Social Media Trends in the Arts in 2012
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Social Media Trends in the Arts in 2012



Yale School of Drama marketing class

Yale School of Drama marketing class



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Social Media Trends in the Arts in 2012 Social Media Trends in the Arts in 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Trends  in  Social  Media  &  the  Arts  in  2012 1
  • Our Agenda 1. Principles of social media 2. Trends in the arts 3. Practical Advice 4. Measuring ROI 5. Q&A
  • social  media  isn’t  adver9sing
  • social  media   isn’t  the   home   shopping   network  
  • social   media   isn’t  a  coupon
  • so  what  is  social  media?
  • why  does  Virgin  America  like  social  media?
  • why  does  Coca  Cola  like  social  media?
  • why  does   network  television  like  social  media?
  • why  does  Starbucks  like  social  media? 10
  • so  what  about  the  arts?
  • We  have  crea9ve  content
  • We’ve  built  personal  rela9onships
  • We  are  natural  storytellers
  • There  are  no  rules  in  social  media
  • But  you  should  be  providing   unique  value   to  a  unique  audience   on  each  plaGorm
  • Median  Arts  Org  is  Ac9ve  on  3  Social  Networks207  arts  organiza9ons  April  2011 17
  • Facebook  &  TwiNer  are  by  far  the  largest  networks207  arts  organiza9ons  April  2011 18
  • Arts  Orgs  are  more  frequent  users  of  TwiNer207  arts  organiza9ons  April  2011 19
  • Size  MaNers  on  Facebook  &  TwiNer $1M+ $500k-$1M $100k-500k < $100k $1M+ $500k-$1M $100k-500k < $100k400  off  Broadway  theatres  October  2010
  • Arts  Fes9vals  do  par9cularly  well  on  Facebook207  arts  organiza9ons  April  2011
  • Arts  Service  Orgs  do  par9cularly  well  on  TwiNer207  arts  organiza9ons  April  2011
  • “People want to express themselves using your content” 500 million log in daily Spend 25 minutes/day 1/2 of activity is mobile Upload 90 pieces of content/month Like 7 pages/month Have 200 friends each 23
  • “An economy of @mentions, links & hashtags” 25
  • 27
  • 28
  • #sundance 29
  • 31
  • QR Codes 32
  • Tips  for  Social  Media
  • Listen  more  than  you  Talk
  • In the beginning, focus on just 1 networkFacebook, 950 YouTube, 880 Twitter, 400 Tumblr, 120 Google+, 100 LinkedIn, 90 Flickr, 51 Instagram, 27 Foursquare, 20 Pinterest, 11
  • Ask  ques9ons
  • Post  signage
  • But  Make  It   Easy
  • Post  as  oYen  as  your  audience  reads Facebook TwiNer!"#$%&($)&*%+,-%.)+($/0&,1$!"22$
  • On  YouTube,  frequency  competes  with  quality!"#$%&($)&*%+,-%.)+($/0&,1$!"22$
  • Don’t  duplicate  content  across  channels!"#$%&($)&*%+,-%.)+($/0&,1$!"22$
  • Spend  your  9me  wiselyLet’s  assume  you  have  a  Facebook  Page  updated  daily  &  YouTube  channel  updated  monthly Learn   Post  &   Listen Measure about   Create Report Total Respond social 20  min.     10  min.   post  FB   scan  Google   update,   Daily 30  min. alerts  &  social   respond  to   men9on public   men9ons 30  min.       30  min. Pick  3  metrics,   Scan  your   Weekly save  them  in   Google  Reader   3.5  hrs. excel  doc feed 3  hrs. 10  hrs. Summarize   Monthly Edit  YouTube   findings,   27  hrs. video  &  upload decide  what  to   change,  report
  • Get  to  know  the  science  behind  social  algorithms
  • Follow  the  eyeballs
  • Use  all  of  the  data  available  to  you 45
  • Now  let’s  talk  ROI
  • What  do  we  measure?
  • Why  do  we  measure? 1. Motivate 2. Learn 3. Decide
  • When  you  see  this Do  you  stop  in  your  tracks  to  buy  a  9cket?
  • what  drives  traffic  to  your  website?
  • Do  you  measure  the  ROI  of... docents greeting staying open for 1 your post show additional hour! visitors! discussions! co-productions newspaper (including staff advertising! posters displayed time)! in different in-kind neighborhoods! sponsorships!number of staff at your box press release! office! concessions or merchandise by email (by word item! count)! subscription annual gala campaigns (by a customer’s lifetime value! benefits offered (including staff hour)! to your staff! time)!
  • • Increase  demand  (people  or  frequency)• Increase  loyalty• Increase  willingness  to  pay• Move  along  purchasing  funnel• Decrease  acquisi9on  or  maintenance  costs What’s  your  sales  goal?
  • Why  is  social  media  valuable?If  your  social  media  fans  will•Recommend  you  to  their  friends•Like  your  brand  more•Be  more  influenced  by  (cheap!)  social  media  than   tradi=onal  media•Spend  more•Stay  with  you  longer PS:  these  are  all  goals  you  can  measure
  • Measurement  Strategy1.Address  a  real  problem2.Have  a  meaningful  goal3.Test  several  op=ons4.Track  what  you  do,  and  what  the  results  are5.Simplify  your  metrics  to  a  single  dashboard 54
  • What  are  you  looking  for  in  Facebook  Insights?
  • How  can  you  measure  TwiNer? Look for outliersLook for spikes Look for influencers Look for engagement
  • How  to  measure  a  TwiNer  campaign?raw data people timing content
  • coming  soon  from  
  • Gives you some measure of impressions How similar are these demographics to your audience?
  • What  to  measure  in  YouTube  Analy9cs
  • How  to  measure  Tumblr
  • Ques9ons? @devonvsmith
  • Bonus  Footage:  1  Minute  Case  Studies
  • Tweet Seats
  • User  Generated  Content 65
  • Empower  Your  Audience 66
  • Empower  Guest  Ar9sts 67
  • Social  Media   as  Social  Proof 68
  • Social  Proof
  • Social  Sharing  BuNons 70
  • Post-­‐purchase   social  sharing  is  more  effec0ve   than  pre-­‐purchase   sharing
  • Social  Commerce
  • Open  Graph  Facebook  Apps
  • Social  Buying 74
  • Social  Media  Fundraising 75
  • Social  Recommenda9ons
  • Social  Rela9onship  Management
  • Social  Media as  a  listening  tool 78
  • Social  Media  as  Performance  Art 79
  • The  Power  of  Social  Data 80
  • Arts  Start  Ups  Inspired  by  Social  Media 81
  • Websites  as  Content 82
  • Art  as  iPad  app