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Mobile enabling

  1. 1. Mobile Enabling The revolution has begun The Dark Lords
  2. 2. Mobile Internet goes Mainstream • There are over 2.4 billion Internet users in the world, of which 1.5 billion access the Internet through their mobile devices either as a primary or a supplementary device • In less than 7 years, the number of smartphone users has already crossed 1 billion as against 1.5 billion PC users • Facebook has crossed a billion monthly active users, of which over 819 million access it through a mobile device; 41% of Facebook’s revenues came from mobile in Q2 2013.
  3. 3. Explosion of all things Mobile • Smartphones are expected to grow at a rate of 20% to reach 2.2 billion by 2015 • Tablet sales are expected to grow at a rate of 33% from 118 million units in 2012 to 369 million units by 2016 • Android is expected to overtake Windows to be the most used platform on computing devices by 2016, with 2.3 billion devices • M-tailing (purchase of products through mobile devices) has grown rapidly to reach 11% of total e-tailing in the US in 2012, and is projected to reach 24% of overall etailing by 2016
  4. 4. What’s in it for Businesses ? The growth of social media and the ability of mobile devices to add location to the product mix is providing opportunities for businesses to fundamentally alter the way users engage socially or the manner in which they purchase goods and services. This is leading to the re-imagination of several business models.
  5. 5. Transformation
  6. 6. India Goes Mobile! Projections of smartphone penetration reaching 382 million by 2016 ,given IDC’s projections of 155.6 million smartphones to be shipped to India in 2016.
  7. 7. Shift in Demographics • The highest penetration of PC-Internet is in the 25-34 age group. Surveys such as Nielsen indicate that the highest penetration for mobile Internet is in the age group 15-24. • The share of mobile Internet users in developed countries is in the range of 20%-25% and much higher in developing countries (China-38%, South Africa-57%, Indonesia-44%) indicating that mobile Internet is bridging a gap in these markets
  8. 8. Mobile Monetization Mobile is the fastest growing sub-segment across digital advertising, paid content and digital commerce Mobile Monetization Digital Advertising Paid Content Digital Commerce
  9. 9. Mobile Advertising that the ecosystem for mobile advertising • It is essential to ensureadvertisingengaging ad forms, better falls in place – Indian mobilecapabilities, more market potentialpost-click estimated with better targeting at INR 2,800 Cr by 2016 management and increased awareness among advertisers. • Given that traffic share of mobile Internet is expected to grow to 28% by 2015,the mobile advertising market is poised for some exciting times ahead.
  10. 10. Paid Content • Generating revenue through paid content on mobiles is exploited by companies across various segments. --games --music and videos --news and e-books (Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts) (Apple, Sony, Comcast, Walt Disney and Viacom), (Amazon and News Corp).
  11. 11. App Stores • Paid apps are driven by two types of revenue streams – (a) paid-only model, where the customer pays to download the app from the app store (b) “Freemium” model • Indian Companies can focus on these app stores to increase their brand awareness and customer base.
  12. 12. M-Commerce :: A new opportunity Mobile commerce failed to impress until 2010 and constituted less than 3% of e-commerce in most mature markets. Mobile offers a differentiated value proposition against PC-Internet ecommerce models and that is “commerce on the go”. Categories like ticketing, utility payments, recharge and travel are extremely well suited for the mobile medium and have been early ones off the blocks. Mobile purchase of physical products has been slower to pick-up, but there are strong use-cases emerging make it a mainstream channel for retailers.
  13. 13. Who’s doing it right ? • 14% of the total mobile web in M-commerce was a success visits in • India and to m-commerce websites India werebecame one of the first Indian digital commerce in September 2012, indicating companies to match-up to its significant potential. of global peers in terms consumer adoption of the • mobile medium. players have The larger e-tailing been witnessing rapid growth in • their of BookMyShow’s saleslast 25% mobile traffic over the happen through mobile year, which is only likely to gather devices. They reached this • pace goingin <2 years of milestone forward. launching their mobile apps. OTA’s (Online Travel Agents) Cleartrip, with an outstanding mobile interface, already gets around 12% of its total bookings and 20% of its searches from mobile devices Within 6 months of launch, RedBus’ mobile apps have been downloaded more than 380,000 times and contribute over 7% of their overall bookings. MakeMyTrip, India’s leading OTA, has reported around 700,000 downloads for its mobile app that attracts more than 8.5 million unique visitors monthly.
  14. 14. Company Focus :: “Mobile continues to rewrite the commerce playbook, and we continue to be a mobile commerce and payments leader,” - Mr Donahoe(CEO eBay mobile finished the year with $13 billion in volume – more than double the prior year PayPal mobile handled almost $14 billion in payment volume, more than triple the prior year.
  15. 15. With eBay mobile you can: How it works ✓ Search, Bid, Buy or applications serve as from eBay mobile Make offers on unique items a gateway to around the world the world's largest marketplace. You can ✓ List your items for sale in minutes ✓ Use the barcode your eBay activity on the go. manage all scanner to find items, compare prices or start a new listing ✓ "Free in-store pickup" option to buy items from local At eBay, once shoppers logthem updevice, they do not need retailers on eBay and pick in on a in a store nearby at a to logthat's convenient to you time in again. Their information, like shipping and credit card your packages ✓ Track details and saved items, syncs across all their devices. If an eBay shopper is interested in a certain handbag, and ✓ Save your favorite searches and sellers for quick access to saves that search on the latest inventory a computer, eBay will send alerts to her cellphone when a and manage arrives or an auction is ✓ Revise your listingsnew handbagyour eBay business on the about to end. go
  16. 16. Mobile users are “the users of the future.” Mobile continues to be a strength and source of growth for eBay, with mobile enabled commerce volume jumping 75 percent. Twenty-two percent of the company’s sales are via mobile, as eBay added 3.2 million new mobile users across its entire suite of apps. In Q3 2011,3 purchases / Sec made on mobile devices globally More than 50 Million App Downloads
  17. 17. Users often complain that the mobile app would not let them log in to their accounts and thus leave 1-star reviews for the eBay app. Challenges :: Competition App Glitches • Thanks to the glitches, some buyers were unable to update Square, the mobile payments company, on bids on auctionsintroduced an online marketplace Wednesday they had been bidding on. that could mean more competition for ebay. "Cheers for the crap update. Ive now lost out on alot of • auctions i was bidding on.platform openbusinesses to Square Market is a Cant even for the damm app! sell everything from handmade jewelry Seriously pathetic guys", wrote one mobile shopper.and furniture to yoga classes and salon services. Such reviews affect the image and efficiency of M-commerce Businesses can use the Square app on a by eBay . smartphone or tablet to sell their goods, process payments and potentially reach new customers by expanding beyond brick-andmortar confines.
  18. 18. Investments for the Future • Ebay‘s PayPal subsidiary has acquired Chicago-based payment processing company Braintree for $800 million in cash. • Braintree enables companies to seamlessly set-up payments online through merchant accounts, mobile apps, credit card storage, and payment gateways.
  19. 19. Cashing in on Thanksgiving ‘13 • Compared to Thanksgiving 2012, the eBay-owned company saw a 91 percent increase in consumers shopping through PayPal mobile around the world. • PayPal also revealed consumers in the US mainly took to their mobile devices to shop throughout the day. That being said, the busiest time was between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM PST. Thus, though there is a plethora of challenges in the mobile world for ebay, the mobile world presents opportunities for ebay to increase customer retention, market penetration and facilitate a customizable and friendly environment for their mobile users.
  20. 20. Company Focus :: Facebook
  21. 21. “Facebook is a Mobile company” • Facebook accounted for 23% a monetization mechanism on • Facebook did not have of the total time spent on apps by mobile Internet the and the 2012, yet engaging app was the mobile atusers start ofsecond most had large portions of Instagram (also owned by Facebook) took up a their traffic going mobile. They transformational journey to become a mobile company • Facebook started the year 2012 with zero mobile revenues and ended which understood mobile monetization. it with 23% of its revenues coming from mobile • Social networksargument, Facebook is a Mobile company… and • “Today, there is no account for 30% on mobile devices, Facebook accounts for a major portion it. Mobile is the perfect device for Facebook for three reasons; it allows us to reach more people, have more engagements from the people who we • The number of make more money for each minute people spend reach, and be able to mobile users for Facebook has increased significantly, and on their mobile devices.”has overtaken the number of PC users for the first time
  22. 22. Growth is Promising
  23. 23. How did they do it • Facebook rewrote its iOS and Android apps during 2012, making them faster and more stable, leading to better engagement among users. They have also started thinking differently about unlocking the potential of mobile advertising. While ads on the PC interface are detached at the side, Facebook took a bold move and integrated its monetization into the main body of user messages/notifications on mobile (as “sponsored stories”)
  24. 24. Challenges Mobile Ad Challenges: -- How to engage greater share of users -- Deliver richer ads App Glitches: Several glitches in the facebook app have resulted in a slowdown in the mobile page views
  25. 25. From Domination to..well……Utter Domination
  26. 26. Google :: The Undisputed Champion The quality of search results has been the key driver in Google reaching its dominant position On the mobile, additional barriers like Android- the mobile operating system that is distributed free and usually comes with Google as the default search engine. iOS also provides Google as the default search engine. This has led to even more dominance of Google on the mobile search front, with estimates that Google holds around 95% of the mobile search market. Mobile search already accounts for around 27% of all searches for Google. Google has been a leader in mobile monetization accounting for 54.5% of the total mobile ad spends in the US.
  27. 27. Google talks about mobile being at a stage where PC search was in 1999 - mobile queries are growing consistently, while mobile monetization techniques are getting fine-tuned. They also talk about the system being made simple to make it more intuitive for advertisers to manage campaigns.
  28. 28. Google is vastly Mobile Enabled • Their own phone – Nexus Series • A powerful mobile browser – Chrome • Google Goggles is a mobile application available on Android and iOS used for image recognition historic landmarks, business cards, and solve Sudoku puzzles. • In 2011, Google announced Google Wallet, a mobile application for wireless payments. • A mobile social networking site – Google+ • On-the-go Navigation service of Google Maps • Google Drive
  29. 29. All around us • Google Calendar – displays a list of all Google Calendar events on a mobile device; users can quickly add events to personal calendars. • Gmail – access a Gmail account from a mobile device using a standard mobile web browser. Alternatively, Google provides a specific mobile application to access and download Gmail messages quicker. User must now provide phone number to verify account. • Google News – allows user to access Google News in a mobile-optimized view. • Google Search - Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. ( This product can be accessed through a browser on a mobile device. ) • Google Translate - Google's free online language translation service instantly translates text and web pages.
  30. 30. Google Play has evolved globally, to understand its potential in the Indian apps market.
  31. 31. Redbus –A brief overview • India's biggest online bus ticketing company. • Founded in 2006 by Phanindra Sama • Redbus organized the disorganized bus market. • Acquired by the Ibibo Group in June 2013 • Has more then 30,000 transactions a day • Rs.600 crore revenue earned through ticket sales in 2102-13
  32. 32. Details • Launched its mobile apps for the Android and Windows platform. • Received over 100,000 downloads in its first 30 days • Mobile business has actually tripled Within two months • Around 70% of redBus bookings are made on the day of travel or one day prior.
  33. 33. Red bus- interface Web Interface Mobile Interface
  34. 34. Additional Features • 1) Bus tracking on maps – Allow a user to open the app when traveling to find where exactly he is on a map view and can show further travel details such as ETAs etc. • 2) Push notifications – redBus could send notifications on bus position before boarding, arrival details for a friend who has shared his itinerary, etc. • 3) Secure wallet integration – The app can significantly reduce payment time if it can integrate with a mobile banking or wallet app and let users book tickets without the hassle of entering details on a small screen.
  35. 35. Ticket sent as SMS
  36. 36. Hungry on the go? Stay calm and download Zomato
  37. 37. On your mobile, Zomato is location aware and suggests to you the best restaurants around your location. All of Zomato's features - menus, pictures, reviews are available and supported fully on all mobile apps.
  38. 38. Zomato CEO sees a mobile only future for the company • lets you search menus across 16,000 restaurants in India • Zomato lets you check ratings, reviews and discounts of all restaurants in your city • Zomato on your Android is also location aware - it recommends you the best restaurants around your current location.
  39. 39. Comparison