The Lion's Roar


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The Lion's Roar

  1. 1. The Lion’s Roar The Offical Magazine of the 35th Signal BrigadeFort Gordon, Ga. “Utmost of Our Ability” 3rd Quarter FY ‘12
  2. 2. The lion’s Roar Photos by Sgt. Dianne M. CarterBrigade CommanderCol. Thomas A. PughBrigade Command Sergeant MajorCommand Sgt. Maj. Angel J. RamosBrigade Public Affairs OICCapt. Devon ThomasBrigade Public Affairs NCOICSgt. Dianne M. CarterThe Lion’s Roar is an authorized publication produced in theinterests of the Lion Brigade community. The Lion’s Roar is an The Lion’s Roar has the right to edit all submissions.Cover Photo: Photo by Sgt. Dianne M. Carter 2 3rd Quarter 2012
  3. 3. The Lion’s Roar photo after they com pleted the last obstacle They participated in Gordon, Ga. 3rd Quarter 2012 3
  4. 4. Contents:Check out our pictures onFlickr @35THSIGBDE Retention Lion Brigade Resilience is on the Web mil/35sig 4 3rd Quarter 2012
  5. 5. The Lion’s Roar Page 8 Augusta in Army Boots Gold Page 44 3rd Quarter 2012 5
  6. 6. self? duce relief for your buddy. Remove anything in the area that couldthoughts. buddy to the chain of command, chaplain, behavioral health profes By focusing on our People, our Teamsreminds me thatevery month and Lion Brigade’s proudcontinue to normalbehavior and encourage a mindsetof assisting othersassistance for a 6 3rd Quarter 2012
  7. 7. The Lion’s Roar Backbone Greetings “Lion Brihas accomplished and honored hours. nominated for assignment to theof Alabama.of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, and personnel actions for over military career. as a command group driver for 3rd Quarter 2012 7
  8. 8. Soldier of the Quarter also comes from the nutritional value of rendous living conditions during my time in Spc. Patrick I. Corbett, a 25S as- signed to 50th ESB Fort Lewis, Wa. their physical and mental performance. bad conditions. Buildings have layers of Good food also promotes a good mood and on this topic much more but the point is By improving those three areas, the morale, happiness and the overall success of our lives to protect the freedoms of the to live on post because the homes and bar on landscaping and decorations instead oftion because the entire base isn’t arriving instead of at some fast food a set time and going home at the same military. That is completely uncalled for. NCOof the Quarter have time to stretch before but by the time Sgt. Tamesha S. Holman, a 46A assigned to 51st ESB atFort Bragg, Nc. instead eating out or ordering food everyget culinary classes and better training forminutes for Physical Training, and have PT is good for you and good for functions on post. 8 3rd Quarter 2012
  9. 9. The Lion’s RoarGAS, GAS, GAS!!!!Story by Capt. Stephen Joosten, Company CommanderHeadquarter and Headquarters Comapnychemically hazardous environment.They then performed simple activities such as moving their headsthe future in order to ensure that everyone in the company receivesAgent Alarm. 3rd Quarter 2012 9
  10. 10. Augusta inStory and photo by Sgt. Dianne M. Carter35th TTSB Public Affairs NCOIC everyone receives their gear, they have a brief march to the gymbegins. This event gives community leaders a better undercommunity support. All this preparationparticipants to use After
  11. 11. The Lion’s Roartent designated for meals. A couple of hours later, all the participants received 3rd Quarter 2012 11
  12. 12. 35th Signal Brigade Soldier’s go for GoldStory and photos by Sgt. Dianne M. Carter35th TTSB Public Affairs NCOIC timed run, a measured a lot of challenges that are notto earn a gold, silver or bronze The competitionallied military forces. the events that determine if a The events included aninitial evaluation to determine The sports events are bronze badge. complete the event and earn the badge. 12 3rd Quarter 2012
  13. 13. The Lion’s Roar 3rd Quarter 2012 13
  14. 14. Story by 1st Lt. Jessica Yahn25A, 2nd Platoon, C Co.that.a sauna, spirits remain high. Phoenix link successfully establishedcases. Prepping vehicles and equipment at the motor pool At work getting the STT on the bird V1 operators participating in crew drills during C Co. FTX.good stories. 14 3rd Quarter 2012
  15. 15. The Lion’s Roar From Cadet to Platoon LeaderStory by 1st Lt. Adam Visbeen25A, Platoon Leader, A Co.oath of service and accepted a call of responsibility to serve others. dets the importance of understanding the battalion staff shops and the purpose they serve in order to be successful as a leader in thedue to the Army’s constant evolvement in tactics and operations. based upon his statement of, “Understanding the best practices in hopes to receive future opportunities to help mentor and support the 3rd Quarter 2012 15
  16. 16. Bravo Company 50th ESB Supports 3-321 FAStory by 1st. Lt. Jared Long25A, Platoon Leader, B Co. is the motto of the Bravomissions. Photo by 1st Lt. Jared Long. 1st Platoon Leader, B Co. Team Chief Sergeant Steven Garruto points out where he wants to set up his equipment and tent during the leaders recon of the site. end the Army contracts for the satellite changed. This meant that Photo by team chief, Sgt. Steven Garruto. 16 3rd Quarter 2012
  17. 17. The Lion’s Roar Sentinel Shakedown buildsStory by Sgt. Jeffrey StrathearnB Co.time for the Redbulls. The second platoonfoot rods into the ground for each piece oforders from the section sergeant to the team From left to right: Sgt. Duttry, Pfc. Johnson, Sgt. 1st Class Jackson and Spc. Richardson in OE-254 training. ments of the training together and simulate and technical abilities could be put to use. best possible security and began to set up each and every member of the companyconnectivity. either learned something valuable or a different approach to solving the sametion found that they had dusted off some problem. At the end of the day, this trainingassist other members of the platoon in get The third day consisted of more training,ght. 3 d Quarter 2012 3rd Q t 2012 17 2012
  18. 18. Sentinel ShakedownStory by Capt. Brian Herring25A, Platoon Leader, C Co. Cobra’s in gauging the readiness of provided the platoon lead ers an opportunity to assess preparations for their upcomingalso focused on Team building.ment that had not been used start. Photos by 1st Lt. Jared Long and Sgt. Garruto 2nd Plt. CPN Team led by Sgt. James utilize their troubleshootingies of technical manuals foropportunity to setup, operate,and maintain their generatorsalso conducted training on hot 1st Plt. Soldiers Spc. Timothy Poblete and Pfc. Taylor Archer validate the STT. 18 3rd Quarter 2012
  19. 19. The Lion’s Roar Green Sea Floyds Elementary School Talks TrashStory and photo by 1st. Lt. Jessica Yahn25A, Platoon Leader C Co. per fourth grade student each recycling himself. month. The class at each school that recycles the most each month receives special prizes.fourth grade students to recycle Then, at the end of the year,at school and in their com the class from each school that pounds of recycled materials. accompanied this diligent grouprecyclable is collected by the of fourth graders on their muchstudents at school. The class at pletely free to students.the school that recycles the most complishment that taught thesetest is open to any public school fourth graders the value of sav ing our planet. am super proud of these guy’sclass receives a special contain this year. They performed soer to collect their recyclables. challenged a group of fourth graders to get out and collectthe number of pounds collected 3rd Quarter 2012 19
  20. 20. Bowling with the FRGStory and photos by 2nd. Lt. Jerad Romine At the end of the event According to Peirce, “The event E ! RIK ST 20 3rd Quarter 2012
  21. 21. The Lion’s Roar Army - Navy It’s More Than A Football GameStory and photo by Sgt. Donald NewellSquad Leader, B Co. up on all that they had missed over the past and done and the party came to a close, they paused in a moment of silence for those that their stay they had gathered in the confer ence room to share some spirits and catchdedication of the ship at her current berth inhis grandfather, but also got to meet manyseen each other since their departure the lobby of their hotel. The dinner andceremony lasted a good four hours before 3 d Quarter 3rd Q t 2012 21
  22. 22. Smokin’ Aces are Blazing!Story by Capt. Rossmary D. Alvarado25A, Commander, Alpha Co.plish their mission day in and day out, andas a commander, there is no better satisfac team capable of deploying its tactical assetstion than seeing your troops in action. Gothe battalion to have a mission organic to its three additional teams from Bravo andProviders throughout three contingencyoperating bases in the southern region of proving the team’s maturity and agility durlation, operation, defense, maintenance, and ing the missions.decommission of strategic communication tions assemblages and all associated tactical month deployment, developed and trained Through this historical moment forsite. command teams. before.customer service operations. The relationbe delegated the duty of Technical Pointmilitary and civilian operations. 22 3rd Quarter 2012
  23. 23. The Lion’s Roar U.S. Soldiers, Sgt. Beaver, 1st Lt. Dolak, Spc. Mineer, mingling with Kazakhstan Soldiers during the opening ceremonies of Operation Steppe Eagle 2011.U.S. Soldiers from A Co/50th (ESB) 1st Lt. Dolak, Spc. Mineer, Spc. Cooper, Pvt. Wright and Sgt. Beaver, interacting with a KazakhstanArmy communications team in front of the STT. 3rd Quarter 2012 23
  24. 24. “The Pole”Story by 2nd Lt. Paul E. Baker,25A, Platoon Leader, 1st Plt, C Co. The true age of The Pole is The 51st Pole with the plates of honor memorializing every keeper of the pole since 1996.and donned the Lion Brigade patch and Lt. Turchany. in use during its untimely falling. The Poleant to the battalion, based on commission alone is testament to The Pole’s place in the assume that during this lieutenant’s time Battalion’s history. party.emony. They must transport The Pole to on The Pole, and the evidence of past lieu to another unit patch sometime in early Bush. The tradition of The Pole is sigto appreciate the tradition and history ofThe Pole. A plate fastened to The Pole’s main and dates, additionally the Lieutenant is personal, these items include a siren light, 24 3rd Quarter 2012
  25. 25. The Lion’s RoarThe origins of the plaque. 2nd Lt. Turchany with The Pole just prior to transitioning it to the 2nd Lt. Baker during a battalion hail and fare- well at Cheney Stadium for a Tacoma Rainer’s Game. 3rd Quarter 2012 25
  26. 26. Mercury Challenge I, Leadership Professional DevelopmentStory by 1st Lt. Kris Conklin1st Lt. Imboden encounter one of the six waterfalls during the march. 1st Lt. Conklin and Sgt. 1st. Class Buffet watch their footing as they crossed Eagle Creek 26 3rd Quarter 2012
  27. 27. The Lion’s RoarTeam 51 pose for a group shot after completing Mercury Challenge I at Eagle Creek, Ore.immediately began establishing their campsites. The rain camethroughout the night. Charlie Company Cobras pose for a Team Photo.ages. 3rd Quarter 2012 27
  28. 28. 518th TIN performs ARCYBERCable InstallationStory by Capt. Ryan Boileau25A, 518th TIN Company Commander same day, and began installation of the conduit. This resulted in loss of voice comcontractor. munications for the building, but did not affect the data capability.if the unit could support their upgradeportunity, as it provided the unit the chance more effort to route into the building, asto validate it’s outside plant installation in the building automatically transitioned pair cable, this portion of the installation manhole, others in the basement, and theall materiel through purchase contract, and 28 3rd Quarter 2012
  29. 29. The Lion’s Roar From left to right: Sgt. Barret Christian, Sgt. Nathaniel Fountain, Sgt. Alrice Barnes, Spc. Jason Morabito, Spc. Toby Skandier, Spc. Rahquwan Brooks, Spc. Franklin San- tos, Pfc. Malcolm Goode, Spc. Joseph Proctor, Spc. LaKirk Straughter, Col. Moore. Photos by Mrs. Jennifer A. Downing-Li, ARCYBER PAO. Sgt. Christian and Spc. Proctor prepare the 300-pair cable for installa- tion. 3rd Quarter 2012 29
  30. 30. 63rd Expeditionary Signal Battalion 2012 Annual Easter Egg HuntStory by 2nd Lt. Alexandra Willauerand their families.Sgt. Myers, and his daughter Annalise All Photos by Spc. Christopher Puthoff 2nd Lt. Kunkle and his Family with the Easter BunnyCapt. Jones, B. Co. Commander, with the Easter Bunny and B. Co. Soldiers Children lining up to look for Easter Eggs 30 3rd Quarter 2012
  31. 31. The Lion’s RoarStory by Capt. Alexander Hoffman25A, C Co. Commander Photos by Spc. Christopher Puthoff Capt. Caban, Lt. Col. Garwold, Capt. Hoffman, and 1st. Sgt. Shepherd stand in preparation to pass the Guidon. guiding, and deploying a diverse company summarized his humility at being afforded the opportunity to command, “This isthe respective commanders, and the narrator Capt. Hoffman standing as the new commander in his formation.capable of supporting communications at Josè Caban receives a bottle of wine for the units apprecia- tion of his serviceC. Co. in formation with 1st Sgt. Shepherd 3rd Quarter 2012 31
  32. 32. Removing Carpet to Feed the HungryStory by Capt. Ryan Boileau25A, 518th TIN Company Commanderseveral large corporations, the organizationis able to turn one donated dollar into beremove carpet from the administration ofthe carpet, and then relocate the furniture to Photos by 1st Lt. Da Veena Cooper Members of the 518th Signal Company, TIN, stand outside the Golden Harvest Food Bank after they completely removed all of the existing carpet 9 March 2012.several thousand pounds of furniture. to pay for the removal of the old Removal of the old carpet had been could provide a large number of three professional carpet installers for their labor only, as another orga nization donated the actual carpet. By providing the physiteam, shifting thousands of pounds of fur thousand dollars into other areas,and, once the carpet had been installed andinto its original locations. suage hunger in the local area. established an enduring relation available on short notice to assist deployment to Afghanistan.timely solicitation of a volunteer opportu Soldiers work to remove ages-old carpet from one of the 32 3rd Quarter 2012
  33. 33. The Lion’s RoarPlatoon Leader Generator Maintenance TrainingStory by 1st Lt. Vernon D., and learned valuable maintenance Photos by Sgt. 1st Class Nims. training provided me the tools needed to prove and maintain their readiness status to be successful in their various missiongrounding management, fueling procedures,Mr. Buchanan, 2nd Lt. Penn, and 1st Lt. Kinsey conductmaintenance training. 3rd Quarter 2012 33
  34. 34. Photos by Sgt. Dianne M. CarterStory by Capt. Devon O. Thomas35th TTSB, Public Affairs OIC before the deployment ceremony.Gordon, Ga.ness Group meetings to prepare for the deployment, said Boileau.throughout the deployment. one in this formation to complete the mission to the very best of 34 3rd Quarter 2012
  35. 35. The Lion’s Roar 3rd Quarter 2012 35
  36. 36. HHC Welcomes a New Commander Story by Capt. Alexander Stevenson 25A, Commander, HHC Photo by Sgt. Dianne M. Carter time.Story and photos by Sgt. 1st Class Hector Fontanez25W, Platoon Sgt., A Co. Gator Soldiers and families enjoy food, fun and volleyball during the March 22nd FRG BBQto another successful event.a volleyball tournament for the adults and a plethora of children’s Gators enjoy their new barracks volleyball court during the FRG BBQ 36 3rd Quarter 2012
  37. 37. The Lion’s Roar Sgt. Zandro Wolverton grilling steaks.Bulldog Cooks, Feed the BestStory and photos by Capt. Thomas CayiaCommander, B Co., 67th ESBthe start of dinner service by singing so loud that you can Spc. Cory Lee prepares the potato wedges. all the recognition they need. 3rd Quarter 2012 37
  38. 38. Story and photos by 2nd Lt. Garnett Lias25A, Platoon Leader, A Co. point during validation; mission Pfc. Thompson hammers in ground stakes during crew one hour or less to validate their assignedperforming their assigned duties. The standard for the competition espirit de corps, but reinforced the teamsless than one hour and complete a phoneStory by Capt. Alexander Stevenson vidual threats, land and aerial vehicles, and25A, Commander, HHC Additionally, our safety from chemical and Training to maintain has beenaround since the evolution of our Armed a clean air shelter unencumbered by their learned much from this opportunity to testare a busy armed forces, no doubt about it,and routine battle drills is paramount to our broaden our horizon gies and informaprofession are the penalties for employinguntrained personnel so appalling or so ir such opportunities as they inspect, inventory, and installous one and threats abound from indi Spc. Jang and Spc. Gibson perform PMCS operations on the M20 M20AL 38 3rd Quarter 2012
  39. 39. The Lion’s Roar Sg Sgt. Brandon S. Sierra avoids the opposition th as he makes a play on the Photo by Sgt. Dianne M. CarterAlpha Company Heritage WeekStory by 2nd Lt. Jessica Garcia25A, 2nd Plt Leader, A Co.Gators recently participated in on the ship used to be for thediers then attended the battalion shaped our country’s history. Thursday evening the entire battalion came out 1st. Lt. Conway and Sgt. First Class Bullins at Fort Sumter during the LPD. ing the outdoors, playing in the The Alpha Gators put together 4 great teams and gave their best effort in every event. The Gators proved to be the best company “Gators lead the way!” in the battalion yet again by gether a team to compete in the 3rd Quarter 2012 39
  40. 40. RETENTION Beat theStory by Sgt. 1st Class Deatra Wilkes Draw DownCareer Counseler, 63rd Signal Battlion (Expenditionary) The Army’s optempo is high and ever changing. The planion. ResilienceStory by Sgt. 1st Class Terry MooreHeadquarters and Headquarters Company, 35th Signal Brigade Resilience Universities.causes of problems and to develop effective solution strategies. Ac 40 3rd Quarter 2012
  41. 41. E Opportunity The Lion’s Roar qualStory by Sgt. 1st Class Jennifer BerryEO Advisor, HHC, 35th Signal Brigade Martin Luther King’s Birthday (17 January) African American/Black History Month (February) Women’s History Month (March) Holocaust Remembrance Day/Days of Remembrance (April or May) Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (May) Women’s Equality Day (26 August) Hispanic Heritage Month (15 September – 15 October) National Disability Employment Awareness Month (Oc- tober) National American Indian Heritage Month (November) 3rd Quarter 2012 41
  42. 42. Three Categories of Sexual Harassment:Story by Sgt. 1st Class Michael T. PerkinsHeadquarters and Headquarters Company, 35th Signal Brigade your hands on anything that doesn’t belong cludes touching, bumping, grinding, patting, you can’t necessarily have anyone youas guilty as if you directed the comment or report it to our chain of command, it is ourno intention on offending anyone, it all de have inadvertently harassed someone in theperception is my reality. There are three categories and it. one is susceptible and no one is immune.comments, threats, cadences or even usingRemember, some of the things that you didment are not appropriate for the military 42 3rd Quarter 2012
  43. 43. The Lion’s Roar Photo by Army Capt. Devon O. ThomasThe memorial dedicated to Sgt. Christopher M. Adams on June 21st at Alexander Hall. Sgt. Adams served as a Multichannel Transmissions Systems Opera-tor/Maintainer assigned to C Co., 67th ESB, 35th TTSB. Sgt. Adam’s MemorialStory by Capt. Devon O. ThomasPublic Affairs OIC, 35th TTSBBrigade said their good byes at a memorial and safer place for his family, his friends to attend the ceremony. According to senior leaders, peers and subordinates throughout the Brigade, values. 3rd Quarter 2012 43
  44. 44. Chaplain’s Corner Photo by Sgt. Dianne M. Carter Chaplain Capt. Joseph Lea and Spc. Dominique Carbajal, Chaplain Assistant, stand in front of the Chapel sign.Story by Chaplain, Capt. Joseph Lea63rd ESB Battalion Chaplain Before being appointed to thebishop Broglio is the head of the Romanreserve and veterans affairs. Prior to his 44 3rd Quarter 2012
  45. 45. The Lion’s Roar Photos by Lola RiveraChaplain, Capt. Lea, Archbishop Brogilo, and Capt. Bontea pose for a photo prior to Mass. the military and throughout the Archbishop Broglia conducts Mass. his overall mission to guard and shepherd The Archbishop’s pastoral visit 3rd Quarter 2012 45
  46. 46. 46 3 d Q t 2012 3rd Quarter 2012 2012
  47. 47. The Lion’s Roar 3rd Quarter 2012 47
  48. 48. The Lion’s Roar NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!!!! Photos and articles must be in good taste and the editor reserves the right to edit submissionsments. “Get the message through.”