Repossessed Properties For Sale In Spain


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Document containing our latest range of repossessed properties in the Costa del Sol/Malaga region of Spain. Heavily discounted and huge bargains. Contact us at for further information on any of these properties.

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Repossessed Properties For Sale In Spain

  1. 1. de ve lo pm e nt swo rldwide .co m http://www.develo pmentswo m/blo g/bank-repo ssessio ns-malaga-co sta-del-so l#.UPaiph001cwBank Repossessions Malaga Costa del SolWe are currently have a large number of bank repossessions and heavily discounted properties f or salein the Costa del Sol/Malaga region of Spain.Please take a look at the list of properties below and contact us f or f urther inf ormation.# 1. House In ManilvaLocation: Urb Bahia de Las Rocas, ManilvaBedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 3Build: 138 sqmPrice: 110,000 Euro’s# 2 House In MarbellaLocation: La Pinta, MarbellaBedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 4Build: 166 sqmPrice: 240,000 Euro’s
  2. 2. # 3 Apartment In MijasLocation: Urb Princess Park, Sitio de CalahondaBedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 2Build: 130 sqmPrice: 145,000 Euro’s# 4 Apartment/Flat in EsteponaLocation: Urb Las Abejeras El Padron, EsteponaBedrooms: 1Bathrooms: 1Build: 69 sqmPrice: 49,000 Euro’s# 5 Villa in EsteponaLocation: Urb Sun Hill, Bel-Air, Cancelada, EsteponaBedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 3Build: 190 sqmPrice: 220,000 Euro’s
  3. 3. # 6 Two Bedroom Apartment in Costalita, EsteponaLocation: Urb Las Terrazas de Costalita, EsteponaBedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 2Build: 89.73 sqmPrice: 129,000 Euro’s# 7 Apartment in MarbellaLocation: El Mirador del Rodeo, MarbellaBedrooms: 3Bathrooms: 2Build: 107.15 sqmPrice: 175,000 Euro’s
  4. 4. # 8 Flat/Apartment in MalagaLocation: Calle General Narvaez, MalagaBedrooms: 1Bathrooms: 1Build: 50.23 sqmPrice: 75,000 Euro’s# 9 Apartment in MijasLocation: Urb Gran Calahonda, Sitio de Calahonda, MijasBedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 2Build: 89.87 sqmPrice: 129,000 Euro’s
  5. 5. # 10 Villa in BenahavisLocation: Calle Istan, BenahavisBedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 3Build: 136 sqmPrice: 200,000 Euro’s# 11 House in Alhaurin el GrandeLocation: Alhaurin Golf , Alhaurin el GrandeBedrooms: 3Bathrooms: 3Build: 138 sqmPrice: 170,000 Euro’s
  6. 6. # 12 House in AlmogiaLocation: Calle Herrador, Almogia, MalagaBedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 3Build: 172.47 sqmPrice: 125,000 Euro’s# 13 Apartment in Calahonda, MijasLocation: Urb Alcores de Calahonda, MijasBedrooms: 3Bathrooms: 1Build: 144 sqmPrice: 205,000 Euro’s
  7. 7. # 14 Villa in CoinLocation: Urb Las Delicias, Coin, MalagaBedrooms: 3Bathrooms: 2Build: 173 sqmPrice: 240,000 Euro’s# 15 Benahavis Two Bedroom ApartmentLocation: Urb Balcones de la Quinta, BenahavisBedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 2Build: 173.18 sqmPrice: 195,000 Euro’s# 16 House in EsteponaLocation: Urb Parque Los Olivos, EsteponaBedrooms: 3Bathrooms: 2Build: 104 sqmPrice: 170,000 Euro’s
  8. 8. # 17 Flat in BenahavisLocation: Urb Conjunto Residencial la Hacienda del Señorío Cif uentes, BenahavisBedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 2Build: 101.04 sqmPrice: 192,000 Euro’s# 18 Manilva ApartmentLocation: Conjunto Residencial Duquesa Village,ManilvaBedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 2Build: 88.25 sqmPrice: 95,000 Euro’s
  9. 9. # 19 Apartment in Cerros del Aguila, MijasLocation: Cerros del Aguila, MijasBedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 2Build: 87 sqmPrice: 95,000 Euro’s# 20 Large House in MalagaLocation: Avda. Juan Sebastián El Cano, MalagaBedrooms: 6Bathrooms: 2Build: 428.91 sqmPrice: 625,000 Euro’s
  10. 10. # 21 Apartment in MarbellaLocation: Santa Maria Village, Elviria, MarbellaBedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 2Build: 88.82 sqmPrice: 169,000 Euro’s# 22 Apartment in Velez MalagaLocation: El Limonar, Velez MalagaBedrooms: 3Bathrooms: 2Build: 100.52 sqmPrice: 107,000 Euro’s
  11. 11. # 23 House in BenahavisLocation: Urb El Casar, BenahavisBedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 2Build: 214.19 sqmPrice: 155,000 Euro’s# 24 Apartment Santa Maria Village, ElviriaLocation: Urb Santa Maria Village, Elviria, MarbellaBedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 2Build: 87.85 sqmPrice: 169,000 Euro’s
  12. 12. # 25 Apartment in MijasLocation: Urb Cerros del Aguila, MijasBedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 1Build: 86 sqmPrice: 99,000 Euro’s# 26 Two Bedroom House MarbellaLocation: Urb. Conjunto Turtle Lake Homes, MarbellaBedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 3Build: 214 sqmPrice: 150,000 Euro’s# 27 Apartment in Las Brisas, MarbellaLocation: Urb. Nueva Andalucía Country Club Las Brisas, MarbellaBedrooms: 3Bathrooms: 3Build: 186.6 sqmPrice: 365,000 Euro’s
  13. 13. # 28 Apartment in GuadalminaLocation: Urb. Guadalmina Alta, Los CartujanosBedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 1Build: 103 sqmPrice: 125,000 Euro’s# 29 Apartment in Alhaurin el GrandeLocation: Urb. Almenar Golf en Alhaurín el GolfBedrooms: 3Bathrooms: 3Build: 154 sqmPrice: 130,000 Euro’s
  14. 14. # 30 Flat/Apartment in EsteponaLocation: Urb. Altos de Lunymar, Cl. Farajan, EsteponaBedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 2Build: 99 sqmPrice: 100,000 Euro’sTags: bank repos costa del sol, bank repossessions costa del sol, bank repossessions malaga, bankrepossessions spain, cheap properties costa del sol, cheap properties spain, discounted propertiescosta del sol, discounted properties malaga, repossessed properties costa del sol, repossessedproperties malaga, repossessed properties spain, spain discounted properties