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Bark Back Communications Guide to Grants
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Bark Back Communications Guide to Grants


Published on

Grants are a great way of funding your business, personal, or organizational passions. Check out this guide for information on how to effectively write a grant proposal.

Grants are a great way of funding your business, personal, or organizational passions. Check out this guide for information on how to effectively write a grant proposal.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. The Bark Back Breakdown of GrantsTuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 2. You don’t need to be amillionaire to changethe world or launchyour vision. You justneed a great idea andthe passion to make ithappen. This grantguide will assist you infunding your passion.Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 3. Why Grants?> Networking> Improve Facilities> Educational Opportunities> Emergency Preparedness> Social Programs> Research> Art Endeavours> EntrepreneurshipTuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 4. Overview> Before You Begin> Preliminary Proposal> Full Proposal> Other Important Tips> Helpful LinksTuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 5. Before you Begin:> Give yourself lots of time- itwill be easy to notice a rushedproposal.> You wouldn’t try to sell yourhome with a messy surfacewould you? Same goes forgrants. Make sure your websitesand online social media sites areneat and clean because there is agood chance that the grantprovider is going to refer to thesefor more information.Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 6. > Get a couple editors in linethat are willing to look over thefinal proposal for you.Thesecould be professional grantwriters, co-workers, family, etc.> Take breaks- it can be easy tomake mistakes when you areengulfed in this work.> Fully read over the grantguidelines and requests. It is alsoa good idea to call the grantprovider to ensure that youclearly understand what isrequired.Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 7. Overview Proposal> Some grants require you tofill out an overview proposalin order to be givenpermission to access theofficial proposal.This isusually done in a letterformat no more than 3 pages.> Consider this the tryoutbefore you make the team.Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 8. Think about the 5 W’s> Who are you addressingthe proposal to?> What are you seeking fromthis grant?>When will this project takeplace?> Where will the funds beallocated?>Why are you trying to gethelp for this problem?Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 9. What are the Goals of thisOverview Proposal?> Overview of yourorganization and yourpurpose.> Reason behind the amountof money/service requested.> What problem does thisaddress?Note: In this section it is good toprovide statistics, market,examples, target, etc. Refer to afuture presentation on how to goabout collecting this research.Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 10. > Clear outline of theproject/program.> List other funders (bothcommitted and prospective).> Request to access theofficial grant proposal.Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 11. Breakdown of OverviewProposal Sections1) Coversheet- Organization name- Address- City- Province/State- Postal code- Country- Phone Number- Email- Website URL- Grant Proposal Contact Name- Title of Contact Name- Their Address and ContactInformationTip:You Might Want to ConsiderIncluding your Social MediaInformation as well!Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 12. 2. Introduction> Mission (about 1 paragraph)> How your project fits with thegrant requirements (about onesentence)3. Financial Information> Total annual operating budget.Note: you may have to provideinformation for both yourorganizational budget as well asthe proposed project budget.> Fiscal Year Review> Total proposed project budget> Tax Exempt Information> Time Frame of Project> Funds provided from othersourcesTuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 13. 4. Narrative (1/2 Page)> Reason why you arerequesting the grant money.> How does this address theneed/problem that needs tobe met?> Who will benefit and howthis will promote long termgoals.*Make Sure it is Clear andConcise!Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 14. Congratulations! You cannow begin to Write yourFinal Proposal.Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 15. Breakdown of FinalProposal Sections1. Coversheet- Include case summary andoverall statement2. Needs Breakdown- Detailed information on thesituation, the opportunity itpresents, and who it is inbenefit of.Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 16. 3. Goals and Objectives- What are your goals andobjectives?- How do you plan to reach thesegoals and objectives?- What you envision the outcometo be? Think about how the grantmoney will help you create yourdesired outcome.- What you have accomplished todate?4. Evaluation- What are the steps that you aregoing to take to reach your desiredoutcome?Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 17. 5. Budget/Expenses- What is the current budget youhave in place? This should be abreakdown.- Have you received any othersources of additional income orgrants?- Long term funding planNote: It is extremely important tokeep your finances in order. Youshould be able to access therecords quickly and accurately.6. Qualifications- What experience do you or yourteam have to make this programsuccessful?Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 18. 7. Conclusion- a short wrap up of your proposal8. Appendices- attachments required by funderfor example staff list, supportletters, financial documents, etc.Note: Do not include anythingthat the funder has notrequested!Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 19. Other Important Tips> You know how they say the bestthings come in small packages?The same is true with your grant.It is the quality of the content andnot how many documents youincluded that is going to makeyour proposal standout.> Edit, Edit, Edit!> Once you have submitted theproposal consider a follow up callwith the funder to ensure thatthey have received yourinformation.Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 20. Helpful Links> Non-Profit Guide Online-Provides Written Examples ofeach Section> Canada Business Network> Canadian Council for the Arts> Heritage Canada Foundation>Charity VillageTuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 21. We are just a Bark Away!For More Information on Bark Back Communications and itsGoals Please Email Devon MacPherson atgivingfor31@gmail.comTuesday, 18 June, 13