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I os 7

  2. 2. Apple iOS: Amazing OS Now Comes With New Version iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple. Originally reveal in 2007 for iPhone, later been extended to support other Apple devices like iPod and iPad. Let’s start the journey of new apple iPhone OS >>>
  3. 3. It’s been a while since there was giant news in the world of Apple. Like every year, Apple continues with promise. Apple launch new version of iOS. The iOS 7(beta) is the Apple’s new version for iPhone mobile.iOS 7 comes with totally different than other previous version of iOS.
  4. 4. Transferring files between iOS devices is now easy with this new version. Airdrop a new method of transferring data using Wi-Fi. You can share what you viewing currently on your phone through Airdrop, which is accessible from Control Center. One more thing is the message and mail apps have a new look feeling to match the rest of the OS. Currently this new version of iOS is working with iPhone 5, iPhone 4, 4s and iPod touch 5th generation File Transferring and Message, Mail App
  5. 5. Close Multiple Apps at Once in Multitasking It’s easier to close an app in iOS 7 since you just need to swipe up and the app is closed. The iOS 7 multitasking is completely new, offering a better look at your apps, that shows what is happening inside of an app. This makes it easier to see what app you want to pick when you start the iOS 7 multitasking mode.
  6. 6. Track Data Used By Each App & Cut Them Off In iOS 7 you can now see how much data each iPhone or iPad app is using, which is wonderful news for users on limited data plans.  With this hidden iOS 7 feature you can find out which app is using too much data and even turn it off to prevent any more data usage To use this, go to Settings -> Cellular -> Scroll down until you see apps. Tap on the toggle to the right to turn off data access.
  7. 7. Zoom While Shooting Video  Users can zoom in while taking video on the iPhone 5 with a pinch to zoom gesture. To do this just pinch on the video while recording or when setting up your shot
  8. 8. Share Videos on Photo Stream Photo Stream is a great iCloud feature that lets you share a collection of photos with friends or family, and continually add to it. Tap on a video in the Photos App -> Tap Share -> Tap iCloud -> Select a Photo Stream and you are good to go.
  9. 9. Fast Access to Safari Buttons Safari makes it easier to switch between the open web pages, Before you got one page at a time and had to scroll through all to get to the last one. Now to see the last page you have to swipe it’s easier then previous version of safari.
  10. 10. Make iOS 7′s Text Easier to Read iOS 7 uses a new skinnier font that some people have trouble reading the new font. Apple makes it easy to make the font bold and to make it bigger throughout iOS 7. Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Bold Text On to get started.
  11. 11. Create Pages Within a Folder In iOS 7 you no longer are limited to putting a few apps in a folder, which led to lots and lots of folders. Now you can create pages in a folder that hold more apps
  12. 12. New Siri  In iOS 7 Siri offers a new female voice and a male voice for the first time.  Siri can now control more of the iPhone. In the demo Siri on iOS 7 controlled brightness, returning calls and controlling iRadio
  13. 13. New Camera App  iOS 7 features a new Camera app that includes faster access to panorama, a new look and much more.  If you like Instagram, the new square photo option and live filters will be at the top of your favorite iOS 7 features list
  14. 14. iTunes Radio iTunes radio is a new way to listen to music in iOS 7. Pick a genre or create a station form your favorite artist like on Pandora, but gain Siri control.
  15. 15. Conclusion This is an advanced OS compare to any other mobiles OS. iOS7 offering more no. of features which makes user to operate very easy.