50,000-square-foot office building, that’s equal to about $11,000 in savings per year!
  • DEXMA - Corporate Presentation 2015

    1. 1. Barcelona, @dexma / 2015 Corporate Presentation 2015 DEXMA Corporate Presentation
    2. 2. Barcelona, @dexma / 2015 Corporate Presentation DEXMA activity • DEXMA provides Energy Management Software for corporate, commercial, public administration and industrial sectors • DEXCell Energy Manager is a cloud-based energy management analytics software, hardware-neutral, to reduce energy use and cost, through continuous monitoring, analytics, alarms, reports, awareness and control • DEXMA offers worldwide its software through a Global Partners Network composed by more than 195 companies, most of them Energy Services Company, Integrators and VARs Recognitions & mentions TOP3 EMS by reviews
    3. 3. Barcelona, @dexma / Presentación corporativa Corporate buildings Universities Hotels Supermarkets Restaurants & Retail Museums Public administration Industry Utilities & Telecom Banks Markets & Customers
    4. 4. Barcelona, @dexma / 2015 Corporate Presentation Global footprint France UK Italy Belgium
    5. 5. Barcelona, @dexma / Presentación corporativa Market Position +900 End customers +195 Partners 5 Global regions with active projects: EMEA, USA&CA, LATAM, AFRICA and ASIA 30 Countries with Partners: USA, France, UK, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Malaysia, Chile, Brasil, Colombia, Peru, Dominican Republic, Saudi Arabia and Australia 12 Multi lingual software available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Greek, Catalan, Euskera +10.000M Total readings stored since 2010 +80 Hardware Vendors & Meter Manufacturers integrated
    6. 6. Barcelona, @dexma / 2015 Corporate Presentation Control “You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure” hardware & communications software BMS / SCADA Energy management value chain Bill tracking and validation Analytics & benchmarking Alarms & reporting electricity, gas, water Monitoring and targeting Fiscal metering Energy Management Software (EMS)
    7. 7. Barcelona, @dexma / 2015 Corporate Presentation • Why energy management matters – Energy represents about 19% of total expenditures for the typical office building – Facilities managers know that most buildings consume up to 30% more energy than the necessary – Monthly energy bills give no useful information to reduce energy usage – Energy cost is increasing The problem Continuously monitoring a building’s energy systems can lead to reductions of 10% to 20% in annual energy cost
    8. 8. Barcelona, @dexma / 2015 Corporate Presentation Products energy management software
    9. 9. Barcelona, @dexma / 2015 Corporate Presentation DEXCell Energy Manager is a cloud-based energy management analytics software, hardware-neutral, to reduce energy use and cost Energy Management Software (EMS) Drivers for purchasing an EMS 67% Cost savings 40% Energy targets 33% Financial data tracking 27% Carbon management 27% Reporting
    10. 10. Barcelona, @dexma / 2015 Corporate Presentation Features Dashboard Analytics Alerts Reporting Navigation Configuration Energy APPs Market
    11. 11. Barcelona, @dexma / 2015 Corporate Presentation DEXCell Energy Manager main features Custom dashboards for all user roles: Energy Manager, Maintenance staff, Financial Officer, Executive Officer… Define your control panel or Dashboard based on project main indicators according to your vision, in a easy-to- configure way • Go from a global to local view • Quickly understand complex usage data • Create hundreds of customizable views • Aggregate data from thousands of locations and filter them by tag or zone • Quickly share dashboards between users and reduce configuration time Real-time analytics and monitoring: From global to local Analyze your data regardless of the project complexity, from aggregated overall consumption to in-deep submetering • quarter-hourly, half-hourly, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly consumptions • All different sources: Electricity, gas, water, liquid fuels, compressed air, etc. • Hierarchy and tags: Geographical and logical clustering • Define Work orders in the timeline or add project comments related to improvements, incidences or inefficiencies. • More than 10 types of advances analysis: Cost allocation, passive consumption, reactive, peak demand, etc. Decision making: Benchmarking at any level through Energy Performance indicators (EnPI’s) Make decisions with confidence information extracted from advanced benchmarking techniques and only invest in Energy Efficiency where most profitable is. • Quickly detect which are the best and the worst facilities from your portfolio • Invest in energy efficiency on facilities that have greater savings potential and get higher returns. • Fully custom Energy Performance Indicators based on Surface, cooling degree-days, heating degree- days, average daily temperature, occupancies, productions, etc. • Use any metering variable as a ratio, or even define your own constant or semi-constant ones.
    12. 12. Barcelona, @dexma / 2015 Corporate Presentation EVO’s IPMVP protocol: Real-time savings verification Certify achieved energy savings according to IPMVP protocol by comparing your current consumption vs your baseline. • Certify and validate savings in a objective way • Monitor your Energy Efficiency Measure portfolio in real-time, quantifying achieved savings • Easily detect when your consumption exceed what was expected Basic and advanced reports: Report energy savings to entire community Set up automated reports to receive, weekly or monthly, advanced data analysis in your e-mail, ready to make decisions. • EXCEL or pdf reports • Weekly, monthly, quarterly or on-demand automations • Custom figures • Comments insertion • Send to e-mail only to indicated users • Electricity, gas, water, cost, EnPI’s, trends, benchmarking, etc. Energy App Market©: Energy Management has no limit Third-party developed apps market to get the most of your data, covering all project requirements. • Apps developed by DEXMA’s Partner Channel • Differentiate from other partners developing your own apps. • Develop your own apps if DEXCell Energy Manager doesn’t covers all your project needs • Get revenue from selling your apps into Energy App Market© • Analysis, reports, widgets, alerts, data backups apps. • Goals, targets, budgeting, renewables energy, forecast… DEXCell Energy Manager main features
    13. 13. Barcelona, @dexma / 2015 Corporate Presentation ¡Try it now for free! Registering at Online DEMO
    14. 14. Barcelona, @dexma / 2015 Corporate Presentation Energy APPs Market
    15. 15. Barcelona, @dexma / 2015 Corporate Presentation Supported hardware vendors Contadores fiscales IEC/DLMS
    16. 16. Barcelona, @dexma / 2015 Corporate Presentation CommunicationsDevices / meters Network Software cloud-based DEXGate gateway DEXCell Energy Manager Internet Utility meters BMS / SCADA / … Cloud architecture
    17. 17. Barcelona, @dexma / 2015 Corporate Presentation 1. cloud-based 4. high scalability2. + features! 7. security5. OEM 8. mobile 3. multi-vendor 6. integration 9. market Top 9 Reasons Why Customers Choose Us
    18. 18. Barcelona, @dexma / 2015 Corporate Presentation Channel Partner Program
    19. 19. Barcelona, @dexma / 2015 Corporate Presentation END USERPARTNER - Consulting - Project management - Deployment - Energy Manager outsourcing - ESCOs contract - Channel recruiting - Partner training - Case studies - Sales enablement - Lead generation END USER END USER Sales plan Deal registration Lead distribution Partner Program
    20. 20. Barcelona, @dexma / 2015 Corporate Presentation Partnership Categories
    21. 21. Barcelona, @dexma / 2015 Corporate Presentation Energy Services Companies / Facility Managers / Integrators / Engineering companies / Utilities / Telecoms Partner network Gold Partners Silver Partners ISV Partners Utility Partners Platinium Partners
    22. 22. Barcelona, @dexma / 2015 Corporate Presentation DEXMA (+34) 93 181 01 95 London Barcelona
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