Ancient Greeks (Chapter 5) test review


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Ancient Greeks (Chapter 5) test review

  1. 1. Chapter 5 (Ancient Greece) Test Review Vocabulary: 1. Mycenaean o Who were they? 11. Acropolis o Whose territory did they take o What is it? over? o Where was it? o Why was it important? 2. Darius I (the Great) o Who is he? 12. Agora o Whom did he lead? o What is it? o Which Persian invasion was he in charge of? 13. Tyrant o What is it? 3. Xerxes o How is it different from other o Same questions as for Darius forms of government? 4. Athens’ direct democracy 14. Democracy o What was it like? Oligarchy o Who could vote? Aristocracy o What compelled the Athenians to o What are the differences among move towards democracy? these? 5. Golden Age of Athens 15. Solon o What led to it and how? o Who is he? o What was the period marked by? o What did he do? 6. Persian Wars 16. Draco o Between what powers were the o What did he do? wars fought? o What unpopular practice o Who won? concerning debts did he institute? o What were the most important battles? 17. Pericles o Who was he? 7. Peloponnesian War o Why was he important? o Between what two powers was the war fought? 18. Alexander the Great o Who won? o Who was he? o What setbacks did Athens suffer? o What did he do? o What great empire did he 8. Socrates conquer? o Who was he? o What did he spread? o What happened to him? 19. Parthenon 9. SPARTAAAAA! o What is it? o What were they like? 20. Phalanx 10. Demosthenes o What is it? o Who was he? o What did he do?
  2. 2. 21. Cuirass o What is it? 23. Dorians o Who were they? 22. Stoicism o Who did they conquer? Epicureanism o What are these and how are they 24. Hellenistic different? o What is this? Things to know: How did geography contribute to how Greece developed? What are the big cultural differences between Athens and Sparta? What were the differences between the traditional Greek hoplite phalanx and the Macedonian phalanx? What’s the battle gear of the standard hoplite? What’s the importance of the Persian Wars? What’s the Peloponnesian War? What was Athens’ strategy during it? What’s the impact/results of Alexander the Great’s conquering? What’s Hellenistic culture? What are some highlights of it?