Snow White (Drama)


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Snow White (Drama)

  1. 1. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way… There was a kingdom that led by a queen, Ravenna. One day,she was talking with the magic mirror, snow white peeped at her.Queen : Mirror, mirror on the wall... Who is the most fairest of them all?Mirror : Of course you, my Queen.Queen : Hahahaha... And who is the most beautiful of them all?Mirror : My Queen... you’re getting old and your beauty is fading. So you’re not the most beautiful of them all.Queen : whattt?!!Mirror : Snow white is the most beautiful of them all.Queen : *Knock on the table*I’ll send her to the hell! Hunter! Hunter!Hunter : Yes, my queen.Queen : Kill snow white!Hunter : Right now?Queen : No. Next year. Of course now, stupid!Hunter : Hmmm.. are you sure?Queen : You wanna die?Hunter : Oh, no.. no my Queen. I’ll kill her.Queen : So do it now!!Hunter : *go away*Queen : I need a rest. I’ll take a napKnew that, Snow White tried to escapeherself from the palace, but...Hunter : Haaa! You can’t run away, sweety.. HahahahaSnow : Look!Hunter : Huh?Snow : *Run away* Hahaha.. Stupid!Hunter :Eh? Hey! Wait, Wait! Arggghh.. Where is she? Damn! Ravenna will angry to me. Shit! Argh.. whatever. She’ll die here.Snow white get lost in the middle of the Dark Forest.Snow : I’m so scare.. God, please show me the way.Then, suddenly 3 dwarfs come. They’re singing a happy song.Snow : Oh my God! The dwarfs!*hiding under the table*Dwarfs : Jigidigi Jigidigi Jigidigi Jig Aw!Taya : Wait! *Stop Suddenly*Christ : Argh... you! What’s going on?Taya : I smell something.. A human!Yosua : I.. I... ca..can.. sme..Christ : Smell!Yosua : Smell it to.. to..Christ : Too! Stupid!Taya : Look! Ssshh...Felicia Dewi IX B
  2. 2. Then, they walk slowly toward the place where Snow White exist.Then..Dwarfs : Duarrrr!Snow : *Shock* Oh, please... Please.. Please don’t eat me. Please.. *begging*Christ : We won’t eat you, you know?Yoshua : Ya! We.. wi..will.. not.. e.. y...Taya : Eat you! Yeah, We are...Dwarfs : VEGETARIAN! WuhuuuuuSnow : Really?! Hurray! I’m lost. Can I stay at your home?Dwarfs : *discuss* Hompimpa alayum gambreng.Christ : Yes. You?Yoshua : Yes. You?Taya : Yes. Let’s tell her.Dwarfs : *one, two, three* CONGRATULATION!Snow : Huh? *Confused*Taya : You’ve successed got 3 YES from us!Snow : So?Christ : why you don’t understand?Yoshua : it.. it.. me.. me..Taya : Ssshhh *shut Yoshua’s mouth up* You can stay with us.Snow : Yippiiii! Let’s back home *pull the dwarf’s hands*Dwarfs : Huh?Taya : Do you know where we live?Snow : No. Hehe.. peace.Dwarfs : Eleehhh...Beside that, in the palace...Hunter : My Queen! She..Queen : What happened?Hunter : She is in the dark forest now.Queen : You didn’t kill her? WHAT?!!Hunter : Don’t worry. She will die. As Soon As Possible.Queen : Grrrr.... HUNTERRRRRRR!!! Why you so useless?Hunter : Hey! We played Peek A boo. But..Queen : Shut up! Go back to your position.Hunter : *turn back*Queen : Oh, no, no... Come here! I need to make my new hair-style. As far as I know, you’re also a barber, huh? How if... you design my hair?Hunter : So, you mean..Queen :Yeah, you’re my hair designer now.Hunter : Yes! Finally. Thank you my Queen. Thank you. I will cut your hair. Don’t worry. I will do my best.Queen : Whatever. Now, go away.Hunter : Okay.Felicia Dewi IX B
  3. 3. Queen : I’ll kill her by myself. Mirror, Mirror on the wall.. Show me where is she!Mirror : What will you do my Queen?Queen : Hahahah.. I will be an apple seller. And I will put poison into the apple. Then, she will die. HahahahaAfter the mirror showed the place where Snow White exist, The Queen started her tactic. When she wason the way to The Dwarf’s home.. one of the dwarfs meet her.Dwarfs : Keep moving, Keep moving. Keep moving...Yoshua : The.. The.. The..Christ : Shh... Keep Moving, Keep moving.The Dwarfs passed the Queen. When the Queen arrived..Queen : *knock on the door*Snow : Who’s there?Queen : Apple seller.Snow : Oh.. I’m not hungry.Queen : Please.. this is the most delicious apple. Open this door please.Snow : But..Queen : I’m so tired. I’m too old to walk a long trip.Snow : *open the door* How poor you are. Come in. I will make a drink for you.Queen : No, young lady. You just need to eat my apple. That’s enough.Snow :But the dwarfs said to me to..Queen : Don’t hear at them. They are a big liar!Snow : Really?Queen : Yes, trust me. Now, please... *give an apple to the Snow White*Snow : Ow.. okay. I will eat this apple. Hm.. so delicious. But.. *Yawning*Queen : *Change into the real Queen* Hahahaha.. You will die Snow, you will die! And I’m gonna be the most beautiful lady of them all.Snow : *Fall down*Queen : Hahahahah.. Hahahahah... *Laugh so loud* How pitty you are, sweety.. Good Bye.Beside that..Dwarfs : Huh??Taya : Why I remember Snow White suddenly?Christ : Something bad..Yoshua : The.. The.. Queen!Taya : What are you talking about?Yoshua : le...let’s.. ba..back.. ho..Christ : Let’s back home!Yoshua : Eleh..When the dwarfs arrived, they’re so shockedDwarfs : Oh, NO! Snow White... *Crying*Felicia Dewi IX B
  4. 4. Then, the sound of hourse’s hoofs.Dwarfs : Prince..Prince : what hap.. Oh! She is so beautiful.Taya : She ate the poisonous apple.Yoshua : Fro..from the.. theChrist : The Queen.Prince : *kneels over the Snow White, approaching his face* I.. I love you.Snow : *Coughs up the piece of poisonous apple* Uhuk, Uhuk..Dwarfs : Hurray! Welcome back!Snow : Who are you?Prince : I’m the Prince. William.Snow : Oh.. thank you for your helpPrince : Will you marry me?Dwarfs : Ecieee... Say YES, say YES, say YES!Snow : Um.. Yes.Dwarfs : YuhuuuuuuAnd so Snow White and the Prince live happily ever after. And the Queen..Queen : HUNTERRRRRHunter : You look so beautiful with your new hair, my QueenQueen : What?! I will kill you!!!!! *Strangle the Hunter*Hunter : ma.. makkkk.. kekkYah, the Queen got what she deserved. *THE END*Felicia Dewi IX B