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Theatre Bay Area DMA


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Leveraging Social Media track 2 participants digital media assessment.

Leveraging Social Media track 2 participants digital media assessment.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Digital Media AssessmentApril 2011Leveraging Social Media@devonvsmith
  • 2. Quick Stats 4,234 likes 28 subscribers 2.5 post/week 3 posts/month11 comments/post 2 comment/post 1,064 followers 1 upload/year 0 photos 1 person 10 % listed 311 views/upload 0 contacts 2 check-ins 1 tweet/week 2 subscribers 0 high views/photo 0 tips 1 mention/tweet Arrows indicate if you are performing above, below, or similar to the average of your peersIn the following slides, you’ll notice black text that calls out specific recommendations for things you should change
  • 3. Great job highlighting social linksWebsite I wonder if you could improve site navigation bybreaking content intosections by intended audience
  • 4. 100% of your 20 peer organizations wereactive on Facebook in the past month. Onaverage, they have 1,607 likes (max 6,998)posted 5x/week (max 3x/day) and receive 4comments/post (max 12). Fractured Atlas Asking questionsand TCG are ones to watch. seems to be working well. Consider asking 1 Consider tagging question at a time other FB pages in your posts about the communityFacebook “We generate conversation in the community and Consider keep the local community both informed on relevant claiming your Place issues and interacting with us and one another..” page Consider checking Open Facebook Search for the conversations happening about TBA, off of your page.You can also encourage fans to use the “@theatrebayarea” feature to tag you in their posts. Consider adding more details to your About page for first time visitors Know that an “interest” page exists for you on Facebook, which pulls in info from Wikipedia (so make sure Wikipedia stays up to date)
  • 5. The titles of these lists should give you some insight into what people expect you to tweet about. 90% of your 20 peer organizations were active Consider resizing Consider letting us on twitter in the past 10 days. On average, they your logo so we know know who on staff is have 1,865 followers (max 8,289), tweet 2x/day what it says tweeting (max 21x/day), receive .5 mentions/tweet (max 4), and are added to a list by 8% of their followers. Americans for the Arts, TDF, and Consider unlinking ArtsBoston are ones to watch.Twitter Note that these results are likely skewed by Apr 4 Facebook from Twitter #ArtsAdvocacy day Consider tweeting at different times of day, days of week Consider engaging with more people who mention TBA Consider tweeting more consistently
  • 6. 60% of your 20 peer organizations were active on YouTube in the past year. On average, they posted 1.5 videos/month (max 2/week), receive 331 views/video (max 2,396), and have 16 subscribers (max 300). Americans for the Arts, Fractured Atlas, and NEA are ones to watch. It’s interesting that so many people upload their TBA general auditions to YouTube. I wonder how you could use thisYouTube Most of your referrals seem to come from people explicitly searching for content. Consider how to use tags & descriptions to drive this traffic Consider experimenting with different tags and expanding your descriptions so you can be found more easily
  • 7. There are over 200 photos on Flickr mentioning Theatre Bay Area, by these groups & photographers. Consider joining the photo groups and/or reaching out to thank these 35% of your 20 peer organizations were active on Flickr in the photographersFlickr past year. On average, they uploaded 200 photos (max 500), have 0 contacts (max 34), belong to 0 groups (max 3), and a highly viewed photo in their photostream has been seen approximately 16 times (max 567). Alliance for Arts (NY) is one to watch.
  • 8. 70% of your 20 peer organizations have an active Foursquare Consider verifying venue, though only 5 have been claimed by their owners. On your Yelp venue to get average, 10 people (max 2,836) have checked-in a total of 38 access to analytics times (max 4,500) and left 0 tips (max 36). Consider claiming this Foursquare 30% of your 20 peer organizations have an active Yelp page, venue to get access to though only 4 have been claimed by their owners. On average venue analytics, adding tags, at one of their venues, 2 people (max 89) have left 4.5 star changing category, adding reviews (max 5). your twitter profileYelp and Foursquare May be useful to know these are the companies the public associates as being similar to you
  • 9. Blog Great job integrating your blog into your website! 45% of your 20 peer organizations blogged in the past 3 months. On average, they posted .5x/day (max 1x/day), have 35 subscribers (max 343), and receive .5 comments/post (max 2). Americans for the Arts and Fractured Atlas are ones to watch. Great job providing navigational tools to your blog! Consider a search bar Great job using tags! Consider creating permalinks to Consider adding a tag cloud each post, including share buttons, and to your sidebar implementing a hosted comment system like disqus What do you think it was that prompted so many comments?
  • 10. Other Social Media Consider creating a Google Place page for Your wikipedia page seems to Theatre Bay Area be getting a fair amount of traffic. Consider monitoring the page to make sure it stays up to date.Other social networks mentioned by your 20 peer Great job creating a LinkedInorganizations include LinkedIn (4x),Vimeo (2x), Blip.TV, Company page. Consider how youpodcast, iphone app, and Google Groups can use this network of followers Consider following these delicious users to find other relevant content, or using this number as a gauge to find what content of yours users find interesting.You might even find delicious valuable as a curation tool for your constituents
  • 11. Consider what other anchor text you want to rank for, and how to create content to attract linksSearch Engine Optimization Your web traffic seems to have declined recently-do you know why? Consider adding alt text to your Great generic search images, and unique meta descriptions to rankings in Google! every section of your website Consider what other keywords you want to rank for, and how to create linkable content Consider how you can use website audience demographic data to tailor online content
  • 12. Glossary301 redirect: shows Google that “” and “” are the same website (5 minute fix your webmaster can do)A/B Testing: a way to test 2 slightly different webpages to see which one users take action on more oftenAggregator: a website that collects and displays lots of different blogs (examples: Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious)Alt-tag: keyword tags that describe an image so Google bots know how to index the image and allow others to find itAnchor text: the underlined phrase that links to a new page. Google uses this phrase to decide where your site shows up in searchBlog subscribers: I’ve shown you Google Reader subscribers, which on average accounts for about 50% of all your blog subscribersCall to action: the 1 action you want a user to take on this page (click a donate button, buy tickets link, submit email for newsletter)Category v tag: both help users find content; categories tend to be pre-defined, tags tend to be user generatedDesign elements: ensuring your digital branding (style) matches your social branding matches your off line brandingFacebook custom URL: instead of v branded search: generic search example is “dance company san francisco” branded search example “AXIS Dance”Hashtag: a phrase prefixed with # symbol, which makes searching for that particular topicIntegrated blog: a blog hosted on your own website ( or provides you valuable SEOKeyword rich content: using the generic (see above) phrases you want to rank for in Google searchesLink architecture: where internal page links appear on your website, and how sections of your site are linked togetherMeta-description: text appearing under link in a Google search that describes the page. <meta name =”description” content=”...”>New twitter: in Oct 2010, Twitter added a new windowpane on the right side of the feed, which interfered with some profile designsRSS: method by which you can subscribe to a blog via email or an RSS reader (stands for Real Simple Syndication)Referral source: how users arrive arrive at your video; could be through embedded players, related videos, searches, linksPermalinks: a unique URL for every blog post so they can be linked to foreverSEO: stands for Search Engine Optimization; process ofTag cloud: a visual depiction of keywords where the most used words are displayed larger, tags are linked to relevant site content
  • 13. Free Resources