Shakespeare & Social Media (w/ notes)


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Shakespeare & Social Media (w/ notes)

  1. 1. #STAA11 Whirling Words of Shakespeare What’s the Value in Being Social? 1 1
  2. 2. social  media  doesn’t  sell  3ckets 2 2 I  hate  to  break  it  to  you
  3. 3. these  sell  3ckets artistic content your direct your website mail campaigns customer service by your box office 3 3 Art  sells.  How  you  convert  interest  to  a  3cket  sale  is  via  your  website,  box  office,  and  direct  mail
  4. 4. ROI 4 4 ROI  doesn’t  make  sense Investment-­‐social  media  is  cheap  (though  can  feel  3me  consuming  in  the  beginning) Return-­‐you’re  a  nonprofit,  beNer  to  think  of  audience  (cons3tuent)  development.   On-­‐compared  to  what  other  marke3ng?
  5. 5. why  do  you  spend  money? Social  media s ram ts ls g p rog s ven ria 3sin e g nt   ram e on  e c 3 ate ver m i  m d ch  pro erv l3va ine dia  a ri en 3on s er   r  cu ail  Onl e c   tomono t  m & m s3 duca 3 E s ec rint   ass   r P Ar Cu D Di M Long  term   Short  term   rela3onships sales 5 5
  6. 6. build  rela3onships,  not  one  night  stands* •Ticket  buyers •Local  businesses •Other  theatres •Current  employees •Poten3al  employees •Ar3sts •Alumni •Vendors •Funders •Local  residents *but  it’s  okay  to  be  promiscuous   •Curious  onlookers 6 6 There’s  a  lot  of  people  to  build  rela3onships  with
  7. 7. • Increase  demand  (#,  freq,  total) • Increase  loyalty • Increase  willingness  to  pay • Move  along  purchasing  funnel • Decrease  acquisi3on/maintenance  costs Marke3ng  Goals 7 7
  8. 8. Customer  Life3me  Value Customer 1 Customer 2 Spends $200 per year Spends $100 per year Acquisition cost: $50 Acquisition cost: $25 Maintenance costs: $15/yr Maintenance costs: $50/yr Loyalty: 5 years Loyalty: 3 years CLV: $890 CLV: $175 Social Media Fan 8
  9. 9. so  where’s  the  value? If  your  social  media  fans  will • Recommend  you  to  their  friends • Like  your  brand  more • Be  more  influenced  by  (cheap!)  social  media   than  tradi3onal  media • Spend  more • Stay  with  you  longer PS:  these  are  all  goals  you  can  measure 9 9
  10. 10. and  outside  the  marke3ng  office • Customer  Service • Crowdsourcing  Solu3ons • Fundraising • Making  Art • Professional  Networking • Thought  Leadership 10 10 Important  to  recognize  social  media’s  use  outside Answering  ques3ons Asking  ques3ons mobile  dona3ons-­‐Allie? Brand  Fic3on Instant  access  to  every  other  theatre Impact  on  your  brand  aher  being  viewed  as  “social  media  savvy”
  11. 11. strategy 1. Address  a  real  problem 2. Have  a  meaningful  goal 3. Test  several  op3ons 4. Track  what  you  do,  and  what  the  results  are 5. Be  yourself,  not  your  brand 6. Adapt  your  content  for  different  plalorms 7. Simplify  your  metrics  to  a  single  dashboard 11 11 If  you  get  nothing  else  out  of  this,  know  these  8  things
  12. 12. also spend  more  3me   listening   than  talking 12 12
  13. 13. what  you  measure  ma/ers But  there’s  no  secret  formula h/p:// think  about  micro  conversions li/le  steps  along  a  path  to  a  big  goal problem.  goal.  tac@c.  metric. 13 13 Measurement.  This  is  the  hardest  to  cover  in  a  1  minute  ppt  slide.  You  have  to  learn  what  works  for  you.  
  14. 14. Whew! 14 14 are you tired?
  15. 15. I  just  wanna  sell  3ckets 15 15
  16. 16. have  you  heard?  Open  Graph Community  Pages Places Ques3ons Credits Groups 16 16 2  million  websites  integrate  with  Facebook.  Shows  strong  results.   Community  Pages  are  like  wikipedia—public  3meline Places  kind  of  like  Foursquare.  Lots  of  poten3al.  Merging  Pages  &  Places  is  debatable   Q&A-­‐next  hot  app  in  FB.   $1  billion  virtual  currency  market.  FB  will  do  $2B  total  this  year.  Big  player  in  growing  market.  Could  make  buying  3ckets  in  app  easier.   FBML  changes  how  you  arrange  your  page Yesterday  $500  million  invested  in  FB,  now  valued  at  $50B,  IPO  in  2012
  17. 17. 150  million  US  users  on  Facebook I’m  more  ethnically  and   geographically  diverse,  older,   and  engaged  online  than  you   might  think.   Average  user •Logs  in  daily •Spends  55  minutes  per  day   •Has  130  friends •Creates  3  pieces  of  content   each  day •Fans  4  pages  per  month 17 17 25%  nonwhite  (US  internet  users:  15%) Facebook  users  are  more  demographically  diverse  than  the  US  internet  popula3on 45%  of  users  are  over  35  (10%  over  55)
  18. 18. so  how  do  you  reach  them? 18 18 News  Feed  is  your  goal.  EdgeRank  is  how  you  get  there. Affinity-­‐checking  page,  previous  comments,  how  many  other  friends,  etc. Weight-­‐more  3me  intensive  shows  up  more  ohen Time  decay-­‐why  you  want  to  update  frequently
  19. 19. 86%  of  STA  members*  are  ac3ve  on  Facebook *8  members  have  no  digital  footprint  and  have  been  excluded  from  study 19 19
  20. 20. 9  theatres  have  >  4,000  fans 14  have  <  100 Median  =  611 as  of  December  18,  2010 20 20
  21. 21. correla3on   does  not   imply   causa3on 21 21 Study  of  475  theatres  in  June,  2010 2  variables-­‐size  of  fans  &  how  frequently  I  post. Could  go  in  either  direc3on. Could  be  a  third  factor-­‐size  of  theatre
  22. 22. Have  you  made  the  switch  from  a   group  to  a  page? 22 22
  23. 23. 38%  of  theatres  don’t  link  to  Facebook   from  their  homepage 23 23 This  is  just  silly.  Fix  it.  
  24. 24. more  posts                          more  fans 24 24 Clear  rela3onship
  25. 25. more  posts                      more  engagement TCG  theatres,  May  2010 25 25 Weekly  &  monthly  see  very  liNle  engagement
  26. 26. but  the  real  story  is ROE=  (Likes  +  Comments  +  Fan  Posts)  /  Theatre’s  posts   TCG  theatres,  May  2010 26 26 Turns  out  might  be  more  3me  effec3ve  to  only  post  daily.  That  said,  3me  decay.  
  27. 27. case  study  of  Kansas  City  Rep Asking  ques3ons   Fans  comment  more  on   Fans  “like”  twice  as   genera3ons  highest   administra3ve-­‐related   ohen  as  commen3ng   levels  of  user   posts  than  ar3s3c  posts on  a  wall  post engagement 24%  of  engaged  fans   70%  of  engaged  fans   are  students;  they   are  women,  but  men   engage  less  frequently   comment  more   than  non-­‐students frequently 27 27 December  of  2009.  Deep  dive  into  1  month  of  their  data.  Took  me  less  than  1  day  to  complete  the  research.  
  28. 28. so? •Update  content  daily •Link  to  your  facebook  page •Get  a  custom  URL •Ask  ques3ons  (authen3cally) 28 28 Build  a  community  of  people  on  facebook.  Help  your  fans  meet  each  other  online  &  offline.  
  29. 29. facebook  drives  traffic  to  your  website that’s  where  you  sell  3ckets 29 29 FB  surpassed  google  in  Jan  2010.  Top  3  referrers  to  most  websites.  
  30. 30. 560,000  Shakespeare  fans  on  Facebook Only  15%  are  over  age  40 30 30 300K  In  the  US Another  75K  in  Canada,  UK,  Australia Example:  In  Chicago,  6k+  list  Shakes,  but  Chicago  Shakes  only  4k  fans
  31. 31. know  how  Facebook  referrals  differ  from   other  traffic  sources 31 31 FB  fans  spend  more  3me  on  our  website  than  any  other  referrer.  
  32. 32. consider  the  switch *Technically  violates  Facebook’s  Terms  of  Service 32 32 Doesnʼt make sense if youʼre a group. Depends on profile versus page Profiles donʼt have access to analytics, canʼt do ads for friends, limited friends
  33. 33. measure  it      You  have  the  tools  (if  not  the  3me)  to   know  if  your  Facebook  fans  spend   more  money  at  your  theatre.   33 33 Export  applica3ons  of  names. Compare  to  your  subscriber/3cket  buyer  list.   Chroma  Tix  coming  out  with  integra3on  w/  FB/TwiNer  for  small  theatres.  Very  cool.  
  34. 34. Digital  v  Social  Adver3sing 34 34
  35. 35. NYTN  Adver3sing  Budget 35 35
  36. 36. Traffic  to  NYTN 36 36
  37. 37. Value  of  Exposure 37 37
  38. 38. Value  of  Ac3on 38 38
  39. 39. 1/4  of  Facebook  clicks  age  45+ 39 39
  40. 40. the  future  (of  Facebook) Push  Recommenda3ons Social  Search Open  Graph More  Data Social   Currency 40 40 Social  Search-­‐influence  of  Google Open  Graph-­‐everything  becomes  social Push-­‐serendipity  
  41. 41. Breakout  Session  (2:40pm  Movement  Room) • TwiNer • YouTube • Foursquare • Kickstarter • Flickr,  Blogs,  MySpace • Yelp,  GroupOn • Staffing  for  Social  Media 41 41
  42. 42. Social Media Step by Step 42 42
  43. 43. TwiNer  has  90  million  US  users   I’m  probably  less   knowledgeable   Average  user about  “this  whole   •10  followers TwiNer  thing”  than   •Has  tweeted  <  10  3mes you  might  think •Is  in  their  30s •Has  a  college  degree 43 43 Less  than  ½  the  size  of  facebook.  S3ll  huge.   Female
  44. 44. have  you  heard? •#NewTwiNer •Promoted  Tweets •hNp:// •Analy3cs  coming  “this  year” •Expect  con3nued  down3me 44 44 TwiNer  declares  themselves  a  media  plalorm Promoted  tweets-­‐ads  in  side  bar  t.Co  is  a  URL  shortener.  TwiNer  bought  it  &  twee3e  to  integrate  analy3cs Unstable  plalorm
  45. 45. 1/3  TCG  theatres  tweet  daily 45 45 37%  of  STA  members  link  to  frontpage  (only  58%  FB)
  46. 46. only  upda3ng  TwiNer  via  Facebook? 46 46 73%  of  real  tweeters  had  someone  say  something  about  them 40%  of  AutoSync  accounts
  47. 47. most  theatres  primarily  use  the  web 47 47 198  “real”  tweeters Power  users  TweetDeck  and  HootSuite.  
  48. 48. on  average,  about  8%  of  your  followers   will  add  you  to  a  list.   What  they  name  that  list  can  tell  you  how  they  think  of  you 48 48
  49. 49. In  New  York  City,  Size  MaNers 49 49
  50. 50. case  study  of  ART Asking  ques3ons   Number  of  followers  is   A  theatre’s  followers   generates  highest  level   best  predictor  of  high   are  ohen  geographically   of  user  engagement engagement diverse Users  will  casually   You  can  use  TwiNer  for   men3on  your  theatre   more  than  just   as  ohen  as  they  speak   marke3ng directly  to  you 50 50 December  LORT  study.  
  51. 51. so? • Search  for  men3ons  of  your  brand  name,  shows  you’re   producing,  local  compe3tors,  topics  you’re  interested  in • Make  friends  with  others  in  your  area  twee3ng  (cri3cs,   organiza3ons,  local  arts  agency,  local  poli3cians,  etc). • Consider:  TwiNer  contests,  tweet  seats,  twiNer  fic3on,   seeking  out  new  followers,  responding  to  everyone,  linking  to   your  other  content,  custom  backgrounds. • TwiNer  as  CRM:  make  (private)  lists  of  users.  Segment   followers  by  type.   • Track  your  data  in  real  3me. 51 51 There’s  a  lot  of  op3ons  on  twiNer,  but  don’t  be  scared.  It’s  flee3ng.  If  you  make  a  mistake,  it’ll  be  gone  in  a  week.  
  52. 52. measure  it! • Reach:  followers  (not  just  how  many,  but  who) • Engagement:  @men3on  and  link  click  thru • Influence:  #ff  and  listed • Sen3ment:  content  of  the  tweets  about/to  you 52 52 Really  high  level  op3ons.  
  53. 53. You   Tube 2  billion  views/day 24  hours  of  video   uploaded  per  minute Average  user  watches   15  minutes  per  day Evenly  split  M/F Most  popular  video   played  200  million  x 53 53 Double  the  prime  3me  audience  of  all  3  networks  combined Music  videos  drive  viewership.  
  54. 54. have  you  heard? •Nonprofit  channel •No  more  star  ra3ngs •YouTube  rentals •HTML5 54 54 Stars:  all  1s  or  5s Rentals  don’t  work  now.  Maybe  future? HTML  will  change  how  viewers  interact  with  video
  55. 55. Viewers  engage  on   Findings  from  2  Case  Studies a  “per  video”  basis Men  45-­‐54  are   largest   demographic Related  videos  are   top  referral  source 80%  of  views  occur   more  than  2   months  aher   55 55 17%  of  TCG  members  link  to  YouTube  from  their  homepage December  LORT  study  +  september  ART  study.  Much  more  in  depth  online.  
  56. 56. 44%  of  A.R.T./New  York  members  on  YouTube 56 56 Only  14%  of  STA  members  link  to  YouTube  from  homepage
  57. 57. Size  doesn’t  maNer 57 57
  58. 58. Length  of  video  doesn’t  maNer 58 58
  59. 59. Diverse  types  of  videos  are  popular 59 59
  60. 60. No  performance  type  dominates 60 60 plays outnumbered musicals in the LORT study
  61. 61. Viewers  tend  to  be  older  males 61 61 true across every study Iʼve done. Some demoʼs make lots of sense: 13yo girls = john stamos
  62. 62. Most  (but  not  all)  views  occur  on  YouTube 62 62 Think about these potential audience members--may be first time they see your theatre Importance of annotations
  63. 63. so? •Embed  videos  on  your  website •Understand  viewer  demographics •Use  keyword  tags •Add  videos  to  playlists •Monitor  &  moderate  comments •Keep  in  mind  most  views  will  occur   a"er  closing 63 63 Random  fans?
  64. 64. measure  it! 64 64 Very  rough  metrics.  Views  don’t  usually  add  up.  Hopefully  this  will  get  beNer.  
  65. 65. Foursquare  has  6  million  users is  2  years  old Foursquare  tripled   High  engagement   Tips,  tags,  and   in  size  in  past  6   among  users  &   categories  don’t   months theatre  staff seem  to  maNer Having  a  special   isn’t  enough  to   Longevity  maNers drive  check  ins Data  from  September,  2010;  76  LORT  theatres 65 65 Location based sharing--others are larger, but this has momentum Game mechanics Potential to engage people IRL
  66. 66. Significant  growth  in  check  ins  in  2010 66 66 1/3 in first 3 months. Another 1/3 in following 6 months
  67. 67. Check  ins  increasing  faster  than  unique  users 67 67 Users are engaged
  68. 68. 97%  of  venues  have  at  least  1  check  in 68 68 and 90% have a mayor Tips & Tags seem to matter less
  69. 69. Levels  of  engagement  are  increasing  (slowly) 69 69 Check ins per person is good. Could be influenced by staff.
  70. 70. But  some  theatres  have  huge  growth  curves Guthrie History   Channel Fords  Theatre Center  Theatre  Group Lincoln  Center Old  Globe Mayor   special 70 70 Conflicting evidence
  71. 71. Early  venues  have  more  check  ins 71 71 Good sign things will pick up. Remember--some cities have only had access to Foursquare for 9 months
  72. 72. Kickstarter 72 72 $20  million  raised  to  date Highest  yet:  $1M  for  3ktok  from  13,000  donors Keeps  5%  of  dona3ons  (+Amazon’s  2%) 2yrs  old Only  4  have  raised  more  than  $100K
  73. 73. Small  dona3ons  dominate 73 73
  74. 74. Middle  of  the  campaign  struggles 74 74
  75. 75. Shorter  campaigns  provide  urgency 75 75
  76. 76. MySpace 8%  of  theatres  logged  in  February.   4%  had  fan  comments.   They  had  fewer  comments  over  the  life  of  MySpace   than  their  Facebook  page  gets  in  a  week. An  exit  strategy •Check  to  see  if  your  fan  base  overlaps  with   another  plalorm •Poll  your  audience  to  see  if  they  want  you  on   the  plalorm •Give  fans  3me  to  transi3on •Leave  a  final  post  that  you’re  no  longer  checking   the  account •Consider  dele3ng  the  account 76 76 10%  of  tcg  links
  77. 77. flickr 4  billion  photos  uploaded.   Facebook  uploads  2.5  billion  every  month.   LORT  study: •23%  have  more  than  10  contacts •1/3  don’t  tag  photos Theatres  have  used  Flickr  to: •Ask  fans  to  contribute  photos  of  themselves •Send  fans  on  a  photo  scavenger  hunt •Sell  or  rent  costume/set  pieces •Promote  gala  auc3on  items  to  donors •Ask  fans  to  provide  insight  on  design  images •Staff  to  share  lives  outside  the  theatre •Give  fans  tour  of  the  theatre  &  offices 77 77 TwitPic  +  TwiNer 7%  of  TCG
  78. 78. blogs 25%  of  TCG  theatre  websites  link  to  a  blog 2009  renewed  interest  (LORT) On  average  post  3  3mes  each  month Most  popular:  different  author  for  every  post Bad  news: •Very  liNle  engagement •Lots  of  effort •Unclear  readership Good  News: •Archive  of  your  history •Permanent  link  to  send  informa3on •Thought  leadership  in  the  field •Schools/universi3es—student/intern  life •Value  of  SEO/recency  to  your  website 78 78
  79. 79. 41  million  users  per  month  in  50  ci@es 5%  of  TCG  theatres  link  to  Yelp  from  their  homepage 79 79
  80. 80. 23  million  subscribers  in  150  ci3es 68%  age  18-­‐34;  77%  female Ask  Shakespeare  Theatre  Co 80 80 how  it  works:  daily  email Takes  50%,  unclear  if  rela3onships  are  sustainable Shakespeare  Theatre  Co  example: 109  3ckets  bought,  $20  each  (Nov  2009) Average  deal  price:  $45,  customers:  1,500
  81. 81. Staffing  for  Social  Media 81 81
  82. 82. how  much  3me  do  you  have? 4.4 Facebook 25  theatres,  December  2009 82 82 *note:  25  theatres  (22  lort  +  3) Spending  very  liNle  3me  measuring.  This  is  bad.  
  83. 83. if  your  reputa3on  is  at  stake,   should  you  trust  an  intern? Think  about •Fit  between  who’s  speaking  &  the  plalorm •How  to  educate  the  staff  about  how  to  use  it •Staff  engagement  as  a  measure  of  success •Social  media  policy  for  personal  use 83 83 Interns can be okay
  84. 84. so  what  are  your  choices? Marke@ng/Communica@ons Ar@s@c •Marke3ng  Associate  (3)   Mostly  by  Literary  Manager   •Communica3ons  Manager  (2)   Some3mes  by  Execu3ve  Director   •Marke3ng  Manager  (2)   Co-­‐Ar3s3c  Director   •Marke3ng  Director  (2)   Associate  Ar3s3c  Director  and  Producer   •Marke3ng  Coordinator  (2)   Ar3s3c  Fellow   •Associate  Marke3ng  Director   Ar3s3c  Associate  typically  tweets •Communica3ons  Associate   Ar3s3c  Director   •Director  of  Communica3ons  and  Marke3ng   Producing  Ar3s3c  Director   •Marke3ng  dude   Associate  Director •Marke3ng  mavens   •Director  of  Community  Engagement   •Marke3ng  Intern   •New  Media  Manager   •Marke3ng  Assistant   •Audience  Development  Associate   Other •Public  Rela3ons  Manager   Managing  Director  (2)   •Marke3ng  and  Development  Associate   Educa3on  Administrator   •Interac3ve  Media  Manager  and  Marke3ng  Assistant   Resident  Produc3on  Stage  Manager •Director  of  Marke3ng  and  Internet  Services  Manager   and  Assistant  Director  of  Development   •Marke3ng  department 84 84 It’s  up  to  you.
  85. 85. social  media  guidelines Organiza3onal  goals Personal  versus  professional  use Full  disclosure Content  approval  process Author  approval  process Transparency  versus  privacy Community  management Shared  usernames  &  passwords Copyright  issues Style  guide E3queNe   Professional  development  opportuni3es hNp:// 85 85 Lots of examples online. Do what makes sense for ou.
  86. 86. Challenges Overwhelmed Expecta3ons Exhaus3on Making  3me Bored 86 86
  87. 87. Tools HubSpot   Website   Flowtown grader Hootsuite Mashable Google   Alerts RSS 87 87 Flowtown-the social side of your email list Hootsuite-analytics built in, workstream management Google Alerts-keep an eye on your brand RSS-keep abreast of info in your field analytics of links (anywhere) Delicious-keep track of good webpages, a smaller web Mashable-resources Website Grader-SEO
  88. 88. the  (social)  future Video Group  Buying Loca3on QR  Codes Mobile Q&A  Plalorms 88 88 Social  Search-­‐influence  of  Google Open  Graph-­‐everything  becomes  social Push-­‐serendipity   Q&A-­‐Poten3al.  No  one’s  figured  out  where  this  is  going QR-­‐densely  packed  informa3on.  Lion  King!
  89. 89. but  what  if? People  say  bad  things  about  us They  already  are.   Be  more  in  control  of  the  conversa3on  around  your  brand Social  Media  is  just  a  fad Plalorms  may  come  and  go.   The  best  way  to  be  prepared  is  to  (thoughlully)  experiment  on  the  current  one. It  won’t  sell  3ckets Build  rela3onships  with  your  fans. Unlike  tradi3onal  marke3ng,  there  is  value  in  social  media  beyond  the  message. It  takes  too  much  3me Once  you  get  the  hang  of  it,  it  doesn’t.   Cheaper  than  most  other  marke3ng  efforts. 89 89
  90. 90. ques3ons? Follow:  @devonvsmith Read: Email: THANKS! 90 90