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Austen- Coronado Austen- Coronado Presentation Transcript

  • Francisco Vasquez De Coronado The Spanish Explorer
  • Who Was Francisco Coronado?Coronado was born in Salamanca, Spain,1510. He was born in a rich family, but laterleft home because his family fortune waspromised to his older brother. So he barelyhad any money.
  • He sailed to Mexico with Admiral deMendoza. Soon later he became thegovernor of New Galica. In 1540, Coronadowas the first european to explore what isnow the U.S.
  • Where Did Coronado Explore?In 1540 Admiral Mendoza sent Coronado toexplore what is now the United States to findCibolo, (the seven cities of gold)representing Spain . It wasnt an easy tripthough. They were starved and attackedsometimes.
  • They were running out of supplies as theycame close, and when they got there, it wasnot a city of gold at all. The Zuni Indiansliving there, would not let them enter, andthey were starving. So they attacked thevillage, and drove the Indians off.
  • Coronado sent search parties to fInd Cibolo,but it was not successful. Coronado spentthe winter in Tiguex (a village up the RioGrande.) Soon later he discovered theGrand Canyon. Then he heard about acountry rich in gold called Quiver. He foundno gold there though.
  • How was he an explorer?Coronado was born in a noble family. Hewas sent from Mexico by Admiral Mendozato claim gold (and other wealth) for Spain.
  • Did Coronado benefit Spain?Coronado did not benefit Spain with anygold, but he did open up new lands forSpain to know, explore further, andresearch.
  • Does Coronado effect us today?If Coronado didnt explore the southwest ofwhat is now America, there wouldnt be thestory of him searching for Cibolo, andpeople wouldnt know that that land wasntreal until later on.
  • Timeline1510- birth, 1536-became governor of NewGalica, 1540- searched for the seven citiesof gold, Winter- spent in Tiquax, Spring- heled his army to find Quivera, 1551- returnedto New Galica, 1544- death
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