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A platform for creative growth and expression. Through this artists, designers and enthusiasts are able to indulge in creative desires and sustain themselves while using it to create value for others.

create + value = creative

This is done in the form of workshops, exhibitions and other creative events, as well as commercial art and design projects (preferably socially responsible, aware OR experimental, artistic, innovative or inventive). Artists and designers meet other creative people, co-create and work on projects of their interest. The public has access to creative facilities and can learn and engage in creative, meaningful forms of recreation. Our approach considers the valuable impact each project can have on a larger audience + those involved

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About arth house and visual arts 2012

  1. 1. ARTHousE isa platform for creative growth andexpression.Through this artists, designers andenthusiasts are able to indulge increative desires and sustain themselveswhile using it to create value for others.create + value = creativeArtists and designers meet othercreative people, co-create and workon projects of their interest.The public has access to thesecreative facilities and can learn andengage in creative, meaningful formsof recreation. Contact Sahil (Founder, Facilitator) +91-9886638298 sahilsen@gmail.com
  2. 2. This is done in the form of workshops,exhibitions and other creativeevents, as well as commercial art anddesign projects (preferably sociallyresponsible, aware OR experimental,artistic, innovative or inventive).
  3. 3. Our approach considersthe valuable impact eachproject can have on a largeraudience + those involved
  4. 4. Unconventional Visual Art Exhibitions at 4 renowned locations around Bangalore March-April 2012 Grand Finale: Celebrity Creative Seminar Top Creative professionals speak at the event Attended by all celebrated Ad. Agencies, Production & Design houses, Artists, Collectors, enthusiasts and students +Entire collection of artworks, interactive installations and much more! Concept: “When a person leaves this world, the world remembers them for what they did. After his death, the work stands to speak for an artist.” - Girish TSfacebook.com/arthhousewww.arthhouse.org organized by: ARTHousE+91-9886638298 Sahil Sen (Founder, Facilitator)
  5. 5. Event Schedule & Locations*“Communication Art” “From Now - Then” “In Progress”Pallavi Foley BoutiqueLeela Galleria Nirvana Films, Indra Nagar F Bar16-18 Mar “the Last exhibition 23-25 Mar 1 Apr of Visual Arts” complete collection at Counter Culture 15th April, 2012 “Celebrating Emotion” (Tentative) UB City 6-8 Apr Fixed Venues: 1. Counter Culture (Whitefield) 2. Pallavi Foley Boutique, Leela Galleria 3. Nirvana Films (Indra Nagar) 4. F Bar (Cunningham Road) “Introverted” by Rebana John “Introverted II” *Detailed location slides available
  6. 6. Alternative display: installations representing an artist’s workspace - exhibited art stemmingfrom the space Photo printed on canvas setup to mimick a painting in progress Artist’s workspace setup with material (sponsor) info
  7. 7. Target Audience: Professionals, Art Collectors & Corporates (IT and other walks) Invited Audience: Artists, designers, filmmakers, photographers, advertising Also keeping in mind: Students of art & design Promoters/scouts Retailers etc. “Nature at its best” by Manas Jain *Will reach interested public as the event has a free walk-in Attended by Ad. Agencies, Production & Design houses, Artists, Collectors, enthusiasts and studentsbringing together art and the commercial world, and everyone it touches by Girish TS
  8. 8. You are cordially invited to: “the Last Exhibition of Visual Arts” Complete collection + student work from Bangalore Top professionals from art & commercial world to speak Attended by full creative spectrum: Ad. Agencies, Production & Design houses, Artists, Collectors, enthusiasts and students + Live art displays, shows & interactive installations + Info about Competitions & Art Funds + Auction of collection of artworksBrought to you by: sahil sen +91-9886638298 sahilsen@gmail.com
  9. 9. Confirmed Speakers* “the Last exhibition of Visual Arts” Sneha Iype Anita Sen Poonam Bir Kasturi Pallavi Foley Counter CultureAd. Film Producer Author, Illustrator, Product Design NID Jewelry Designer 15th April, 2012 Nirvana Films Graphic Designer Daily Dump Pallavi Foley Designs at Foley Designs Other tentative speakers: Vipul Thakkar Exec. Creative Director Mudra South Sujata Keshavan Graphic Designer Ray-Keshavan Design Michael Foley Neil Foley Joono Simon SoniaProduct Design NID Product Design NID Exec. Creative Director Graphic DesignerCEO, Foley Designs Senior Designer, Titan. Ogilvy Idiom Design Neil Foley Designs Interact with the artists, have a drink with the speakers, develop future connections. *Detailed speaker information slide available
  10. 10. Sponsored material is integrated into the exhibitionexample 2 Asian Paints (sign reads) “Small Joys” by Asian Paints part of their new colour palette additional option: Integrate walls according to colour palette into exhibit