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I Did it My Way

  1. 1. The how-to guide todiscovering your own pathand making your dreams areality. Prepared For: Schey Sales Centre Candidates Prepared By: Devin M.M. Albert Tuesday, June 05, 2012 ©DevinM.M.Albert
  2. 2. Table of ContentI. Intro ………………………………………………..…….……3II. Talk to Everyone: Make it Known …………….………4 I. PSAB II. Alumni III. Professors IV. Friends V. FamilyIII. Live Online ……………………………………………..……5 I. LinkedIn I. Status Change II. Searching on LinkedIn III. Groups II. Google Searching III. Utilization of Social MediaIV. Create a Great Cover Letter……………………….……6V. Email Recruiters I. Finding Them II. Contacting themVI. Apply EVERYWHERE ……………………….……………7VII. Appendix A: Cover Letters……………..….…………8/9VIII.Appendix B: The Email…………………………….……10
  3. 3. Intro: The Purpose “This place called Tuskegee is where it all began-the place where I felt that everything was available and possible. It’s where I learned about life and love and the power of music, and the place I built a musical foundation that knows no genres or boundaries” -Lionel Richie For those of you who may be reading this and wondering who LionelRichie is, he was the lead singer of The Commodores (who sing Brick House) andthe writer of many Mo-town classics such as “Easy.” His music has inspiredpeople world-wide and though I have never claimed him as a personalinspiration, the above quote definitely hits home. I found this quote while reading Austin Lifestyle Magazine on a planeheading home from Texas. This past weekend I made the drive from OH to TX tomove my things into my new home and dream city-Austin TX. I decided Iwanted to move to Austin for several reasons; both personal and professional.Professionally, I wanted to work in Hi-Tech software sales. Austin is the up-and-coming Silicon Valley which I found extremely exciting. Personally, as the mostpopular and fastest-growing city in the country, it seemed to be a perfecttransition for a recent grad. Beyond that was the music. As the live music capitalof the world, Austin has dubbed itself the place to be if you are into enjoying orperforming great tunes (which I definitely am). Lionel claimed Tuskegee as his inspiration. Mine was Athens. It’swhere I met the best people I’ve ever known, where my dreams were born,where my passions found a home. In TSSC we learn a lot about business,professionalism and of course, sales. BUT we also surround ourselves with ourown dream catchers; people who help us nourish our dreams and keep away thenegativity that seems to hover over them at times. Mr. Hartung asked me tocreate this document to share with you because he believed in my dream andwants to inspire other candidates to “Run down their dreams” as he likes to say. So…find what your dream is. Is it a location? An Industry? ACompany? A product? We’re different here in TSSC because we can afford to bepicky. TSSC affords us that right because it teaches us to be a champion anddesirable candidate. Don’t let people turn you away from your dream becausethe job market is tough or you got a great offer (or any other reasons they comeup with). Do it your way. The title of this doc was inspired by another musicallegend-Frank Sinatra with his song “My Way.” 2 musical geniuses are mentionedin this document because music was a large driving force for me to be where Iam…on this plane flying back to graduate from t he best damn university thereis, with a pen in my hand that says “Devin M.M. Albert-Oracle Corporation.”Because yes, folks, I landed my dream job in my dream city and I DID IT MY WAY!! ©DevinM.M.Albert
  4. 4. Talk to EVERYONE-Make it Known PSAB Our PSAB is made up of some of the most well-networked, coolest people you will ever be lucky enough to meet. Email anyone you think may be able to help you. Send your resume and outline exactly what you are looking for- make it as easy as them on possible. If they are local, offer to buy them lunch and pick their brain. ALUMNI Check the Alumni database and try to find contacts that have something in common with your dream (I looked for people in Austin). Send them a similar email as the one you sent to board members. Alumni are always excited to be able to help out a fellow SSCC. PROFESSORS Reach out to the professors you have a good relationship and let them know your goal. Dr. Moberg is a great resource and he CCd me on several emails he sent to people introducing me and helping me try to find contacts in Austin. ANY CONTACT HELPS! FRIENDS/FAMILY You never know how close a connection can be sometimes. A friend/family member may have a friend or may have done business with someone who can help you reach your goal. Literally tell everyone about your dream-they may be able to help you! Send emails to family/friends who do business with people that may know people who can help you. Also bring it up in any casual conversation you can! MY PERSONAL SUCCESS STORY: I was a server/bartender at a restaurant off campus and talked to my customers all the time about how I was trying to move to Austin. One of my customers one day was Kenny Kerr (also a board member) and he gave me 4 different people to contact. Though I didn’t get my job through these people, one of them offered their spare master suite in their condo for the first two months of me living in Austin (or as long as I needed) and told me it’s free to Bobcats. That’s right, he is sharing his gorgeous condo with me for free while I get my feet on the ground. This all happened because I MADE IT KNOWN to everyone that I wanted to move to Austin, and more people than you will ever expect are super excited to help your dreams become a reality. ©DevinM.M.Albert
  5. 5. Live Online LinkedIn Status Change- Change your LinkedIn status to communicate your goal. Mine was “Driven Sales Student currently seeking employment in Austin, TX.” Searching- Use the filters provided to narrow your search. Change the search criteria to “Jobs” and be specific in what you type in the search bar. Also look at various companies’ profiles and look for job postings on them. Search for people in the job/industry/city you desire and connect with them. Change the message sent with the invitation to explain why you are connecting with them. Join Groups- Join groups that correlate with your goal. Follow them religiously and engage in conversation-you may meet someone or impress someone in that group that will reach out to you. Google Searching Search 1million and 1 different ways on Google. I searched Austin Jobs, Jobs in Austin, Sales Jobs in Austin, Entry-Level sales in Austin, etc. Bookmark sites and utilize Google Alerts to email you when a topic of interest may arise (be specific in Google Alerts so that you don’t get junk). Don’t be afraid of criteria for the job. I applied several places that wanted 5+years of experience. You have more knowledge than a lot of people with 5+ years of experience-OWN your education and experience in TSSC! Utilizing Social Media Twitter- I followed Austin Jobs on Twitter. There are plenty of handles for just about anything you would want-find a good person/company/group/etc. to follow and make your life easier. You can also change your status on twitter to something similar to your LinkedIn account. Also-follow several people in the industry/company/city that you desire…you never know what they might post! Also post regularly about your dream and ask for people to help you reach it! Google+- Put people in a circle under a title (dream catchers) and hit them up on a regular basis. Send them things that may be valuable to them as well (but you already know to do that  ). There are so many uses of social media-use all avenues and use them religiously! MY PERSONAL SUCCESS STORY: Simply because I changed my LinkedIn status, I had recruiters contacting me about interviewing for their Austin Office. This stuff really works, folks! ©DevinM.M.Albert
  6. 6. Create a Great Cover Letter There are several different opinions on what a great cover letter means. If you search online you will find unlimited suggestions. Career Services in Baker Center is also a great place for you to take a cover letter and get feedback. Here’s what I included in all of my cover letters -How I found out about the opening -What drew me to the company (3 hard-hitting characteristics) -My Qualifications that fit with those characteristics -Closing that encourages next steps Again, these are just what I decided were important to create a successful Cover Letter. Include whatever you feel is valuable. In Appendix A you will find two examples of cover letters that I sent to employers. One is from my search for a job in Austin and one was prior to that-so you have some variety! ©DevinM.M.Albert
  7. 7. Emailing Recruiters Finding Them Recruiters are easier to find that one would think. Their job is to generate a high volume of possible candidates for them to choose from-so many make themselves visible. I had the most success by searching for recruiters on LinkedIn. I used phrases such as “recruiters is Austin, TX” or “Sales Recruiters in Austin.” Create a phrase that targets your goal and search for recruiters that fit. Many will have their email addresses on their LinkedIn. If they do not, play around with possibilities. Most companies have addresses of firs.last@company.com or f.last@company.com or flast@company.com. There is no harm in sending an email to a non-existent account so if Sally Smith is the recruiter, formulate an Contacting Them Create an email that is valuable and outlines your strengths (a shorter cover letter that makes sense in email format). Attach your cover letter and resume to the email with a catchy subject line (mine was “why you should hire me”). If their email address cannot be found, usually it’s not too difficult to formulate. Most companies have addresses of firs.last@company.com or f.last@company.com or flast@company.com. There is no harm in sending an email to a non-existent account so if Sally Smith is the recruiter for Bobcat, Inc., formulate a great email, attach your resume and cover letter and send it to sally.smith@bobcat.com, s.smith@bobcat.com, and ssmith@bobcat.com. You can also look at the company website under “contact us” and see what the @company is for them. It may say info@bobcat.com or info@bobcatinc.com or another various address. This will give you the correct address to send it to, all you have to do is figure out the correct name combination. MailerDeamon will email you back with the incorrect addresses. Use trial and error to find the right one! MY PERSONAL SUCCESS STORY: Some of the recruiters I emailed did not have their email publically displayed- I used trial and error to find the right one! ©DevinM.M.Albert
  8. 8. Apply EVERYWHEREAny company that looks appealing to you based off of your criteria,apply to it. You can learn more about the company when you arecontacted by their recruiters. It may not be a company you have heardof, but could be the diamond in the rough that you never knewexisted!Not every correspondence has to be to get the job-yes you should be“on” for every conversation you have. However, don’t forget that youare looking for a company that fits YOU…not just a company that youfit. Ask to speak to someone to learn more about the position or thecompany-don’t be afraid to be honest and up-front.Let the people you speak to at the companies know your goal as well.For me, it was location-so I was very honest about wanting Austin.Companies actually offered to create a position in Austin because thatwas my #1 criteria. If you show that you are worth it, people will bewilling to work with you-you just have to have the confidence andperseverance to make it happen! ©DevinM.M.Albert
  9. 9. Appendix A: Cover Letters 149 Mill St. Athens,OH 45701 937.684.1270 Devin.albert@gmail.com Tuesday, November 01, 2011 Jenna Grubbs Palmer Holland 25000 Country Club Boulevard Suite 444 North Olmstead, OH 44070 Dear Jenna: I am writing to express my interest in a career at Palmer Holland. I learned about Palmer Holland through being the Vice Chair of The Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre at Ohio University. The Sales Centre partners with companies such as Palmer Holland to recruit students from Ohio University that are studying sales. I am currently a senior seeking full- time employment upon graduation. The first thing that I heard about Palmer Holland was that the culture remains unmatched by any other company. From my understanding, your company is very focused on the health and happiness of your employees which in turn leads to great overall performance. I understand Palmer Holland to be a place where hard work is valued and life balance is encouraged. This kind of culture is extremely attractive to me and I feel that I would thrive in such an environment. Through my past sales experience, I have been challenged with everything from multiple transactional calls in one day to sales calls to begin a relationship with a sales cycle that will last anywhere from eight months to two years. I have worked in multiple atmospheres and found that I perform the best in an open environment where teamwork is not only encouraged, but expected. I have learned the most from my peers and feel that working in an open environment that encourages team selling is an asset to any sales team. A career at Palmer Holland would be a good fit for me because it is a growing company, a great place to start a career, and have a sales style of integrity and intellect. I believe that my experience whether it be in the classroom, outside of the classroom, or in the office. I look forward to meeting with you and the other employees at Palmer Holland. I believe that our time together will give you a deeper look into me as a person as well as my qualifications. Thank you very much for this opportunity and I look forward to meeting with you. Sincerely, Devin Albert ©DevinM.M.Albert
  10. 10. Appendix A: Cover Letters 149 Mill St. Athens,OH 45701 937.684.1270 Devin.albert@gmail.com February 13, 2012 Kinnser Software 2600 Via Fortuna Drive Suite 300 Austin, TX 78746 To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to express my interest in a career in sales at Kinnser Software. I discovered Kinnser through LinkedIn during my search for companies seeking employees in Austin, TX. Given my experience in Sales at a young age and desire to relocate to Austin I was excited to learn about the opportunities at Kinnser. I am currently a senior at Ohio University studying Sales and Marketing. As the Vice Chair of The Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre I have been educated inside and outside of classroom on the most recent and innovative sales tactics and trained by (in person and/or using materials of) renowned experts such as Jeffrey Gitomer, Kevin Davis, Art Sobczak and more. After researching Kinnser I discovered that as an industry leader in innovative web-based software as well as customer service, I knew I wanted to learn more. When I learned that Kinnser values diversity and sense of humor, I felt encouraged to strive to be a part of a team with similar values similar to mine. Though I have not been a full-time sales employee for three consecutive years, I have a significant amount of experience in a sales role, as well as a fresh perspective and eagerness to learn. Through my past sales experience, I have been challenged with everything to multiple transactional calls in one day to sales calls to begin a relationship with a sales cycle that will last anywhere from eight months to two years. I have worked in multiple atmospheres including an account development role in an enterprise software company based in San Francisco. After interning for a software company I knew it was the atmosphere I wanted to be a part of. I believe that a career at Kinnser Software would be a wonderful fit for me to utilize my skills and grow as quickly and successfully as the company. I look forward to hearing from you soon and further explaining why I would be a good candidate for the Account Development Representative role at Kinnser Software. Sincerely, Devin Albert ©DevinM.M.Albert
  11. 11. Appendix B: The Email Hi Karen, My name is Devin Albert and I am currently a senior at Ohio University studying Sales and Marketing. I am the Vice Chair of a nationally recognized sales program here called The Schey Sales Centre. Through this program, I have completed over 28 credit hours of formal sales training, four internships, and networked with/been trained by sales experts such as Jeffrey Gitomer and Art Sobczak. My internships have consisted of everything from payroll to automotive electrical supplies to enterprise software. I have been a part of sales cycles ranging from 2 hours to 2 years. As young person fresh out of college, I have a fresh perspective and am malleable. In my experience persuading companies to invest in our sales program, they were excited by the thought of recruiting someone who had not yet formed any "bad habits," as they called them. I can be molded and shaped into the salesperson that would be successful for YOUR company in YOUR industry. Though I am still in college, I believe that I have very applicable and valid experiences through my work in The Sales Centre and the four internships that I have completed. I have been searching for companies hiring in Austin, TX as I desire to relocate there upon graduation (in June). I was thrilled when I saw this posting from Oracle on LinkedIn, as I worked for an enterprise software company in Redwood Shores this past summer and was surrounded by everything Oracle. I desire to return to the software sales environment as it is fast-paced, intellectually challenging and excitingly competitive. I would love to learn more about this opportunity and hope to be considered for this position. My qualifications can be found in my resume, attached. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon. Devin ©DevinM.M.Albert