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Right Hand Solutions

  1. 1. Customer Referrals & Testimonials RightHand Solutions, Inc. 2010
  2. 2. Customer Referrals & Testimonials RightHand Solutions, Inc. 2010I have had the pleasure of working with RightHand Solutions on several projects since 2005. I have alwaysfound them to be very professional, thorough, knowledgeable, and extremely hard working.Each project that I assigned to them was related to our ERP Implementation of JDEdwards and an ancillarybusiness intelligence data warehouse solution called Q4bis. From the start, working with RightHand, addeda dimension of knowledge that complimented not only the scope of the project but also our own internal I.T.staff. RightHand quickly gained our trust because of their hard work, timely solutions, flexibility, and theirwillingness to be responsive to our needs.RightHand didn’t just blindly complete the assigned work as we asked them to do. Instead, they offeredalternative business improvement solutions wherever possible that actually were better than our originalplans, saved us money, and in the end were much easier to maintain for our internal staff.I would highly recommend RightHand Solutions as a partner on any JDE related project and am lookingforward to using them again on future projects. — Tim Hennessy, Executive V.P. Information Technology, Millennium Entertainment, LLC. Office: (310) 893-6289 Cell: (805) 857-6225 thennessy@m-m-services.com
  3. 3. Customer Referrals & Testimonials RightHand Solutions, Inc. 2010I was privileged to work with the RightHand Solutions team on several projects. Their team is comprised ofconsummate business professionals with great intelligence and commendable work ethics. They have theability to take complicated and difficult business ideas and turn them into winning business solutions. Theirconsultants delivered more than was required or expected and our job duties were made more efficient asa result of their business solutions. I am honored to recommend RightHand Solutions and can confidentlyendorse them to be a tremendous asset to any organization. — Marlys Clay, Vice President, VMI, Merchandising & Sales Reporting, Millennium Entertainment, LLC. Office: (310) 893-6289 Cell: (424) 202-5112 mclay@m-m-services.com
  4. 4. Customer Referrals & Testimonials RightHand Solutions, Inc. 2010I wanted to thank the both of you for your kindness.Also, thank you for your assistance all year long. With my staff reduction, times were tough. With RightHand,I was able to give minimal guidance and we were able to solve all of our outstanding issues. Because ofRightHand Solutions I was able to concentrate and focus on other areas that required my time.I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with RightHand Solutions. — Michael Ikona, Director of IT, Lavi Industries Office: (661) 257-7800 ext 159 michaeli@lavi.com
  5. 5. Customer Referrals & Testimonials RightHand Solutions, Inc. 2010Unconfined by the typical boundaries of technical and functional skill sets, backed by an extensive businessprocess knowledge, and gifted by a unique ability to find practical solutions to seemingly complicatedmatters, Devin Wight is a one-stop shop when it comes to IT projects around J. D. Edwards applicationsand more. He has a well-deserved reputation to produce more results in a shorter time than a team ofconsultants. Devin can communicate to C level executives, warehouse clerks, and technical IT resources withequal ease and efficacy.” — Lou Dora, Manager, Enterprise Applications, Infoblox Inc Cell: (408) 591-9272
  6. 6. Customer Referrals & Testimonials RightHand Solutions, Inc. 2010What did RightHand Solutions (which is basically me) do for you?The State of Nebraska purchased and installed an Integrated Financial Management Software System (JDEdwards) in 2002-2004 which included General Ledger, (A/R, A/P), HR, Procurement, Fixed Assets andInventory modules. This was a $40+ million dollar project that is referred to as the Nebraska InformationSystem (NIS) and serves the entire State of Nebraska for these functional processes.In 2006, the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) Industries program added two newSales & Manufacturing/Warehouse modules to the NIS systems and re-integrated the work functions ofthe Procurement and Inventory modules to meet additional Industries requirements. Devin Wight was thelead consultant that ran this implementation project to integrate the two new modules into the existing NISsystems. Devin coordinated activities of the various Agency resources, including the NDCS Industries ProjectTeam, the NIS Functional Analysts team, State IT resources as well as third party resources such as DSI DataCollection products and 3M Interfaces that were required in our manufacturing processes. Devin helped usrestructure our Warehouse processes and implement Data Collection software In addition; Devin helped to setup an effective training program to roll out the JDE system to 15 manufacturing shops located at six differentcampuses in 4 different cities.What, if anything, sets RightHand Solutions apart from other consultants you have used? (Continued on next page)
  7. 7. Customer Referrals & Testimonials RightHand Solutions, Inc. 2010(Continued from previous page)The knowledge that Devin brought to the project was extraordinary as he was able to translate his overallworking knowledge of the JDE software to the user level. Devin was invaluable in helping our implementationteam understand how to apply the software to our various business needs. Devin effectively translatedtechnical IT and JDE software terminology to the User team and was able to hold third party vendors totechnical performance standards that are necessary for the smooth transition which converted a largelymanual paper system to current, real-time, software technology. Devin’s has a very broad and very specificknowledge of the JDE software utility. Beyond this, he also has an important understanding of IT processesand is able to integrate these two disciplines into efficient and effective applications for our various businessmodels. I would highly recommend RightHand Solutions for any technology based business solutions. — Michael (Mike) Martin, Business Manager, Cornhusker State Industries, State of Nebraska Office: (402) 471-1254
  8. 8. Customer Referrals & Testimonials RightHand Solutions, Inc. 2010“I have worked with RightHand Solutions for several years and have enjoyed the experience for thesereasons. The knowledge base of their consultants runs very deep across the areas of Financials,Manufacturing and Distribution and advanced modules of Advanced Pricing, Transportation and Warehouse.Sharing their knowledge with co-works and clients is second nature to all of them. RightHand wouldbe a great addition to any project from both the client and co-worker perspective. Would not hesitate torecommend them, and I would welcome the opportunity to work with RightHand Solutions again.” May 14,2008 — Barry Card, Manufacturing Consultant (Specialist), BNC Consulting Cell: (905) 878-1401
  9. 9. Customer Referrals & Testimonials RightHand Solutions, Inc. 2010“RightHand Solutions is an excellent company committed to helping companies make the knowledge transferof JDE / Oracle technology. Their consultants have very deep product knowledge, and have always been apleasure to work with.” April 13, 2009 — Daniel Bolland, Principle Consultant, Project Manager, Aristasoft Inc (ASP)
  10. 10. Customer Referrals & Testimonials RightHand Solutions, Inc. 2010HIGHLIGHT:Devin has implemented the distribution modules (Inventory, Procurement and Sales Orders) for aMid-Sized company in a 72 day fast implementation. This included data conversion from Baan toJDE for Procurement. Devin is one of the few consultants with experience in the TransportationManagement module since JD Edwards introduced the module in 1999.“What impresses me most about Devin is his breath of knowledge. He is like a human drill-downfrom general processes to the detail transactions and the program interactions behind them.” — Alan Abraham, ERP Corporate Lead, Weatherford International