Swedish Food – A Personal Perspective


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Swedish Food – A Personal Perspective

  1. 1. Food in Stockholm – a personal perspective<br />Karen Green<br />Amrita Health<br />April 2011<br />
  2. 2. Introduction<br />My husband Neil and I took a gourmet tour of Stockholm during the Easter weekend 2011.<br />We took £700 with us and spent it on food – it is a frighteningly expensive city especially when a glass of house wine starts at £14 a glass<br />This brief presentation is a personal perspective on the food we ate and uses some of my photos and some from the restaurants and other eateries websites.<br />I was assured by the taxi driver it is cheaper to eat out in the suburbs but no where near as stunning<br />It is a fabulous city – go with lots of cash to appreciate the architecture, the outdoor café culture and delicious food. Not for hen/stag parties. Ideal if you are teetotal!<br />
  3. 3. Key foodie headlines<br />What epitomises Swedish food?<br />Herrings – pickled in everyway possible – herb dressing, green garlic, curry, mustard<br />Rye crispbreads – like Ryvita? You will love this!<br />Meatballs – yes just like Ikea with gravy and ligonberry jam<br />Gravalax – marinated salmon served with mustard sauce<br />Potatoes - boiled as starter with herrings, mashed and in Janssens temptation <br />Strong herb flavours such as fennel, mustard, dill<br />Cakes – especially cinnamon rolls and punchrolls - cakes rolled in green marzipan and dipped in chocolate (available in Ikea!)<br />
  4. 4. And to drink sir?<br />Coffee – the Swedes love their coffee and are one of the biggest consumers in the world<br />Berry based drinks including ligonberry juice<br />Aquavit – don’t make the embarassing mistake we did:<br />Aquavit comes in many flavours so don’t just ask for a glass – its like asking a wine expert for a glass of red!<br />Aquavit should be drunk with the starter and not ordered as digestif as we did (oops!)<br />Vodka <br />Lager beer – main brands – PrippsBla and NorrlandsGuld<br />NOTE: alcohol (more than 3.5% proof) is only sold by government run shops (Systembolaget)– the duty is high so I suggest you pack a bottle of your favourite aperitif in duty free<br />
  5. 5. Swedish restaurants<br />Michelin stars - Five restaurants:<br />Frantzén/Lindeberg(2 stars) –beautiful website www.frantzen-lindeberg.com/en/<br />Mathias Dahlgren Matsalen (2 stars) – set in the beautiful setting of the Grand Hotel overlooking the water. <br />Due to Easter and limited funds, we did not eat there but did have the wonderful Easter Sunday buffet at the hotel for a mere £49 – see menu appendix for afternoon tea at the Grand<br />Mathias Dahlgren Matbaren<br />Esperanto – see menu on next page<br />Fredsgatan 12<br />Lux Stockholm<br />Hardly anything for vegetarians – they just don’t get it. Except<br />See menu appendix for F12 vegetarian tasting menu<br />Hermans – buffet style with fabulous view over water<br />Expense <br />expect to pay £15 for a starter and around £25 upwards for main and that’s before you get to the wine - £14……….a glass!! VAT on wine in restaurants is 25%<br />NOTE: We went at Easter when none of the Michelin star restaurants were open – in fact many of the top restaurants were not open as the chefs all go to the country houses!<br />
  6. 6. Where we ate – Day 1<br />Sturehof<br />traditional Swedish fare – herrings, salmon, oysters<br />fabulous fish soup (see photo – had already taken spoon hence messy photo!!) <br />Beautiful beautiful woman!<br />
  7. 7. Where we ate – Day 2<br />Chokladkoppen – best ever chocolate cake, hot chocolate, cinnamon rolls. This is a lovely place to sit outside and watch the world go by in a beautiful square<br />Kaffekoppen – next door also renowned for coffee and cake and most photographed café in Stockholm<br />
  8. 8. Where we ate – Day 3 Lunch<br />National museum – vast selection of cakes, biscuits, salads and savouries<br />We went primarily to see the Lust and Vice exhibition –on until 24th Aug – well worth a look<br />what we saw! <br />
  9. 9. Where we ate – Day 2 Dinner <br />Prinsen – traditional Swedish restaurant<br />Vast white asparagus with hollandaise sauce<br />Ubiquitous herrings with beer accompaniment<br />Traditional Swedish sausage<br />All a bit phallic after all those exhibition pictures!!<br />
  10. 10. Where we ate – Day 3 Lunch <br />BlaPorten (the Blue Door)<br />Fabulous low key service and food – finally some vegetarian offerings, reasonably priced beer, amazing tomato soup and loads of gorgeous cake!<br />Very pretty garden setting – location great for the Vasa museum <br />
  11. 11. Menu appendix<br />
  12. 12. FrusenfänkålochGrönländskaråräkor Frozen fennel and shrimps from Greenland<br />Alggravad makrill med sötadpepparotsmjölkochbakadäggulaMackerel cured in seaweed, egg yolk 65° and sweetened horseradish milk<br />Vår via ramslökochnypotatisSpring concerning ramson and new potatoes<br />Torsklameller med vårsalladsgrötochalgveloutéFlaky cod with sautéed lettuce and wakamevelouté<br />Rökparfymeradrenkalvstartar med renmärg, selleriemulsionochkrispigmaltsurdegSmoke scented reindeer with its bone marrow served with celeriac emulsion and crispy malted sour dough<br />Langoustine stekt i langoustine med sjöborre i foiegras au torchon, svarttrumpetsvampochfrusenhasselnötLangoustine fried in langoustine with sea urchin in foiegras au torchon, black trumpet mushroom and frozen hazelnut<br />En studie i jordärtskocka serveras med montage avlamm Degustation of Jerusalem artichoke  with Swedish lamb<br />Karamelliserat Ingrid MarieäppleCaramelized Ingrid Marie apples<br />1175 sek<br />Esperanto – tasting menu<br />
  13. 13. F12 Vegetarian tasting menu<br />VEGETARIAN TASTING MENU<br /> <br />«A DRY APRIL IS NOT THE FARMER’S WISH, FOR APRIL RAIN THE FRUITS PROTECT»<br />DAWN AT THE MOUNTAIN LAKE<br />nettles with pudding, cucumber and bergamot<br />BY THE EARTH CELLAR<br />morels with wild onions and preserved parsley<br />FISHING THE OPEN WATER<br />coeur de boeuf tomato with smoky tones, hemp and pepper shoots<br />FIRST GRASS OF SPRING<br />new turnips with apple, truffles and red lettuce<br />BURGEONING SHOOTS<br />white asparagus with duck’s egg, salt crocant and almonds<br /> <br />APRIL GREENS<br />blackened cepa with stalk broccoli, black seed and sorrel<br />THE LONG AWAITED VEGETABLES<br />braised leek with spring vegetables and tasmanian pepper<br />THE CHEESE MAKER’S SANDWICH<br />caramelised goat’s cheese with dried apples, honey and thistle<br /> <br />LAST OF THE WINTER SNOW<br />crispy soured milk with mint and nèfles<br />THE APPROACHING SPRING<br />victoria rhubarb with liquorice and iced cream<br /> <br />SHELTER FROM THE SUN<br />cassava and açai fruit with grated chocolate<br /> <br />SEK 995:-<br />
  14. 14. Grand Hotel Afternoon tea<br />SANDWICHESCepes crème with CucumberShrimps in Dill mayonnaiseSmoked salmon with Lemon and ChivesSmoked Ham with Tomato ChutneySCONESMacadamia and White ChocolateTraditional with Brown sugarserved with Calamondin CurdBlueberry and Blackberry Preserve flavoured with LimeStirred butter, Whipped cream<br />PASTRIESRaspberry and litchi mousse with a Pistachio MacaroonTonka Pannacotta with a chocolate sandwichPoppy Seed and Lemon Sponge cake with icingAmaretti with Grandmarnier TruffleFINEST TEA BLEND OF GRAND HÔTELA black tea blended from China mildly lemon flavouredexclusively made for Grand Hôtel. <br />