The New Web App Frameworks

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  • There are several new web application frameworks that make it easier to make great web apps that look and feel like they were made for the desktop!


  • 1. The New Web Application Frameworks
  • 2. How are they different?
      • They are more than just effects frameworks -, jquery, etc. They are designed to make full apps.
      • They allow the developer to use a more traditional desktop approach to writing software - MVC, no direct DOM manipulation, etc.
      • They make writing applications that feel like desktop apps easy!
  • 3. What are they?
            • created a framework called Objective-j,
    • which is a full implementation of the Cocoa framework and Objective C for the web. Code that you write for a Mac can with little effort also be used on the web with this framework.
    is a framework created by Sproutit for their mail application, and then open sourced. Apple now uses it in their new MobileMe web apps. SproutCore has MVC - Module View Controller - archetecture much like Apple's Cocoa.
  • 4. Examples of Applications 280 Slides is a presentation application created by 280 North with objective-j. It looks like Apple's Keynote, and for a good reason - objective-j is based off of Cocoa and objective-c. Very impressive. (This presentation was made with it!) MobileMe is the successor to .Mac from Apple, and it includes new web apps developed with SproutCore. The apps look very much like their desktop counterparts, and act like them too. They have drag and drop, live updating interfaces. Only problem - $100/year!
  • 5. Which is for me?
    • You should use SproutCore if:
      • You are already a web developer, making apps with javascript, html, and css.
      • Since you write SproutCore apps with javascript, it will come easier to you if you haven't done Mac objective-c programming before.
  • 6. Which is for me?
    • You should use Objective-j if:
      • You are a Mac developer already.
      • Objective-j makes it really easy for Mac programmers to move into making web applications.
      • You can use the Cocoa frameworks that you are already used to.
  • 7. Have Fun!