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Andrew-Ponce De Leon

  1. 1. Juan Ponce De Leon By Andrew Slade
  2. 2. Ponce De Leons day of birth is uncertain but isassumed to be in Spain during the year 1474. He wasalso sent away to become a squire by the age ofnine.
  3. 3. Ponce De Leon became an experienced fighter andsailer from fighting in the war against the Moors.
  4. 4. In September 1493 Colombus returned to Spain anddeclared he had found new land and got Permissionto start a settlement there .
  5. 5. He soon sailed there with a fleet of around 20 shipscarrying over 1200 men and women and everythinghe Needed to start a setlement. Ponce De Leon wasone of these men.
  6. 6. The fleet arrived the next November and claimed theland for Spain its now known as Puerto Ricco.
  7. 7. Ponce De Leon was awarded the role of governor forhis heroic actions defending Putrto Ricco from anative attack .
  8. 8. While there he heard stories of a magical watersource that the people called the fountain of youth.They said that drinking its water kept you youngforever. Ponce De Leon decided he must find thiswater source.
  9. 9. For the next few years Ponce De Leon tried to findout were it is. Untill he finaly thought he knew. Heasked Spain for permission To find the fountain ofyouth and was allowed but he had to buy everythingfor it himself.
  10. 10. The young explorer did so redely and they were offin march 1513 they sailed for Bimi .
  11. 11. They sailed for days but didnt see the island. Onmarch 27th they came within sight of the Floridacoast. On april 2nd he landed on what he called st.augustin. This was the first Spanish setlement Onthe mainland of north america
  12. 12. But sadly by the time he got there he was in need ofmore supplies and returned to perto ricco. He soonsailed back to Florida to start a settlement.
  13. 13. During one of his hunting trips accomponied by someof his men he was attacked by some natives andwas wounded in the thigh by an arrow. he neverrecovered and died of it sadly never finding thefountain of youth.
  14. 14. To this day nobody has found the legendary fountainof youth. It remains just a story for now but wenever know what could happen.
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