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Meet Shree Maa Slideshare

  1. 1. of Kamakhya, IndiaMeet Shree Maa
  2. 2. Shree Maa was born into oneof the most extraordinaryfamilies in India, whichincluded both extremelywealthy businessmen andhighly advanced yogis. Herfamily was descended fromRamprasadSen, the famousBengali poet, whose songsare still popular throughoutthe Northeast of India.
  3. 3. From her earliest years, her only desire was tomeditate and to merge her own being into God. Herspiritual radiance was such that as a youngchild, when local fishermen saw her walking along thebeach, they would leap out of their boats with anattitude of great faith and prayer, and would race upthe sand to ask this young goddess for her blessings.
  4. 4. Inspired by the 19th centuryBengali mystic, Sri RamakrishnaParamahamsa, Shree Maa lefther family’s home for the forestsand foothills of Kamakhya, andperformed sadhana in theregions of the State of Assamand in the Himalayan foothills inIndia. She sat most of the timein one asana in the silence ofdeep meditation, speaking verylittle. She ate practically nothing,only sandal paste mixed withwater, Tulsi leaves, andoccasional juice fed to her bydisciples and devotees.
  5. 5. Because of her intense tapasya, her body weightreduced to little more than 60 pounds. People whosaw her in samadhi for hours and days at a timecalled her the Goddess of the Mountain, TheGoddess of the River, or simply Shree Maa, theRespected Holy Mother.
  6. 6. After several years, shebegan to roamthroughoutIndia, visitingtemples, forests, fieldsand homes, conductingpujas and archana(offering) to the DivineMother, and readingfrom the ChandiPath, one of the mostfrequently recitedscriptures in India
  7. 7. During her journey through India, she alsobegan to sing. Sometimes she would singbhajans all night, and devotees, filled withbhakti, would gather to be in the presence ofthis holy woman whose voice can melt stone,whose entire life is worship.
  8. 8. In 1980, in a small temple in Bakreswar, WestBengal, Shree Maa met SwamiSatyanandaSaraswati. Swamiji immediatelyrecognized her as the embodiment of theGoddess he had been actively worshiping forso long.
  9. 9. The two traveled together throughout India,sharing dharma, even when, due to culturalclashes and unrest, their own lives were atrisk. It was in the early 1980s that ShreeMaa, in communion with her guru,Ramakrishna, was instructed to move toAmerica to share divine love and to teachthe meaning of dharma.
  10. 10. In 1984, with no capital andfew possessions, Shree Maaand Swamiji left the shores ofIndia for the West Coast ofthe United States. Shunningself promotion and publicity,they lived a very simple lifededicated to daily worship,preferring to own little and tooffer all to God.
  11. 11. They have established temples to the DivineMother in every place they have visitedaround the world. Together, they haveundertaken the SahasraChandiYajna at leastfour times, each a three year fire ceremonyand worship of the Goddess, without settingfoot outside from the humble temple groundsthat they established. The temples havecontained numerous beautiful murtis, statuesfashioned from clay by Maa and Swami’s ownhands, depicting the forms of the Gods andGoddesses described in the Chaṇḍī worship.
  12. 12. Devi MandirTemple of the Divine Mother
  13. 13. Shree Maa has givenprograms around the world,sharing her songs, stories,and giving loving blessingsfor all who have attended.She, herself, has been thesubject of numerousmagazine and newspaperarticles and severalbiographies have beenwritten about her. She isalso featured in many otherbooks, as well as TV andradio appearances. Evenwith all this recognition, sheremains as a humbleservant to her children, whoshe blesses with her
  14. 14. As word of Shree Maa’s presence in the SanFrancisco Bay area spread, thousands ofseekers found their way to the humble groundsof the Devi Mandir. Her realization is anexample, an inspiration, a gift. Her bhavacomes from pure intuitive experience. Hermessage transcends all boundaries and
  15. 15. Check out our website:http://www.shreemaa.orgFollow is on Facebook: us on Twitter: our Yahoo Group: