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Adobe CQ 5.5 Query Builder

Adobe CQ 5.5 Query Builder



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    Quiery builder Quiery builder Presentation Transcript

    • A Presentation by
    • Content : What Is Query Builder? Example usages Why Query Builder? Query Builder Debugger Anatomy of a query Predicate resolution & execution Standard predicates Ordering Grouping of predicates Facets Sample Queries Javadoc Links Query Builder Demo References A Presentation by
    • What is QueryBuilder QueryBuilder is a service for building Queries searching the Java Content Repository and which are easily extensible A Query represents a JCR repository query that can be created programmatically, with a list of so-called Predicates A Predicate is a single constraint for a Query. It is a pure data model object, consisting of a parameter map based on key-value string pairs. This service allows to create queries with several convenience methods In addition, it allows to store queries in the repository and load them again. A Presentation by
    • Example usages A Presentation by
    • Why Query Builder? Because QueryBuilder is...  an API to build queries for a query engine (JCR XPath underneath)  especially via URL query parameters (GET & POSTs)  compatible with HTML forms  allowing to add/remove conditions (“predicates”) individually  allowing copy/paste of queries  easily extensible  providing some goodies (e.g. facets) A Presentation by
    • Query Builder Debugger A Presentation by
    • Anatomy of a query A Presentation by
    • Predicate resolution & execution Internally, a predicate evaluator is resolved Based on the type OSGi component (using factories) Handles:  mapping to xpath (required)  filtering of results  custom ordering mechanism  facet extraction Multiple predicates of the same type(define an order) A Presentation by
    • Standard predicates path  range  supports multiple paths  daterange  but beware: can be slow  similar property  rep:similar  JCR property  tagid& tag  different operations  language type  page languages  node type  event fulltext  calendar  full text search  example for shortening A Presentation by
    • Ordering Use (special) orderby predicate  sort ascending by default, use orderby.desc=true for descending (1) Order by JCR properties  orderby=@cq:tags  orderby=@jcr:content/cq:tags (2) Reference predicate by name  orderby=1_property  predicate evaluator must provide ordering  simply a list of properties (=> used in xpath query)  or a custom Comparator (=> run after filtering) Multiple orderings  1_orderby=@cq:tags  2_orderby=@cq:lastModified  3_orderby=nodename A Presentation by
    • Grouping of predicates A Presentation by
    • Facets  Extract set of possible values found in current result  Options for a more specific query  Facet = set of buckets  Facet = tag  Buckets = product, business, marketing  Buckets can also be custom ranges  Facet = daterange  Buckets = yesterday, last week, last year... A Presentation by
    • Sample Queries A Presentation by
    • Sample Queries A Presentation by
    • Sample Queries A Presentation by
    • Sample Queries A Presentation by
    • Javadoc LinksJavadoc Descriptioncom.day.cq.search Basic QueryBuilder and Query APIcom.day.cq.search.result Result APIcom.day.cq.search.facets Facetscom.day.cq.search.facets.buckets Buckets (contained within facets)com.day.cq.search.eval Predicate Evaluatorscom.day.cq.search.facets.extractors Facet Extractors (for evaluators)com.day.cq.search.writer JSON Result Hit Writer for Querybuilder servlet (/bin/querybuilder.json) A Presentation by
    • Query Builder Demo  Create a getimages component  Include that component on content page A Presentation by
    • Query Builder Demo  getimages.jsp contains QueryBuilder API A Presentation by
    • Query Builder Demo This component is used to get images from dam:Asset/jcr:content/image/jpeg tag A Presentation by
    • References http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/da m/customizing_and_extendingcq5dam/quer y_builder.html http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/jav adoc/com/day/cq/search/QueryBuilder.html www.pro- vision.de/adaptto/downloads/2011_querybuil der.pdf http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/jav adoc/com/day/cq/search/Query.html A Presentation by