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Portfolio of artwork

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Art Portfolio3

  1. 1. The Art of Devin Oishi Above: Self Portrait, oil pastel Background: Detail of Com- position in Blue, acrylic and prismacolor on panel An updated portfolio is main- tained at: com/photos/devinoishi/
  2. 2. Top: Campo De’ Fiori, Roma, Italia, 2006, watercolor Left: Sistine Chapel, 2006, ink Bottom: Venice, 2006, watercolor Next Page Top: Yabusame, multi-media collage of photo and watercolor (1st piece exhibited at Honolulu Academy of Arts) From Left: Yabusame Charge, oil pastel Victory, 2001, oil Kaneohe Criterium, 2001, oil on panel
  3. 3. Clockwise from top left: Working On the Roof: A Fine Day, 2000, oil on panel Grandma’s House (3/4 view), watercolor Grandma’s House, watercolor Studies of the Neighborhood, digital photo Working On the Roof: A Fine Day, 2000-2003, oil on canvas A Fine Day: Neighbor’s House, 1997, oil on canvas Working On the Roof: A Fine Day (View From the Top), 2001, oil on panel Grandma’s House, 1992, acrylic, ink, pencil, oil, encaustic, and photo on panel (Persis Col- lection Award at Honolulu Printmakers Exhibit)
  4. 4. Clockwise from top left: Hawaii Air National Guard F-15 at an Air Show, 2004, ink sketches The Flower Shop, 2002-2003, oil on panel Kikaida Playing Hanafuda for World Domination, 2003, oil on panel Mr. Oshiro and the Central Middle School Band, 2004, ink sketches Background: Fishing at Kualoa Beach, watercolor
  5. 5. Drawings and paintings from Pualani and the Three Mano, a book I am writing and illus- trating, 2005-2006 (Story and additional images in editing)
  6. 6. Illustrations, models, and display board for: Green Rest Stop, 2006, water- color, digital media, card- board, paper, wood
  7. 7. City Surfer BRT, 2002. Winner: Excellence in the Use of Established BRT Concepts, Bus Rapid Transit and the American Community: The National Competition, BRT Consortium The UH Design Team devel- oped plans for a BRT system that included routes, stations, vehicles, infrastructure, and social change. I designed the BRT exterior and the small shelters. The shelter, reflected in the form of the rear window mullion, inspired the logo and name of the sub- mission. Others contributed the 3-D mock-up, researched the technology, planed the route, and created the boards. lic/brtcomp/
  8. 8. Green Rest Stop Models, 2006, wood, steel, plastic
  9. 9. Clockwise: T-Rex, 2006, plexi-glass, plaster T-Rex, 2006, digital rendering for the T-Rex toy at top left Triceratops, 2006, masonite Laser Cutter, 2006, photo of the laser cutting the pieces of the T-Rex Swallow, 2006, digital render- ing Delta, 2006, paper, rendered in Rhino, exported to AutoCAD, cut by laser, assembled by hand
  10. 10. Bricks, 2005, Auto CAD. This house was designed as a virtual test bed for a system of bricks similar to LEGO blocks that would al- low the quick construction, remodeling, or move of a structure by layman with minimal help of profession- als. Bricks were designed to be simple with the fewest iterations possible. Auto CAD was required for the project but proved to be difficult to use for 3-D mod- eling. The program eventu- ally slowed to a crawl and became a hinderence to the design process.
  11. 11. 1890 Wynkoop, Denver Colo- rado, 2005, ink on mylar These drawing were made using only photographs and measure- ments taken off the building with the aide of one of the architects who had remodeled an apartment in the building. The diagrams above were de- veloped to illustrate individual design concepts of the build- ing: private/public, circulation, light, piloti, design grid, build- ing public/private use, massing, set back, axis, entrance/exit.
  12. 12. Barragan House, 2005, bass wood. This model was constructed by a team for Design Studio at CU-Den- ver’s Master of Architecture Program. The close-up is my section. Ambeur John- son, Will Babbington and Dan Martel completed the other sections.
  13. 13. Above, left, and right: Grid, 2005, Freehand (the program), ink, bass wood, plexi, acrylic. Right: Dance Sketches (after Stravin- ski and Balanchine Violin Concerto and Ballet), 2005, ink and graphite, Grid Sections, 2005 Freehand The small sketches to the left were derived from a dance performance by Stravinsky and Balanchine. The sketches were combined in part- nership with another student into numerous graphic diagrams. Individu- ally, one of those diagrams (below the sketches) was chosen and used as a departure point for the ink draw- ing and then the gray scale drawing. The rotating yin and yang balance of the diagram evolved into a complex series of rotating 9s that represented the systems that make up the Uni- verse. A section was taken from the gray scale and developed into the four sections. The grey scale and sections were applied to plexi glass. A bass wood model was designed with the volume defined by the plexi construct.
  14. 14. 1 Ink DEVICEMAN Images from: The Aircraft Carrier Abra- ham Lincoln, In progress, digital, graphite, ink