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Perspective presentation

  1. 1. Lend Form To Your Imaginative Designs By devilsworkshop
  2. 2. Architecture views are representations of the overall architecture that are meaningful to one or more stakeholders in the system. The architect chooses and develops a set of views that will enable the architecture to be communicated to, and understood by, all the stakeholders, and enable them to verify that the system will address their concerns. An architecture is usually represented by means of one or more architecture models that together provide a coherent description of the system's architecture. A single, comprehensive model is often too complex to be understood and communicated in its most detailed form, showing all the relationships between the various business and technical components. As with the architecture of a building, it is normally necessary to develop multiple views of the architecture of an information system, to enable the architecture to be communicated to, and understood by, the different stakeholders in the system. For example, just as a building architect might create wiring diagrams, floor plans, and elevations to describe different facets of a building to its different stakeholders (electricians, owners, planning officials), so an IT architect might create physical and security views of an IT system for the stakeholders who have concerns related to these aspects. Introduction
  3. 3. Who we are We at devils-workshop, a 3D Rendering and 3D Animation Workshop , lend form to your imaginative designs. We see your dreams materialize in virtual reality and help you complete the visual design communication spectrum for your ideas. Our organization is marked by our ability to provide excellent service and professional consultancy in the fields of Perspective views (Exterior as well as in Interior). The team constantly endeavors to keep abreast of the latest technological innovations, whether it's in new-media development or the latest in software & hardware tools thereby providing clients with cutting edge solutions. Every member participates in the evolution of our quality and contributes to the achievement of higher standards, making us a learning organization. We are committed to provide cost effective solutions and quality products with a very quick turn around. We are one of the few who understand the quality and delivery requirements of our clients.
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  16. 16. Devils Workshop Hell of Ideas Contact Person : Mukesh Rathod : 9029663717 [email_address] Tarun : 9773952351 [email_address]