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    Devoteecare 2011 Devoteecare 2011 Presentation Transcript

    • Juhu October, 2011
    • “Give them all facility to perfect their lives by protecting them and instructing them nicely, that is now the duty of my senior disciples.” - Letter to Karandhara - Delhi, 3 December, 1971.
    • The Devotee Care initiativeis a manifestation of theGBC`s will to create aholistic culture of care inISKCON, that will keepdevotees happy and bringmore devotees !
    • Social (Community) Physical (Body) Emotional (Mind, Intelligence & Ego) Spiritual (Soul)Devotee Care – a definite need!
    • Vaishnavis Brahmachari & Sannyasi Elderly & Children & Health Care Youth Grhastha & Vanaprastha CaregiversThe committee, based on the unique needs, has identified the above sectionsof our society that would receive the different levels of care.
    • STRUCTURE AGENCIES ED Preaching Temples Centers DD ZS Congregational Farm Directorates Communities DR Ministries Affiliates TR
    •  AWARENESS  Regularly speaking about Devotee Care INSPIRATION  Setting the Example, Caring from the Front FACILITATION  Providing Resources EMPOWERMENT  Empower Devotees To Act
    • BOOK DISTRIBUTION DEVOTEE CARE RESPONSIBILITYAWARENESS Srila Prabhupad GBC and present Zonal Secretaries / himself Leaders/Gurus based DC Representatives on Srila Prabhupad’s by conducting teachings & example seminars & anecdotesINSPIRATION SP pushing publication Leaders spend time, DCC – Provide & distribution, energy & channelize various Resources – spending sleepless funds to have like Guidebook / nights for translation tangible inspiration Manual, Journal, & himself distributing Ezine, Website etc. the booksFACILITATION SP got TPs to allocate DCC can guide local DCC – DC Kits men and money for temples to book distribution administer DC by providing guidance and DC Kits
    • The system will also include monitoring and continuous improvement of quality of caring for devotees at various levels. To enthuse the temples /communities, Certifications andStar * ratings would be awarded.
    • Invest in Care Krishna is Happy Pleased Devotees(More Lakshmi) More Books More (Distributed) Devotees
    • We request you to give your valuable suggestions, revisions of plans, course correction if need be, and a formal sanction of the plans, so we can continue to work with confidence.
    • Hare KrishnaSamaveta bhakta-vrinda ki jai!Srila Prabhupada ki jai ! Help us serve