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Devon Auerswald Conversion Rate Optimization Expert at Devon Auerswald Conversion Rate Optimization Expert at Document Transcript

  • Devon Auerswald 45232 W Juniper Ave  Maricopa, AZ 85139  (408) 520-0536  Entrepreneur, Web Developer & Internet Marketing Generalist [Experience] [Lessons Learned] [References] [Fin] Summary Goal oriented and collaborative internet professional with over 10 years of experience with generating sales leads, internet marketing, split testing, generating traffic, valid html, e-commerce, SEO, database management and web-based scripting. Proven analytic and problem solving skills with keen ability to assess needs, and execute technical solutions that streamline operational efficiency. Technical Expertise Systems: Linux Server, Gnome & Windows XP/Vista/7 Desktop Programming: PHP5, MySQL, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, XHTML, Bootstrap, Facebook API Software: VMWare, W/LAMP, Dreamweaver, MySQL Workbench, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, GIMP, Filezilla, Ubuntu Linux, Excel, Word, Outlook, Thunderbird, Chrome, Putty, Google Docs, Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Adwords, Adcenter Professional Experience [Top] Coalition Technologies - Los Angeles, CA (Nov 2011 - July 2012) SEO Manager, Adwords/Adcenter/Facebook advertising/Conversion Optimization This was the first full-service digital agency I worked at. I learned a lot about Adwords/Adcenter PPC advertising, and a little more about SEO & conversion optimization and I thoroughly enjoyed working here.  Managed PPC campaigns for several clients on Facebook, Google, Yahoo & Bing  Saved one client over $250,000 annually by optimizing their existing Google Adwords PPC campaigns in several niches.  1st page rankings for "sports drinks", "electrolyte drink", "sports drink", "mifi", "mobile hotspot", "exercise bike", "stationary bike", "jdm engines", "jdm motors", "los angeles seo" & "seo los angeles".  Analyzed and developed revenue strategies via an intersection of analytics, adwords and business data for 20 clients.  Programmed software to generate sales leads passively (on auto-pilot)  Technical lead for page-speed, organic search and PPC campaigns inclusive of facebook, Adwords, Adcenter, search engine optimization for,, Pure bar, Promax, Swim Spot, Vitalyte, Promax, TruConnect, Harvard University, Happy Movie, Moody's and several other clients.  Managed remote workers for content and link acquisitions.  Developed & wrote most of the company PPC/SEO/Conversion Optimization standards for the company manual.  Assisted the web development team regularly with technical items relating to conversion optimization, tracking, SEO & general technical web development/server administration tasks.  Passed the Google Adwords II certification exam.  Wrote thousands of adwords ads, title tags, meta descriptions, headings, alt attributes & title attributes.  Improved the over-all quality of our design teams output. (regarding accessibility, w3c validity & SEO)
  •  Wrote lots of detailed reports to clients and perspective clients, diagnosing and detailing every aspect of their website(s) and improvements that should be made.  Managed workers located in the Philippines, India & Ukraine  Software Used: Dreamweaver, Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP, Putty, FileZilla, BigCommerce, Volusion, 3DCart, Excel, Word, Google Cloud Network Equipment Global - Tampa, FL (July 2011 - November 2011) Web Developer/SEO/Facebook and Adwords advertising I've had a short period of time at this company and have accomplished a lot for them.  Content generation via several scraping/spinning efforts  Established all local listings and facebook page (currently 12 cents a click)  Validated and optimized website.  Wrote a program to find Amazon product numbers to increase the reach of their Amazon feed without a ton of manual labor  Recreated site on existing design from scratch migrating away from sluggish Magento.  Created custom CRM backend management system  Doubled traffic in a short period of time  Recreated database structure to help optimize page speed  Consulting on a wide range of subjects from sales methods to split testing & SEO  Began studying for Cisco certification, CCNA  Software Used: Dreamweaver, Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP, Putty, FileZilla, Photoshop JDM Engine Imports - Colorado Springs, CO (Aug 2010 - July 2012) Web Developer/Partner Develop, populate, maintain and market large auto parts & accessories website in order to generate sales and leads. Helped with migration to 3d cart before leaving for California.  Design of logo, website, marketing materials, databases, backend admin, custom scraping scripts.  Cleanly scraped 5 distributor websites for products and product images to generate over 300,000 pages  Validated and optimized site for search engines. (pre-3d cart)  Optimized facebook advertising campaigns to obtain over 9500 followers.  Paid $0.01 cent CPC for 1000 of those likes. I still currently run this page for fun.  Linking schemes, feed submission and syndication on popular shopping websites.  Integrated with PayPal pingback and jCart shopping cart, 3d cart and Chase's merchant account.  Generated 500-800 daily visitors and daily sales & leads from customers world-wide.  Customer service, billing and drop shipping items from shirts to engines internationally.  Managed all day-to-day operations in regard to sales/orders/accounting/customer service/merchant services/web development/and wholesalers for a year.  Developed the concept and brought it to fruition.  Launched a 300,000+ page site from concept -> development, by myself, in under 30 days (old site).  Software Used: Dreamweaver, Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP, Putty, FileZilla, Excel, Word, Photoshop Quantum Blue Inc aka FizzPow Games - Colorado Springs, CO (Dec 2008 - Nov 2009) Production Engineer & Game Developer Create, design and manage deployment affiliate email marketing campaigns. As part of a team, conceptualize and develop games for the iPhone and iPod touch.
  •  Design, test and deploy 60,000,000 emails daily in accordance with white-list requirements from the AOL postmaster.  Analyzed results and implemented new concepts based on performance, split testing.  Designed several themed email frames.  Monitored and maintained inbox delivery.  Trained two other production engineers.  Setup DNS and MX records for 15-20 new domains daily.  As a team, developed game concepts based on demographic and market research for the relatively new iPhone/iTouch limited resource hardware and platform.  Learned the Mac OS and some Objective C as part of R&D for the project.  Learned OOP programming in UnityScript and 3D environment for Unity3D gaming engine.  Crash course in ad arbitrage using adsense, media buys and facebook advertising.  Crash course in developing CPA programs.  Software Used: XCode, Custom Bulk Mail Software, Unity 3D, Microsoft Visual Studio, Photoshop Devknob Web Media - Anaheim, CA / Colorado Springs, CO (June 2007 - Dec 2008) Lead designer/Programmer/Sales (Contractor) Consulting clients, develop, design and optimize websites that generate sales leads for small local businesses from beginning to end or as an upgrade/modification.  Generated leads and phone calls for Quality Transportation Services  Generated leads and phone calls for  Full web project and lead generation for  Full web project and lead generation for  Full web project and lead generation for  Wordpress customization and design for  Search optimization for  Development of youtube/myspace hybrid for a video sharing website inclusive of server-side video conversion and social networking constants such as messaging, the wall, 'friending' and photo uploads. Site is no longer what it was, but makes use of a newer custom scraper I built for it.  Custom craigslist scraper/mailer for Bay Appliances in San Jose, CA.  Custom craigslist scraper/mailer for nationwide campaigns that intelligently qualifies and disqualifies posts based on detailed content analysis .  Software Used: Dreamweaver, Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP, Putty, FileZilla, Excel, Word, Photoshop J.I.M. Financial Group aka - Long Beach, CA (Early 2006 - June 2007) Loan Consultant, Account Executive & Secondary Marketing Develop wholesale mortgage lending division and build team of commissioned account executives to market financial products to brokers and loan officers in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Arizona & Nevada.  Sold mortgage loan products directly to borrowers.  Developed concept for and Created and marketed and the ASAP mortgage pricing engine generating leads and phone calls to keep account executives constantly busy.  Hired, trained and managed 7 commission-only account executives at the office and in the field on loan products from 5+ different major lenders on a correspondent basis.  Jr Underwriting loans for eligibility based on lenders underwriting guidelines.  Facilitated submitted loans through the approval, stipulation and funding process.  Placed loans at various mortgage lenders that buy paper on the secondary mortgage market.  Created and designed all advertising materials for sales reps. View slide
  •  Learned low level Microsoft Excel programming without use of VBScript allowing for calculation of payments, rates, low-level eligibility, simple submission and daily updating from remote server. It was and probably still is the fastest mortgage pricing engine to market.  Running and reading credit reports using Point loan software.  Software Used: Dreamweaver, PHP, Excel, Word, Calyx Point, Photoshop Albert Equipment Sales aka – Westminster, CA (Mid 2004 - Early 2006) General Office, Sales, Web Designer Broker construction equipment nationwide  Customer service for contractors and equipment yards nationwide.  Created quote, sales and supporting documents.  Sourced all types of construction equipment and commercial vehicles nationwide.  Cold calling, lead development and follow up throughout decision making process.  Light filing, light accounting, heavy phones and sales.  Created efficiency by optimizing procedures by and the use of current technology.  Developed generating lots of leads and phone calls for highest margin deals.  Arranged logistics with client, supplier and freight carriers.  Negotiating with wholesalers, municipalities, small and large contractors.  Reeled in high profile accounts including Halliburton, NASA, and the Lebanese Army.  Software Used: Dreamweaver, ACT!, Excel, Word, Paint Shop Pro Zales Jewelry - Orange, CA (Seasonal 2003) Sales Representative  Everything in accordance with strict security policies  Daily jewelry counts  Responsible for lots of high dollar jewelry, trusted with access to the safe  Cash register, POS and customer service Most Valuable Lessons Learned [Top]  With design, nobody's opinion generally matters on a results level. We use what we know to make the swing at conversions the best possible, but there is no substitute for split testing and analyzing the data.  Most non-savvy people vastly under-estimate the value of lots of optimizations that make logical & proven sense. Some examples are intuitive design, social integration & page-speed.  Designers/Front-end engineers often overlook intuitive UX design, accessibility and compatibility in exchange for personal taste or the personal taste of someone even less qualified to make these decisions.  While facebook and other social media outlets generally yield very little immediate tangible net benefit to revenue, social media is the future of search engine marketing, can assist with intuitive UX design, and complement a website's features/functionality while making the process easier and more intuitive for the user. Social media, while growing in popularity, is still vastly under-rated.  Optimizing the conversion of existing traffic is just as important, if not more important, than an SEO/PPC/Social Media campaign.  Accurately tracking, reading and acting on collected data from all sources of analytics data is essential to the success and direction of a project.  Prioritizing by estimated development time, projected tangible net benefit, and the timing of said benefit is one of the most important aspects of planning. View slide
  •  Employers/partners need to trust the judgment of the professionals they hire and allow them to assume accountability within their scope of work.  Companies need to loosen up, budget for & allow testing new ideas and sometimes vastly different ideas. Any failures should be looked at, and recorded, as valuable paid-for data.  Any conclusions based on insufficient data have a high likely hood of being foolish and pre-mature.  You know everything Google knows. Nothing is impossible, you either find a way, or you make one. References [Top] William Lavold Phone Available On Request Peter Margaritoff Phone Available On Request Paul Albert Phone Available On Request Certifications & Education [Top] California Real Estate Finance Principles - Cypress College - Cypress, CA (2006) Attended and passed course in California Real Estate finance principles paid for by J.I.M. Financial Group. It was a really good review of my industry but not completely necessary as I learned very little new information.  Great review course ROP - Canyon High School - Anaheim, CA (1998) I attended and obtained a certificate that claimed I was an expert in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook. I found it amusing that in this computer class they had a completely unsecured network where I could view anyone's work as soon as they inserted their disk.  Learned the importance of network security Mr Bowden's Computer Class - El Rancho Middle School - Anaheim, CA This class was outdated using Apple II computers with a focus on Lotus. Two friends and I were lucky enough to be noticed and separated into the adjoining room where we were told to "do whatever you like" on modern IBM computers.  Learned Qbasic  Discovered passion for bossing around a computer using code  Made over 100 programs in qbasic that I still have  Created a startup menu with graphical user interface for the school Et cetera I was born on October 11th 1983 to a good family in Anaheim, California. My interests include my love with computers, marketing, the internet and the evolution of it. "The cloud", UX & social media have become more and more interesting to me over the years. I play the guitar and I want to see the world. I am trustworthy, honest, analytical, driven and smart. I like to do things the correct way and am an entrepreneur at heart. My primary goals in life are to travel, make enough money to obtain freedom, and enjoy times with good, true friends and family. Some areas of interest I would like to pursue or continue to pursue before I die include creating CPA programs, Cisco certifications, build an e-commerce conglomerate, learn Python, figure out how to make electronic music, artificial intelligence, video editing and special effects, play the the stock market, mobile device development and creating a "google" or a "facebook" or a "amazon" on the web. The killer app. [ Hire Me ]